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UCISA TLIG-SDG Conference 2006

Author Focus

Author Focus is the second session planned for the Web stream running at the UCISA TLIG-SDG Conference 2006 to be held at Homerton College, Cambridge on 5-7th July 2006.

Web Management Based around XML
Sebastian Rahtz, University of Oxford
Web site managers have to continually balance a variety of criteria against which to judge new tools and products. Is accessibility of the results more important than the authoring interface? Does it have to run under Windows? How do we migrate existing pages? How easy is it to implement a new style?
This session starts with the assumption that the one thing which cannot be abandoned is XML text, following the best open standards, underlying all the web page delivery. It describes some of the pure XML solutions, and discusses the benefits and problems of the underlying assumption.
Participants will be asked to consider challenges they foresee in deploying this approach within their own institutions, and draw up a list of pros and cons during the session.
Sebastian Rahtz is Information Manager at Oxford University Computing Services, and director of the OSS Watch, the JISC Open Source Advisory Service. He has a background in markup languages and, after a 20 year flirtation with TeX, is now an XML bigot. He is heavily involved with the Text Encoding Initiative as one of its technical architects and maintainer of much of its infrastructure. He is an invited expert on a W3C workgroup developing standards for internationalisation markup.

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