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Survey Questionnaire

Important. Please note that the deadline for completion of the survey questionnaire has elapsed. These details are for information only.


Collection Description Focus and CIMI are collaborating in this survey on approaches to collection description. The information we receive will help us understand the "real world" issues which practitioners are facing. We are seeking information on

  • current activity in the area of collection description
  • the descriptive standards and schemas which are in use
  • the way these standards and schemas have been deployed to meet your requirements
  • the approaches and technologies which have been utilised
  • any areas where you feel guidance is required or additional work may be useful

Guidelines for completing the questionnaire

We have tried to make the questionnaire straightforward to complete, and to provide options to choose from wherever possible. However, we recognise that some questions are more "open" and may require more detailed responses, and we do not want to limit the information which you may wish to provide.

We estimate that the questionnaire should not take more than 30 minutes to complete.

Throughout this document, the term "collection" is used in a very general sense, to mean "an aggregation of physical and/or digital items". "Collection description" is used to refer to description at the aggregate level. Almost by definition, then, the area of "collection description" is a broad one, and some questions may not be applicable to your context. We would be grateful if you could answer as many of the questions as possible. With your help, we can try to make the work we do relevant to your requirements in the area of collection description.

The questionnaire is available as:

  • an HTML form which can be submitted directly
  • a Microsoft Word 97 document.
    The Word document can be downloaded and completed either
    • manually, in which case it should be printed out and the completed document returned by post to the address below.
    • or digitally, in which case you can click in a greyed text box and type to add text, or click in a check box to select that option. Please save the completed document and return as an email attachment to

How your responses will be used

The information will be used by Collection Description Focus and by CIMI to understand better collection description practice and to highlight areas of work which they might address. If you supply your contact details, CD Focus and/or CIMI may wish to contact you to discuss your work further. The information may be used as the basis of analyses that appear in reports and publications, but references to individuals, institutions or projects will not be made without permission.

If you have any difficulties in completing the questionnaire, do not hesitate to contact us. Completed questionnaires should be returned to CD Focus by Friday 26 October.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Pete Johnston and Bridget Robinson
Collection Description Focus
University of Bath
Bath BA2 7AY

Telephone: 01225 323619



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