Collection Description Schema Forum

CBI Conference Centre, London

12 February 2004


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Bridget Robinson, Collection Description Focus, University of Bath

Bridget Robinson joined UKOLN in January 2000 to work on the Agora project. Agora was one of the five elib hybrid Library projects which began in January 1998. It formed part of Phase 3 of the elib programme investigating issues of digital library implementation and integration.

Collection Level Descriptions were used within the Agora interface as a way of matching users to resources. Agora used the collection schema drafted by the national working group and edited by UKOLN.Bridget has worked in both Public and HE libraries and with a range of Commercial Information Providers.

Bridget is now working as part of the Collection Description Focus

Ann Chapman, Bibliographic Management, UKOLN, University of Bath

Ann Chapman joined UKOLN in October 1989 as Research Officer for Bibliographic Management. Work in this area focuses on the quality, standards and formats of records for bibliographic materials in both current and retrospective cataloguing and on performance measurement of bibliographic databases.

In 1998-1999 she was a member of the team who produced the national strategy for retrospective conversion 'Full Disclosure' which identified the need for collection level descriptions. From 1999 she has been a member of the team working on the Reveal project to improve library and information services to visually impaired people. For this project she has recently been working on the development of the Reveal Collections Register which is based on the collection description schema.

Andy Powell, Assistant Director, Distributed Systems and Services, UKOLN, University of Bath

Andy has worked for UKOLN since 1996 and is currently Assistant Director, Distributed Systems and Services. Andy's main areas of work are to provide technical consultancy to the JISC Information Environment Development Team and to coordinate technical support and interoperability across the Resource Discovery Network.

Pete Johnston, Research Officer, UKOLN, University of Bath

Pete Johnston is a Research Officer at UKOLN. His time is currently shared between UKOLN's Policy & Advice work on interoperability and strategies which facilitate the effective exchange and reuse of information, and the IEMSR project which is developing a pilot Metadata Schema Registry service for the JISC Information Environment. Pete is an active contributor to the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and is presently Chair of the Dublin Core Collection Description Working Group.

Michael Heaney is currently Head of Service Assessment and planning at Oxford University Library Services, with a previous twenty-five year background in cataloguing at the Bodleian Library. Has done influential work on cataloguing theory and collaborated with Tom Delsey on the analytical model of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.

Pat Stevens is Director of Product Planning and Strategy, OCLC

Ronald Milne has been Deputy to the Director of Oxford University Library Services and to Bodley’s Librarian since November 2002. Ronald has had a regular career in university libraries in the UK. He has worked at the University of London, Glasgow University, Trinity College Cambridge and King’s College London. Prior to taking up his post at Oxford, he was based at the University of Edinburgh, where he was Director of the UK Research Support Libraries Programme, a £30M funding stream for research libraries supported by each of the UK’s four higher education funding bodies. Ronald is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

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