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ILI 2005: Folksonomies: Community Metadata?

Marieke Guy gave a presentation on Folksonomies: Community Metadata? at the Internet Librarian International 2005 Conference held at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, Monday 10th - Tuesday 11th October 2005 (with workshop sessions on Sunday 9th October 2005).

The presentation was part of a panel session running from 16:00 - 17:15 on Monday 10th October 2005, Session B105.


Marieke Guy, Interoperability Focus, UKOLN (UK)
Brian Kelly, UKOLN (UK)
Michael Stephens, St. Joseph County Public Library (USA)


A folksonomy is a decentralised, social approach to creating online metadata for digital assets. The result is a flat namespace with no hierarchy or control. This new practice, used on sites like and Flickr, has sparked much debate between those eager for a user-centered web and others in favour of more formal classification systems. This session explores the history of folksonomies and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of personalised classification (tagging). The session concludes with a panel discussion and examples of how folksonomies are being used in real-world applications.



Folksonomies: Community Metadata?
[MS PowerPoint 97/2000 format] - [HTML format]
Folksonomies: The Sceptics View - given by Brian Kelly


Folksonomies: Community Metadata?
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