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The UK Office for Library and Information Networking (UKOLN) would like to invite you to participate in a small consultative meeting in central London to address the current MIA requirements analysis study.

The MODELS Information Architecture (MIA) has emerged from the successful MODELS workshops [1], and describes library and information environments at a high level. It has already proved to be a useful tool in understanding the behaviour of hybrid information environments.

As a further development of MIA, UKOLN is undertaking a requirements analysis. The requirements for a MIA-like hybrid information environment are being developed together with a set of interoperability requirements for such systems. The MIA logical architecture is being developed further to provide the high-level framework within which these requirements must be met. A set of 'scenarios' will also be developed to capture the basic functionality of hybrid information systems.

We are inviting around 15 providers, or potential providers, of hybrid information services to this meeting. It will facilitate understanding and discussion of the issues that must be considered in the development of hybrid information environments, as well as providing an opportunity for you to raise important development concerns and reflect on service planning. We aim to elicit requirements for specific hybrid information environments and seek views on how well work to date supports your service development needs. Output will feed into the study which will then be presented at the MODELS workshop in October 1999. The final output aims to provide support for organisations that wish to provide various forms of hybrid information service.

An outline of the workplan is available at:

We are currently drafting the analysis document which will form the basis for discussion at the meeting. We will make this available one week beforehand and would like you to consider it in the context of your own environment.

The preferred date is 30 July (11am until 4.30pm approx). Possible alternatives are 26 or 27 July (all central London). Please let me know your availability asap (replies by 8 July at the latest). Note that travel expenses will be reimbursed for one representative from each organisation (it may be possible to send an additional person, at your own expense). Lunch will be provided.

Regards, Rosemary

[1] http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/dlis/models/

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Tracy Gardner - Paul Miller - Rosemary Russell
Created: July 21st 1999