Using the IESR: what's in it for you?

Institute for Historical Research, London

12 January 2005


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11.00 Coffee and registration
Morning Session: The IESR and how to use it
11.15 Introduction
Amanda Hill, MIMAS
A recap about what the IESR is and the progress of the project.
11.30 IESR metadata
Ann Apps, MIMAS
This talk will describe the various standards that have been used to create the metadata used in the IESR.
11.50 IESR interfaces: current services and future plans
Ann Apps, MIMAS
This talk will explain the ways in which other applications can connect to the IESR and the record formats that are available from the various interfaces.
12.15 Collection Description, Dublin Core, and NISO Metasearch
Pete Johnston, UKOLN
"Metasearching" is a label that has been applied to cover the various facets of providing a service that offers the user the ability to search a range of heterogeneous resources from a single interface. The NISO Metasearch Initiative (NISO MI) has brought together librarians, content providers and library system providers in an attempt to develop common approaches to various aspects of the metasearch challenge, including the description of collections and services. In the area of collection description, NISO MI is building on work within the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative to develop an "application profile" for collection description. The work of the IESR project has provided a significant input to these activities, and this presentation will provide an update on their progress.
12.40 IESR, the JISC Information Environment and beyond
Andy Powell, UKOLN
This session will look at the ways in which the IESR fits into the 'bigger picture' of access to electronic resources.
13.00 Lunch
Afternoon Session: Users of the IESR
13.45 The Subject Portal Project and the IESR
Jasper Tredgold and Nikki Rogers, SOSIG
The SPP project has made use of the IESR to present information about resources within a test portal.
14.00 The IESR and library systems
Katie Anstock, Talis
Katie will outline Talis's view of the way in which they could use the information within the IESR. She will explain the work of the VIEWS initiative and give an update on the Access Management and Search and Retrieval task groups of the NISO Metasearch Initiative.
14.45 Discussion session
Delegates will be encouraged to share their views on the ways in which the IESR could be used, and to make suggestions for changes to the IESR’s metadata or interfaces. These will help to determine the future development requirements for the registry.
15.30 End

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