UKOLN MODELS 7: the MODELS Information Architecture (MIA): deployment

The seventh MODELS workshop will be held in May 1998.

MODELS has explored a logical framework for information management in a distributed environment. It has acknowledged that the implementation of this framework is an open technical development challenge. This workshop will focus on deployment issues.

It will present the components of the architecture in a model of successively richer stages. This will be used as a framework to consider specification issues, product offerings and so on. The aim is to assist in the creation of a shared understanding of requirements between information providers, systems developers and intermediaries about options. So, for example, vendor 'middleware' offerings (or clumping services etc) could be 'branded' as supporting the MODELS Information Architecture (MIA) Stage 1. Similarly, information providers, library system vendors and others could be so branded.

The workshop will consider the presentation of the MIA; maintenance, dissemination and consensus-building activities; and other issues. It will involve representatives from all involved sectors.

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