Other Z39.50 service/product providers in the UK

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The British Library
The British Library is a partner in ONE, so its Z39.50 developments have been undertaken in conjunction with the project. A Version 3 target has been produced, using software tools developed by Crossnet Systems. Two databases are available: SRIS (Science Reference and Information Service) and Document Supply Centre Monographs. The next version of the target is to include Explain. Crossnet are also developing a stand-alone client as part of ONE.

Crossnet Systems (previously part of Satellites International Limited)
Crossnet Systems have developed Z39.50 software for a number of European projects including DBV-OSI II and ONE.

OCLC offer a number of Z39.50-based products and services, via their European office.

Ovid Technologies
Ovid client/server software provides Z39.50 (Version 3) access to Ovid databases (abstract and indexing, plus full text).

Z39.50 access to SilverPlatter databases - information about how to try it out is available from their US Web site. It supports Version 3 features including Explain.

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