UKOLN MODELS 10 - rights management

Scarman House, University of Warwick

Background and workshop aims (draft)

Effective rights management is becoming increasingly important in the electronic information environment. An agreed framework involving all players is needed, within which the complexities of rights administration can be managed. Standard metadata is a critical element in holding the various parts of the process together.

The MODELS project has been exploring ways of more effectively managing distributed heterogeneous information resources and services. It has facilitated the development of infrastructures and made policy recommendations, which have initiated projects and influenced emerging services in the UK and overseas. Each workshop addresses a specific topic of particular current significance.

Scope and aims

The main purpose is to bring together the different communities involved in rights management, to talk about the central issues, discuss current initiatives, and try to agree on sensible common approaches.

Information community (libraries, museums, archives) needs will be considered together with commercial sector initiatives. It is essential that solutions are considered on a cross-domain basis, although this may make progress slower. The focus will be on background enabling management issues.

Participants should come away with an understanding of:

The recommendations will include actions that need to be taken by funding bodies.

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