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Collections and Collection Description
Pete Johnston & Bridget Robinson - January 2002.
Collection Description Focus Briefing Paper, No 1.
This paper presents an overview of approaches to "collections" and their description.

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The RSLP Collection Description Schema
Pete Johnston - September 2003.
Collection Description Focus Briefing Paper, No 2.
This paper outlines the theoretical model on which the schema is based, and then describes the schema itself.

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The JISC Information Environment Service Registry
Pete Johnston - June 2004.
Collection Description Focus Briefing Paper, No 3.
This paper describes the function of the JISC IE Service Registry, a pilot shared service within the JISC Information Environment. The IESR provides descriptions of collections made available by content providers, and of the services that provide access to those collections. The metadata schema is based on the RSLP CD Schema.

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