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UKOLN The Bath Profile

An International Z39.50 Specification for Library Applications and Resource Discovery

The Bath Profile is a Profile of the Z39.50 Information Retrieval Protocol, intended as a basis for effective interoperability between library and cross-domain applications. Conformance to this Profile's specifications will improve international or extranational search and retrieval among library catalogues, union catalogues, and other electronic resource discovery services worldwide.

This Profile is the result of an ongoing process of international collaboration, and builds upon existing work in Europe, North America and Australia.

Initial development of the Profile was undertaken with financial assistance from the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). The ongoing role of Maintenance Agency is assumed by the National Library of Canada (NLC).

Bath Profile Editorial Team
(Carrol Lunau, Paul Miller, William E. Moen)
on behalf of the Bath Group


Joint Information Systems Committee National Libary of Canada

News and Events

  • [new] A Stable Draft of the Profile, Version 1.0, is now available... [2000-03-13]
  • [new]...and has been submitted to ISO for ratification as an Internationally Registered Profile. Comments for this review should be addressed to Sally McCallum at Library of Congress by 29 May 2000. [2000-03-21]


The Profile

Stable Draft; Version 1.0
version 1.0 of the Profile is now available

Background information

Z39.50 for All
An article in Ariadne which introduces Z39.50
The Bath Profile: What is it and Why should I care?
A paper to explain the benefits of using the Bath Profile
Change Log
Changes made between draft of 10 January 2000 and Release 1.0
Draft Profile
Draft Profile, dated 10 January 2000
Change Log
Changes made between draft of 15 October 1999 and draft of 10 January 2000
Draft Profile
Draft Profile, dated 15 October 1999

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