UKOLN MODELS 9 - MIA for hybrid information environments

Scarman House, University of Warwick

Background and workshop aims

The MODELS project has been exploring ways of more effectively managing distributed heterogeneous information resources and services. It has facilitated the development of infrastructures and made policy recommendations, which have initiated projects and influenced emerging services in the UK and overseas. The project has a cross-domain perspective, addressing issues common to libraries, museums and archives. The MODELS Information Architecture (MIA) is a key development; it suggests some functional components of distributed information environments and arranges them in a logical architecture.

The focus of this workshop is the current MIA requirements analysis study. The key objective is to provide support for organisations that are planning and developing various forms of 'hybrid' information environment, by helping them to specify their own particular requirements. MIA documentation therefore aims to help managers understand key issues and components, and enable comparison of products and validation of technical solutions. The workshop provides an opportunity to influence this work. We look forward to your contribution.

The principal aims of the workshop are:

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