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24th - 25th JUNE 2002


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24th June 2002 | 25th June 2002

24th June 2002
Registration (tea and coffee available)

Welcome & Introductions

Steve Griffin, Programme Director, National Science Foundation (NSF)
Rachel Bruce, Programme Manager, Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)


Panel Discussion - International reports

Laura Campbell, Library of Congress
Vittore Casarosa, CNR IEI
Ewald Brahms, DFG
Shigeo Sugimoto, ULIS
Joyce Ray, Institute of Libraries and Museum Services


Parallel Session ONE

A - Recent Developments in Digital Preservation

Neil Beagrie, JISC, Digital Preservation Focus:
"Continuing Access and Digital Preservation - the JISC Strategy for 2002-5"

Paul Wheatley, University of Leeds and Magaret Hedstrom, University of Michigan:
"CAMiLEON - Digital Preservation Research: an update and future prospects"

Peter Buneman, University of Edinburgh:
"Archiving Scientific Data"

Stephen Miller, University of California, San Diego, SDSC, Scripps Institution of Oceanography:
"Bridging the Gap between Libraries and Data Archives: Progress Report"

B - Metadata & Resource Discovery

Ross McIntyre, University of Manchester, MIMAS:
"Creating a Metadatabase for MIMAS services"

Pete Johnston, UKOLN, University of Bath:
"Surveying the landscape: Collection-Level Description & Resource Discovery"

Kurt Maly, Old Dominion University, Archon:
"A digital library that federates physics collections with varying degrees of metadata richness"

C - Digital Libraries & Education

Andy Dong, University of California, Berkeley
"Enhancing the Interopability of Educational Digital Libraries"

Ann Weeks, University of Maryland:
"Creating an International Children's Digital Library"

Muniram Budhu, University of Arizona (NSDL):
"Grow-NCERL: A Digital Library of Interactive Collections in Soils, Rock and Water Resources Engineering"

Tea and Coffee

Parallel Session TWO

A - Information Architectures for large scale digital libraries:looking to national developments and overcoming issues of interoperability

Andy Powell, UKOLN, University of Bath:
"Technical overview of the JISC Information Environment"

Peter Binkley, University of Alberta, Canada:
"National and Provincial Initiatives in Canada"

William Arms, Cornell University
"The NSDL: A case study in interoperability"

B - Personalisation in Digital Libraries

Monica Bonett, UKOLN, University of Bath
"IMesh Toolkit: A SOAP-based approach to managing subject gateway user profiles."

Judith Klavans, Columbia University:
"A Patient Care Digital Library"

C - New Developments in Authentication & Access (title tbc)

Alan Robiette, JISC:
"New Developments in Authentication and Access Management"

David Millman, Columbia University


Project Demonstration: CHESHIRE

Paul Watry and Robert Sanderson, University of Liverpool


Drinks reception and dinner with entertainment

25th June 2002

Day commences with parallel sessions


Parallel Session THREE

A - Geospatial data and HILT

David Medyckyj-Scott, Edinburgh University, EDINA:
"Geo-data service developments at EDINA - interoperability in the Information Environement"

Michael Freeston, University of California, Santa Barbara

Dennis Nicholson, University of Strathclyde, CDLR:
"The HILT High Level Thesaurus Project, Phase I and Phase II"

B - Multi-Media content delivery, discovery & use

Greg Newton-Ingham, University of East Anglia, MAAS

Jim Strom, University of Manchester, Click and Go:
"Streaming Video: Overcoming Barriers for Teaching and Learning"

Howard Wactlar, Carnegie Mellon University, Informedia-II:
"Auto- Summarisation and Visualisation Over Multiple Video Documents and Libraries"

11.00-11.30 Tea and coffee

Parallel session FOUR

A - Open Archives: OAI & publishing

Steve Hitchcock, University of Southampton, OPCIT:
"From eprint archives to open archives and OAI: the Open Citation project"

John MacColl, University of Edinburgh, FAIR:
"Climbing the Scholarly Publishing Mountain with Project SHERPA"

Martin Halbert, Emory University:
"The Metadata Harvesting Initiative of the Mellon Foundation"

B - Selected Applications Areas

Patrick Min, Princeton University:
"Query Interfaces for a 3D Model Search Engine"

Colin Allen, Stanford University:
"The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy"

Mary Tile, University of Hawaii at Manoa:
"Shuhai Wenyuan Classical Chinese Digital Database and Interactive Internet Worktable"

C - Digital Libraries and Sound

Matthew Dovey, Kings College London:
"OMRAS (Online Music Recognition and Searching): Steps towards an integrated solution."

Doug Pearson, Indiana University, Digital Media Network Services:
"The Indiana University Digital Music Library"

Jerry Goldman, North Western University

13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00 - 15.00

Closing Plenary speaker

Peter Brophy, Manchester Metropolitan University, CERLIM:
"Changing information behaviours in a time of plenty"

Closing remarks

15.00-16.00 Tea/coffee and Birds of a Feather Session

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