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Annex D Estimates of Space Funding Needs

Estimates of Space Funding Needs

It is estimated that approximately 140 million is at present required to finance the capital developments that would enable the sector to meet the additional space needs created by the growth in undergraduate student numbers between 1988-89 and 1992-93. This figure relates to the UK as a whole. It is based on the best data available to the Review Group at the time of writing, but first, that it does not take account of growth in student numbers in 1993-94; and second, that the data on increases in space in recent years relates to the period of the LISU survey, ie 1986-87 to 1991-92, which is slightly different from the period over which satisfactory data for student growth exist.
The following arguments have been developed using this data:
The UGC norm used in arriving at this estimate may not always be regarded as appropriate, although it is arguably the best available. This is the biggest single variable. Moreover, the figures above take no account of any growth in numbers which was not accompanied by increases in space before 1988 or after 1992-93, which would considerably inflate the estimates.

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