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Trend Analysis of Monograph Acquisitions in Public and University Libraries in the UK

UKOLN has been carrying out the BNBMARC Currency Survey continuously since 1980. In order to carry out the survey, UKOLN has collected random samples of titles acquired by libraries, resulting in a database of the acquisitions of public and academic libraries from 1980 to the present. In addition to the analyses carried out to establish the currency hit rates, other analsyses were carried out on the 1994 samples on date of publication / acquisition and on the proportions of the different subject areas. In 1999, UKOLN and LISU were awarded a grant by the BNB Research Fund to carry out further analyses in this area.

The study investigated changes in acquisitions and stock management practices in UK academic and public libraries over the period 1980 to 1998. The main analyses looked at the time between publication and acquisition, the proportion of hardbacks and paperbacks purchased, the pattern of acquisition in different subject categories, and the price at the time of publication. A separate investigation into stock retention was also carried out. The date from the UKOLN database was enriched by price at publication details from J.Whitaker & Sons and subject and format details from Book Data.

The study identified a number of trends relating to acquisitions and stock management practices. Possible causes have been suggested and areas for more focused work identified, and the findings raise a number of questions for libraries, suppliers, booksellers and publishers. A final report on the study was submitted to the BNB Research Fund in January 2000 and is now available in print and word6 format and pdf format.

Word6 format: report | appendix
PDF format: title page text and appendix

Chapman, Ann and Spiller, David Trend analysis of monograph acquisitions in public and university libraries in the UK Loughborough: LISU and UKOLN, 2000 ISBN: 1-901786-29-3

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