UKOLN MODELS 9: MIA for hybrid information environments

Breakout session topics

The workshop will divide into five breakout groups, to discuss the planned topics listed below.

When collecting your name badge from the registration desk on 13th, please let Joy Fraser (UKOLN Events Manager) know which topic you are most interested in discussing (together with a second choice). Please also let us know if there are any other topics which you feel are particularly relevant to address, and we will consider their inclusion/substitution.

There are two breakout sessions, one in the afternoon of the first day, and a second shorter session in the morning of day two. This is to allow people to think about the issues overnight and then to refine results the next day and prepare for the report back. Each group should nominate a rapporteur.

  1. Identify issues in current hybrid information environments that need to be addressed for the future, eg
  2. Business/supplier issues: MIA as a trading place (the MIA 'transaction model')
  3. Exploration of the draft functional model
  4. A glossary for hybrid information environments
  5. Controlled vocabularies/thesauri - issues, eg

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