UKOLNZ39.50 supplier questionnaire responses

The eLib clumps projects have been collecting detailed information on Z39.50 implementations for the library management systems used by their libraries. The data is required in order to configure clump gateways and improve interoperability. Note that the 'standard' information below was submitted in Aug/Sept 1998; there may have been changes to settings at individual sites.

The questionnaire used as a basis for the survey was designed by Mark Hinnebusch for his Report to the CIC on the state of Z39.50 within the Consortium. Completed questionnaires submitted to the clumps projects are available for the following suppliers:

Several others have not yet been received.

The clumps are also producing a joint technical interoperability report, based on their interop testing. This should be made available around March.

Please email any comments eg on implementations at non-clumps sites, or any additional sources of information.

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