Collection Description - WASRV

Taken from message by Ryan Moats to WASRV mailing list.

Owner The owner of the site. This would be more than just a domain name, but would be organization name.

Content-Owner In cases of web hosting, the owner of the content is more useful than the web site owner. This also would be an organization name rather than an address.

Cost Cost to use the service. I'm not sure if this should be an ABNF spec or a URL or what, but it should be here.

Geographic-Location This is different from distance metrics, but would be useful in some gateway searches.

Service-URL If the service has a valid URL, put it here.

Service If the service does not have a valid URL, the protocol would be specified here, along with the FQDN in Server-Name and port number in Server-Port.

Server-Name FQDN of host server.

Server-Port Port on host server.

Description A short description of the service

Protocol-Version The latest protocol version supported.

Availability A specification of when the service is available (most often 7x24 but could be less for things like anonymous ftp)

Signature A signature of the template for authentication, checkable by the certificate specified in Certificate. The Signature covers everything in the template (including the Certificate but the Signature attribute and should be the last attribute in the template. Stored in base64 encoding.

Certificate A URL for downloading the certificate for checking a Signature attribute

Maintained by: Andy Powell
Last updated: 21-Sep-1998

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