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An Introduction to Creative Commons

Marieke Guy is the course director for a number of workshops for Aslib, the Association for Information Management introducing Creative commons. On Monday 20th November 2006 Marieke jointly facilitated a workshop with Brian Kelly, UKOLN for HEFCE.


Creative Commons (CC) licences are a way to clarify the conditions of use of a work and avoid many of the problems current copyright laws pose. This half-day workshop is a basic introduction to Creative Commons and its implications for the information professional. Participants will look at the process of choosing a licence; then through discussion and group work will consider related issues and the role Creative Commons will play in the future.

Topics covered include:


The event ran on Monday 20th November 2006.


The event was held at the HEFCE Bristol office, Northavon House, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QD.

The event was for HEFCE staff members only.



Introduction to Creative Commons: Icebreaker
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The Role of Openess
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Introduction to Creative Commons
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Creative Commons Case Studies
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Choosing a Licence and Searching for CC Material Online
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Implications and Issues for the Information Professional
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The Bigger Picture
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Creative Commons User Scenarios
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Limitations of Creative Commons Licences
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Creative Commons License
All materials are licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 CC Licence



Particpants will receive a number of handouts including the following.

An Introduction To Creative Commons
QA Focus Briefing Paper

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