UKOLN MODELS 1: document discovery & request

Resulting action points

Basis for compiling the action points

During the workshop breakout session, each of three workgroups examined one of the identified discussion topics: search, locate and request. They were asked to offer firstly a vision of the ideal world in the given area, and secondly to list the top six development issues which should be addressed in order to move towards that ideal. Some issues occurred in more than one area. In the final plenary session the original 18 issues were distilled into the following focused action points. The general consensus reached means that overlap with activities elsewhere will be avoided. It is intended that these action points will be taken forward by the MODELS project, in association with FIGIT.

To be taken forward by MODELS/FIGIT

1. Critical evaluation of standards

It was recognised that various standards existed in various forms of development which would be important for future services. A critical evaluation of these standards which established their status, documented who was using them and made recommendations for use in eLib projects should be carried out. To further refine and set terms of reference for this study, a 'town' meeting of relevant interested people should be held as soon as possible.

Special interest groups or implementors' groups in particular technology areas (e.g. document requesting) should be convened in areas identified for further development. These should not be limited to eLib participants.

2. Promote the use of the Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (SICI)

The SICI was identified as a potentially crucial technology and the advantages of widespread implementation were clear. It was suggested that FIGIT fund a meeting of interested parties and developers who identify how to take things forward in this area from implementation and awareness perspectives.

3. A shared technology assessment for fuzzy matching

A shared technology assessment among eLib participants for fuzzy matching was recommended.

To be taken forward by FIGIT

4. A study of the coverage of abstracts

A study to investigate the quality and extent of abstracts in central A&I services was suggested.

5. A study to determine user requirements

A study to more closely define user behaviour/requirements in acquiring articles was suggested.

RR/LD, 19/12/95