Blogging from the Backroom

A CIG Occasional Seminar

CILIP HQ, Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AE

Friday 8 June 2007

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14:00 Welcome
Anne Welsh, Drugscope

Marketing and Profile-raising through blogging
How blogging can raise the profile of you and your organisation

Christine Goodair, St. George’s Medical School, University of London
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14.35 How acquisitions, cataloguing & subject librarianship are good blog-fodder
How traditional backroom activities like cataloguing, acquisitions and subject librarianship provide an ideal skill set and good subject matter for blogs

Anne Welsh, Drugscope
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Is blogging good for your professional health?
How managers in the NHS are using social software and the potential for management blogging
Helen Nicol, NHS Connecting for Health

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15.55 From the backroom to the frontline and back again
How the Home Office is using blogs and RSS feeds for current awareness
Rachel Robbins & Karen George, Home Office

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16:25 Building bridges: improving patient care with social software
How the National Library for Health uses blogs, RSS and wikis to disseminate information, communicate, collaborate and innovate, to help improve the library and knowledge management services

Caroline De Brún, National Library for Health
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16.55 Closing remarks
Anne Welsh, Drugscope

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