Field Descriptions for SERVICE IAFA Template Types

This document is extracted from the IAFA Templates Internet Draft and is intended to provide a little online guidance on the sort of the things that should be placed in the various fields. Note that not all fields need to be filled in; which ones you use as a "minimum" set depend on your application.
   Data Element Name        Description.

   Handle:                  Handle of object.
   Category:                Type of object. See Note <1>
   Title:                   Title of service.
   Short-Title:             Summary title (if the Title is
                            very long).
   Alternative-Title:     An alternative to
                            the Title or Short-Title
                            title fields.
   Source:                  Information as to the definitive version
   Discussion:              Free text description of possi-
                            ble discussion forums (USENET
                            groups, mailing lists) appropri-
                            ate for this object.
   Language-v*:             The name of the language in
                            which the object is written. For
                            documents this would be the
                            natural language.
   ISSN-v*:                 The International Standard
                            Serial Number of the object.
   URI:                     URI of service.
   Admin-(USER*):           Contact information of person or
                            group responsible for service
                            administration (administrative

   Owner-(ORGANIZATION*):   Information on organization
                            responsible for this service.

                            Contact information for the
                            organization sponsoring this

   Description:             Free text description of ser-

   Authentication:          Authentication information. Free
                            text field supplying login and
                            password information (if neces-
                            sary) or other method for

   Registration:            How to register for this service
                            if general access is not avail-

   Charging-Policy:         Free text field describing any
                            charging mechanism in place.
                            Additionally, fee structure may
                            be included in this field.

   Access-Policy:           Policies and restrictions for
                            using this service.

   Access-Times:            Time ranges for mandatory or
                            preferred access of service.

   Keywords:                Keywords appropriate for
                            describing this service.

   Subject-Descriptor-Scheme-v*:Name of classification
                            scheme used in the corresponding 
                            Subject-Descriptor field.
   Subject-Descriptor-v*:   A classification
                            mark for the resource.
   To-Be-Reviewed-Date:     Date on which the resource is
                            expected to require re-assessment.
   Record-Last-Verified-Email:Email address of the
                            person who last verified this 
   Record-Last-Verified-Date:Date of the last
                            verification of this template.
   Comments:                Comments by the template
   Destination:             Records which database(s)
                            a template will go into once
                            evaluation procedures have 
                            been completed.

Notes for these templates:

<1> The intention of this field is to define the category of the object. For example, in the case of documents it could be "Technical Report", or "Conference Paper" and the name and date of the conference at which the paper was presented. It may also be something like "General Guide" or "User manual".


Example 1:

The following is an example of an entry for a telnet ser- vice.
   Template-Type:           SERVICE
   Title:                   Census Bureau information server
   URI:                     telnet://
   Admin-Name:              Jay Bond
   Admin-Postal:            PO Box. 42, A Street Washington
                            DC, USA 20001
   Admin-Work-Phone:        +1 202 222 3333
   Admin-Work-Fax:          +1 202 444 5555
   Description:             This server provides information
                            from the latest USA Census
                            Bureau statistics (1990) Type
                            "help" for more information.
   Authentication:          Once connected type your email
                            address at the "login:" prompt.
                            No password is required.
   Registration:            No formal registration is
   Charging-Policy:         There is no charge for the use
                            of this service
   Access-Times:            9:00 EST / 17:00 EST
   Access-Policy:           This service may not be used by
                            sites in the Republic of the
   Keywords:                census, population, 1990,
                            Miss Moneypenny
                            Wed, 1 Jan 1970 12:00:00 GMT

Example 2:

The following is an example of a mailing list (service).
   Template-Type:           SERVICE
   Title:                   fishlovers
   Admin-Name:              Ima Adams
   Registration:            Send mail to the administrative
                            address with your own email
                            address requesting addition
   Description:             Discussion list for people who
                            love fish of all types
   Keywords:                fish, aquarium, marine, freshwa-
                            ter, saltwater
   Access-Policy:           Any Internet user may subscribe
                            to this mailing list