Further Activities Based on the "Running An Institutional Web Service" Workshop


A number of criticisms were made of the workshop venue and accommodation. These comments will be passed on to Malcolm Clark, the local organiser at King's College London. Hopefully these comments will be useful to KCL, particularly for the Janet User Support Workshop which will be held at KCL in September.

Additional Workshops

Thematic Workshops

UK Web Focus will look into the possibility of organising additional workshops on the following themes which were identified at the workshop:

Note that workshops may be run with (or by) other groups, such as Netskills, UCISA TLIG, Talisman, etc.

The workshops may be held on a regional basis.

National Workshop

UK Web Focus will look into the possibility of hosting a regular (annual?) workshop aimed at members of a Web Team. The following points which emerged at the workshop will be taken into account:

Additional Materials

UK Web Focus will aim to produce additional Briefing Sheets. Suggestions for topics should be sent to B.Kelly@ukoln.ac.uk or on the uk-web-focus-discussMailbase list.

Your Involvement

Any additional workshop will require involvement from members of the community. If you would be willing to give a presentation, run a discussion group, provide a venue or become involve in other ways, please contact Brian Kelly using the email address B.Kelly@ukoln.ac.uk or phone 01225 323943.

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