Business Process and Workflow Modelling Using BPMN

A JISC/UKOLN workshop

Austin Court, Birmingham

22 March 2007

An invitation only event

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Registration and coffee
10:00 Session 1: Pre-session warm-up!
  • Aims of the workshop
  • Why construct business process models?
  • Service oriented architectures
  • Process modelling concepts and techniques
  • Integration of process modelling with the systems design process
  • (The link between processes, use cases and service architectures)
  • Introduction of the case study
Coffee break
11:50 Session 2:

1. Examples of workflow modelling from JISC Programmes

2. Discussion: Contrasting different approaches and a synthesis of common concepts and approaches.
  • Alternate process modelling notations
  • UML Activity Diagram
  • Petrinets
14:00 Session 3:
  • The Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)
  • Processes, activities and interactions between processes
  • Modelling Activity: Understand roles, swim lanes and different types of diagram
  • Activities and Events
  • Modelling Activity: Understand types of activities and events
  • Control flow and complex processes and process patterns
  • Modelling Activity: Understand control flow and process patterns
Coffee break
15:30 Session 4:
  • Role of process modelling and service oriented architectures
  • Discussion: Process models and Services
  • Moving from workflow diagrams to business process executions Issues and technology requirements
  • Discussion: Experiences in using BPEL
  • Process models, E-Framework and JISC Programmes
  • Discussion: The role of Domain Maps
  • Summary and reflection
Workshop close

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