Collection Description Focus, Workshop 4


Collection-Level Description and Collection Management
Tool for the trade or information trade-off?

Friday 8 November 2002
University of Newcastle, Castle Leazes Halls of Residence

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Breakout Groups

Michael Heaney's model (An Analytical Model of Collections and their Catalogues - Michael Heaney, University Library Services Directorate, University of Oxford. recognises the role of collection description in supporting both resource discovery and collection management, however the model which he develops concentrates on the discovery function. Since his work, several new initiatives have high-lighted the collection management role including the Full Disclosure Prioritisation Study and the Resource report - 'Preserving the Past for the Future'

The afternoon breakout sessions for Newcastle will look at different aspects of collection management. The aim of the breakout sessions is to focus on three actions, next steps or recommendations for the future.

Breakout Group 1

"There is a widely held view across all three domains that collection level description should be regarded as an essential first step in identifying priorities for more detailed retrospective conversion, cataloguing and documentation" (Full Disclosure Prioritisation Study)

Some areas to consider

Breakout Group 2

There is a clear need to undertake or complete some form of mapping exercise to identify the size, scope, nature, strengths and weaknesses of collections - is CLD a useful tool for this type of exercise?

Breakout Group 3

What skills do staff need in order to be able to complete CLDs?

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