MEG Schema Creation Workshop

Tuesday, 21st January, 2003
University of Bath

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This will be an interactive 'hands-on' workshop for Metadata for Education Group members to introduce a newly developed tool which assists implementers in building and publishing their schemas.

The Schema Creation and Registration Tool (SCART) works in an integrated way with the MEG Registry to enable schema creators to re-use terms from existing schemas. The tool produces a structured schema in the RDF Schema syntax that can be registered automatically in the MEG Registry as well as being used locally. The project to develop the schema creation tool and the re-engineered Registry has been funded by JISC and BECTa.

The combination of the schema creation tool and the MEG Registry will provide implementers of educational systems with a means to share information about their metadata schemas and to re-use existing schemas. The benefit will be a saving of time and effort currently spent in researching existing schemas and, potentially, an improvement in interoperability as there will be less re-inventing of element sets.

At the end of the workshop participants will have had the opportunity to create an RDF schema and to register this schema in the MEG Registry. There will be a chance to exchange experience on the content of schemas and to explore schema design decisions. Participants will be able to save a local copy of their RDF schemas.

Who should attend?

The workshop is for those working with metadata for educational systems. The schema creation tool is intended for use by information workers, project staff, system implementers or others who are familiar with the requirements for metadata within their system. Workshop participants should have some familiarity with a standard metadata schema in use within educational systems such as the Dublin Core or IMS. However no knowledge of RDFS or other schema syntaxes is required as the tool will hide the schema language from the user.

The event will present an overview of the Registry and its underlying data model, but the main emphasis of the day will be on practical sessions in which you use the tools and experiment with submitting your schemas to the registry. If you want descriptions of your schemas to be published in the MEG Registry, then it is important for you to attend this workshop.

This workshop is funded by JISC and BECTa


If you have any questions regarding the workshop, Bath or the venue please contact Sara Hassen at:

University of Bath,
Tel: + 44 (0) 1225 38 6256
Fax: + 44 (0) 1225 38 5105

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