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Date of cataloguing:


If the catalogue record lists no copies held for this item, record code Z or tick this box [ ]

Please tick a box for each field in the catalogue record, or note the codes against each record (for example, T2 S1 M3). For author and subject headings, consider only whether they match the form given in the authority file.


incorrect or missing

not applicable code
Group 1      
Personal authors       A
Corporate authors       C
Subject headings       D
Group 2      
Title       T
Series       S
Group 3      
Material description       M
Statement of responsibility       R
Edition       E
Imprint       I
Physical description       P
Language       L
Genre/category       G
Location/branch ID       B
Notes       N
  1 2 3  

If there are other errors in the record (for example absence of uniform title) then list them below but do NOT count them in the statistics.

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