UKOLN Public Library Web Conference - 5-6 November 2002

Don't Do It Yourself - Content Syndication on the Web

By Pete Cliff, with thanks to Brian Kelly for advice on the workshop and the layout of these pages.

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The following discussion group session will be given at the Public Library Web Managers Workshop to be held at the University of Bath on 5-6th November 2002.

The workshop will take place from 16:30-17:30 on Tuesday 5th November 2002.

Don't Do It Yourself - Content Syndication on the Web
Why spend lots of time inventing content for your Web sites when there are lots of people out there already doing it and, more importantly, making that content available for free? The life of a Web editor is a busy one, and one of the hardest tasks has to be updating something like a home page or an information resource that contains all the latest news. But imagine you could, instead, take the News Headlines from the BBC site and place them on your pages instead. What if you only had to do this once and they automatically updated themselves? Sound good? This talk will demonstrate some of the existing services out there that can provide this kind of content to your Web sites and also touch on the technologies that enable content syndication."
This session will need a networked PC with a data display. In addition we will need flip charts and pens.
This session will take place from 16:30-17:30 on Monday 4th November 2002.

Timetable (very flexible ;-))

Time Session Comments Materials
16:30-16:45 Introduction Introduction to the session [Powerpoint 97/2000 format]
16:45-16:55 Exercise 1 - Thinking about why... Group exercise in which delegates consider if syndication is for them, what content they want, what can they offer. [MS Word format]
16:55-17:05 Exercise 1 - Reporting / Discussion    
17:05-17:15 Exercise 2 - Thinking about how... Group exercise in which delegates consider what challenges they may face when implementing syndication on their sites. [MS Word format]
17:15-17:25 Exercise 2 - Reporting / Discussion    
17:25-17:30 Questions And Conclusions