Web 2.0: How Should IT Services and the Library Respond?


Brian Kelly facilitated a meeting on Web 2.0: How Should IT Services and the Library Respond?. The meeting took place on from 11.30-14.00 on Thursday 16th November 2006 at Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham. The meeting was aimed at IT Directors and Senior Library Group and other senior managers by invitation.


The meeting took place in Room 320, BASS Management Centre, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, NG1 5LS.


This meeting, which was organised by EMUIT (the IT Task Group of the East Midlands Universities Association), was held with managers in IT services and libraries in order to discuss the challenges to be faced by Web 2.0 technologies. Brian Kelly will review Web 2.0 its potential to support teaching and leaerning, research and support activities within our institutions. Brian will then outline some of the concerns which has been expressed including issues such as ownership of data and services; performance and security; legal issues; the role of central services and issues such as power struggles, inertia, etc. Following the presentation there will be an opportunity for group discussion.

Following the group discussion Brian will outline some possible strategies for addressing the various concerns which have been raised.



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The draft timetable is given below.

Time Topic
11:30 Introduction
11:40 Web 2.0: A Brief Overview
11:50 Web 2.0: Your Concerns
Group discussion
12:10 Feedback
12:20 Lunch
13:00 Addressing the Concerns
13:30 Implementation
13:50 Conclusions
14:00 Finish


Biographical Details

Brian Kelly holds the post of UK Web Focus at UKOLN, University of Bath. Brian's responsibilities include advising and supporting the UK higher and further education community on standards, best practices and innovation related to use of the Web.

Brian is a long-standing Web user and developer, having helped to set up the Web service at the University of Leeds in 1992 - possibly the first institutional Web service in the UK and one of the first fifty in the world to be registered at CERN, the birthplace of the Web.