Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?
University Blogging: What Happens When Everyone Can Publish?

Plenary Talk 1: University Blogging: What Happens When Everyone Can Publish?

This page provides details of the plenary talk on "University Blogging: What Happens When Everyone Can Publish?".

University Blogging: What Happens When Everyone Can Publish?
John Dale, University of Warwick
In January 2004 the University of Warwick decided to offer a blog to every student and member of staff, starting in Oct 2004. This talks explores why this decision was taken, why Warwick elected to build its own blogging tool, how the project was implemented, and what happened when the blogs went live.
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the talk participants will have:
  • Learned about an agile development approach to building software
  • Gained insight into the AUP issues associated with web publishing
  • Examined the benefits and drawbacks of personal Web publishing in academic institutions
Special Requirements:
Networked PC with Windows Media player with up-to-date codecs on it so that video embedded on slides will play back. The PC should feed into the audio system in the lecture theatre so that audio within slides will be heard by everyone. Remote clicker for operating PowerPoint preferred.
This talk took place from 13:15-14:00 on Wednesday 6th July 2005.
Contact Details
John Dale
IT Services Westwood
University Of Warwick
Email: j.dale AT
Web site: <>


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