Collection Description Focus, Briefing Day 2UKOLN

Realising the potential of collection-level description

Practitioners and policy makers share experiences

Tuesday 14 May 2002
British Library, St. Pancras, London

The first CD Focus Briefing Day presented an introduction to the subject of collection-level description and explored the potential role of collection-level description in facilitating resource discovery and resource management. In particular, it emphasised the value of a standardised approach to collection-level description in supporting resource discovery in a cross-domain context by providing the equivalent of a high-level "map" of a diverse territory. Strategists and implementers from different programmes and contexts presented a range of perspectives on the theory and practice of collection-level description.

In the six months since that meeting, some of the initiatives discussed then have moved further along the path from "project" to "service". Many projects within the Research Support Libraries Programme are launching services to provide information about, and enhance access to, important research collections. The Full Disclosure Prioritisation Study highlighted the value of collection-level description in identifying priorities for more detailed work. Work has continued on developing the infrastructure of digital services required to realise JISC's vision of a managed "information environment" in which users can find, access, use and disseminate resources from a range of diverse, quality-controlled collections. New programmes of digital content creation such as NOF-digitise are also placing emphasis on the role of collection-level description in disclosing the existence of the resources their projects are creating.

This second Briefing Day focuses on these services and their use of description at collection-level, and the importance of standards in this field. The speakers are drawn from a range of different experiences and institutions offering a truly cross-domain perspective and incorporating the varied work of both practitioners and policy makers. The aim of the day is to provide an overview of how collection level description is contributing to information services, and how the lessons learnt from past and current work can help influence and inform future projects and programmes. There will be ample time for questions and discussion.

Target audience: The event is aimed at information managers who are developing and directing policy, and anyone with an interest in employing collection-level description as a component of their information services.