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Sources of Advice

Library Services for Visually Impaired People: a manual of best practice

The purpose of this manual is to provide a practical guide for library managers and staff in the provision of library and information services for people with a visual impairment. It is intended to offer guidance in the assessment of needs, development of policy and good practice for library services, and to be a key source of advice and guidance on the range of formats, services and support available in the UK.


TechDis aims to be the leading educational advisory service, working across the UK, in the fields of accessibility and inclusion. It aims to enhance provision for disabled students and staff in higher, further and specialist education and adult and community learning, through the use of technology. TechDis is a JISC-funded service (Joint Information Systems Committee).

CETIS-TechDis Accessibility SIG (Special Interest Group)

This is one of a number of groups established by CETIS (Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards).

  • to make implementers of content and systems for learning technology in the FE (Further Education) and HE (Higher Education) sectors aware of accessibility guidelines and specifications for e-learning;
  • to give guidance on using these accessibility guidelines and specifications to learning technology developers and implementers, and to e-learning content authors;
  • to promote the communication flow between the FE and HE community and the specification producers;
  • to track issues of accessibility across the relevant IMS specifications and other standards bodies as appropriate;
  • to act as a discussion and dissemination forum, focusing on good practice in making learning technology accessible to all.

RNIB: Royal National Institute of the Blind

RNIB is a source of advice on many aspects of visual impairment. It provides advice on good design to help make your websites, information materials, goods and services and buildings accessible to all. Its annual Techshare conference highlights the role of technology in the everyday life of people with sight problems.

NLB: National Library for the Blind

NLB provides a gateway to library and information services for visually impaired people.

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