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RSCni Webmasters workshop


Marieke Guy will give a presentation on Benchmarking Web Sites at the RSCni Webmasters workshop, Upper Bann Institute of FHE, Northern Ireland.

The presentation will be given at 10:30 on Friday 27th May 2005.


This presentation will demonstrate how attendees can benchmark their Web site by making use of a range of Web-based tools. It will identify examples of best practices and consider areas in which improvements may be made.



Benchmarking Web Sites
[MS PowerPoint 97/2000 format] - [HTML format]


Personal Action Plans
[MS Word 97/2000 format]


Survey of HTML Compliance
[HTML format]


Particpants will receive a number of handouts including the following.

Top 10 Web Tips
QA Focus briefing document no. 55
Compliance with HTML Standards
QA Focus briefing document no. 01
Use Of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
QA Focus briefing document no. 34
Use of Automated Tools For Testing Web Site Accessibility
QA Focus briefing document no. 02
How To Evaluate A Web Site's Accessibility Level
QA Focus briefing document no. 12
Approaches To Link Checking
QA Focus briefing document no. 07


Other URLs

The following URLs may also be useful.

Browser Extensions

Service URL
Bookmarklets <>
Cacheability Engine <>
Extending Your Browser <>
WebWatch Services <>

Evaluating Site Accessibility

Service URL
Color Readability Test <>
Web Metrics Testbed <>
Vischeck <>
Bobby WebXACT <>
The WAVE <>

Evaluating Your Organisational Home Page

Service URL
Dr HTML <>
NetMechanic <>
InternetSeer <>
NetMechanic Monitoring Service <>
Watchdog <>
Alertsite <>
WebWatch Services <>
Dr Watson <>
LinkAlarm <>
NetMechanic Maintenance Service <>
SiteValet <>
This Old Mouse <>
Webmaster-Toolkit <>
Webscale Site Timer <>
404 Pages <
W3C HTML Validation Service <>
DCS <>
Search Engine Software <
Web Server Analysis <>
Web Server Software <


Service URL
Browser Archive <>
Browser Emulators <>
Lynx Emulator <>
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer <>
AnyBrowser <>

Link Checker

Service URL
Netmechanic <>
Nodeworks <>
Site valet <>
Xenu <>
LinkTool <>
Usable Web <>

Link Popularity, Robot Checkers, etc

Service URL <> <>
MarketleapLink Popularity <>
Link Popularity Check, <>
Robots.txt Checker <>


Service URL
Surveys <
WebWatch Surveys <>
A Survey Of Links to UK University Web Sites <>
A Survey Of Numbers of UK University Web Servers <>
A Survey Of Web Server Software Used In UK University Web Sites <>
Showing Robots the Door <>
UK University Search Engines <>
Web Watch: 404s - What's Missing? <>
WebWatching UK Universities and Colleges <>
What's Related To My Web Site? <>

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