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Joint RLG and NPO Preservation Conference

Guidelines for Digital Imaging

28 - 30 September 1998

Selection Criteria, Guidelines, Decision-making Aids

General studies and discussion of selection criteria

Arts and Humanities Data Service A Strategic Policy Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Collections In particular see sections 5.2 "Digitisers" and 6 "Implementing the framework" http://ahds.ac.uk/manage/framework.htm

Elkington, Nancy. RLG Archives Microfilming Manual: Research Libraries Group, Mountain View, CA: 1992. Refer to Appendix 1"Relationship Between Archival Appraisal and Selection" by William Wallach, pp 105-108.

Erway, Ricky. Selecting Library and Archive Collections for Digital Reformatting: Research Libraries Group, Mountain View, CA: 1996.

Hazen, Dan; Horrell, Jeffrey, and Merrill-Oldham, Jan. Selecting Research Collections for Digitization. Council on Library and Information Resources, 1998. (August 1998)

Published recommendations and examples of existing institutional guidelines available on the Web

Columbia University guidelines:

Harvard University

Joint Information Systems Committee (UK) Committee on Electronic Information (CEI) - Content Working Group report, "An Integrated Information Environment for Higher Education: Developing the Distributed, National Electronic Resource (DNER)". December 1997.
See in particular sections 12ff. on inclusion criteria http://www.jisc.ac.uk/cei/dner_colpol.html

Library of Congress National Digital Library Program checklist

Parry, David. Virtually New: Creating the Digital Collection, a Review of Digitisation Projects in Local Authority Libraries & Archives. Final Report to the Library & Information Commission. Prepared by Consultants to the Review: Information North, March 1998. Published by The Library and Information Commission, London, 1998.
"The selection of content for digitisation and funding should recognise local public priorities as well as network collection building."

The Society of American Archivists, "Statement on the Preservation of Digitized Reproductions", Approved by the Society of American Archivists Council June 9, 1997.
"Selection for preservation in digital form is not a one-time choice made near the end of an item's life, but rather an ongoing process intimately connected to the active use of the digital files."

University of California selection criteria:


A number of institutions also made their unpublished selection criteria documents available to members of the working group. We would like to thank them and encourage all attending the RLG/NPO conference to bring copies of their institutional policies on selection of material for digital imaging.


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