Bath Profile Meeting

Bath Profile Four Years On:
what's being done in the UK?

Monday 7th July 2003,
The Francis Hotel, Bath

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Programme Details

Contributors to the workshop include:

Carrol Lunau, Senior Resource Sharing Officer, Library and Archives of Canada
Carrol Lunau is Senior Resource Sharing Officer, Library Archives of Canada and is responsible for national planning and implementation of a Canadian resource-sharing network. She is the editor of release 2 of the Bath Profile; an international Z39.50 Specification for Library Applications and Resource Discovery and a member of NISO Standards Committee AV that developed a U.S. National Z39.50 Profile for Library Applications (Z39.89).

Finally Carrol was the Project Coordinator for the SmartLibrary initiative until March 2003. This is a cooperative project of 2 university libraries, a public library and the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical information and the Library and Archives of Canada to develop a portal providing access to these catalogues. The long-term goal is to eventually provide access to the databases, content and services of heritage institutions in the national capital region.

Prior to joining the National Library of Canada in 1983, Carrol was the Assistant University Librarian (Systems and Planning) at the University of Saskatchewan Libraries. Carrol also developed one of the first library cataloguing systems while working at Carleton University in Ottawa prior to moving to Saskatchewan.

In March 2003 Carrol was names one of the Movers and Shakers, 2003 by Library Journal.

John Gilby, M25 Systems Team Project Manager, London School of Economics
John Gilby leads the M25 Systems Team based in the library of the London School of Economics. In addition to management activities, John has over five years experience of working on Z39.50 related projects currently including: 1. The M25 Bath Profile Project - producing guidelines on how to interface via Z39.50 to a number of library systems used in the UK 2. COPAC/Clumps Continuing Technical Cooperation Project (CC-interop) - investigating issues of interoperability across large virtual and physical union catalogues in the context of a UK national union catalogue 3. Project WiLL (What's in London's Libraries) - a gateway to provide access to the 33 London borough library catalogues and community information databases In addition to project work, John is responsible for all the live services and web sites of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries including InforM25 (a clump of over 35 academic libraries) and the University of London Union List of Serials Prior to managing the eLib Phase 3 M25 Link Project , John worked for over 20 years in the defence industry, latterly in a technical management role.

Fraser Nicolaides, M25 Systems Team Project Manager, London School of Economics
Since 1999, Fraser has worked on a series of projects associated with information-technology applications in higher education. These have included the M25 Link Project (eLib Phase 3), Decomate 2 (EC Telematics for Libraries), the M25 Bath Profile Project (JISC), and COPAC/Clumps Continuing Technical Cooperation Project (JISC). He is currently employed as Projects Officer of the M25 Systems Team, the primary function of which is to maintain the suite of InforM25 catalogue services on behalf of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries. Prior to his involvement with the M25 Consortium, Fraser spent a decade working in various library positions at the University of Greenwich.

Summary of Presentation: The presentation will give a brief history of the development of a large scaly virtual union catalogue and comment on the impact of variable Z39.50 server implementations on the delivery of catalogue services to end users.

Andy Powell, Assistant Director, Distributed Systems and Services, UKOLN, University of Bath
Andy received a first class honours degree in Software Engineering from the University of Birmingham in 1984. After some time as a Computer Officer in Bath University Computing Services working on a variety of development and support activities, Andy moved to UKOLN in 1996. Andy is now Assistant Director, Distributed Systems and Services. His main focus of work is to coordinate the technical aspects of the development of the Resource Discovery Network - a cooperative network of subject gateways funded by JISC. Healso acts as technical consultant for the JISC Information Environment programme team, developing the architecture of the JISC Information Environment and providing technical support for the programme. His development and research work focused on the use of metadata in network resource discovery, and he has been involved in a number of projects including: ROADS, DESIRE, PRIDE, BIBLINK, TF-CHIC and NewsAgent. Andy has been active in the development of the Dublin Core, he is a member of the Dublin Core Advisory Board and the Dublin Core Usage Board. He developed the metadata generator DC-dot, which has been widely used internationally, the metadata help utility DC-assist and is co-editor of the DCMI Namespace Policy. Andy has been a member of the University of Bath Information Services Committee since 1995.

Peter Stubley, Assistant Director for Academic Services, University of Sheffield Library
Peter Stubley is Assistant Director for Academic Services at The University of Sheffield with responsibility for the management of library support for learning and teaching, and research. His interests are the integration of library services into VLEs, library building design and the use of Z39.50. He led the Feasibility Study into a National Union Catalogue for the UK in 2000/01.

Summary of Presentation: Bath Profile as investigated in UKNUC Study and summary of what users' asked for

Slavko Manojlovich, Assistant to the University Librarian for Systems and Planning, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Slavko Manojlovich is the Assistant to the University Librarian for Systems and Planning at Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Sirsi Z39.50 Consultant. Slavko is a founding member of the Bath Group responsible for the Bath Profile and a member of NISO's U.S. Profile Committee. He has spent a considerable amount of energy resolving Z39.50 interoperability issues which resulted in an IFLA 2001 presentation on: Bath Profile Z39.50 Server Compliance Test Results: Preliminary Findings which is available at:
Almost three years after these initial research findings, Slavko will summarize the current state of affairs.

Summary of Presentation: The session will summarize the findings of Bath Compliance tests completed last month and will cover the factors determining the implementation of Bath compliant clients and servers.

Rob Bull, Managing Director, Crossnet Systems Ltd
Rob Bull has worked with networked information retrieval services since 1992 when he was responsible for the technical Z39.50-based infrastructure to the European Spaced Agency for an initiative to join-up several conmmercial on-line subscription services. This work was recognised by Die Deutsche Bibliothek and the European Commission and he has been involved in several projects and products since then. In 1996 he co-formed Crossnet and in 2001 negotiated Crossnet becoming part of the Dokimas Group where sister company, DS Ltd supplies library management systems and records management systems to the UK and Irish public sector.

Summary of Presentation: Addressing the perspective of Z39.50 and bath Profile from a commercial systems supplier and the issues it raises.

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