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The Watershed, Bristol - 16 November 2005

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Inspiring eLearning: the European Cultural Information Space

Draft Programme

09.30-09.40 Introduction and welcome Jo Turner, DCMS  
09.40-10.00 Setting the Scene David Dawson, MLA Inspiring eLearning: the contribution of the Cultural Sector
10.00-10.15 Inspiring eLearning: in practice Harriet Nimmo ArKive
10.15-10.30 Susan Eddisford Virtual Victorians
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10.30-10.45 Jane Finnis 24 Hour Museum
10.45-11.00 David Mason Contribution of the English Regional Broadband Consortia
11.30-11.55   Ulf Lundin Inspiring eLearning: the contribution of the Cultural Sector
11.55-12.10   Maria Sliwinska Supporting eLearning in Poland: current and future developments
12.10-12.30   Nikitas Kastis Lambrakis Foundation
Presentation: [Powerpoint] | [HTML]
14.00 Policies and Strategies Adrian Hall The DfES eStrategy
14.20 Lars Egeland eLearning in Norway
14.40 Pat Manson European Commission
15.00 What happens next Keri Facer Future Technologies
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15.50-16.30 Round table Bob Sharpe, SWMLAC Moderator

Ulf Lundin
Nikitas Kastis
Keri Facer
Pat Manson
Adrian Hall
David Dawson

Introduction | Programme | Registration

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