A note about the DCMI Abstract Model

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The DCMI Abstract Model (DCAM) provides a syntax-neutral abstract model for Dublin Core metadata and describes the constructs that make up a DC metadata description set.

According to the DCAM:

  • a description set is made up of one or more descriptions
  • a description is made up of
    • zero or one resource URI and
    • one or more statements
  • a statement is made up of
    • exactly one property URI and
    • zero or one reference to a value in the form of a value URI
    • zero or more representations of a value, each in the form of a value representation
    • zero or one vocabulary encoding scheme URI
  • a value representation is either
    • a value string or
    • a rich representation
  • a value string may have an associated value string language
  • a value string may have an associated syntax encoding scheme URI
  • a value may be the subject of a related description

The DCMI is currently revising its guidelines for encoding DC metadata in XML and RDF/XML in line with the DCAM. These new guidelines will enable the exchange of more complex description sets' between software applications.