WebWatching UK Web Communities

British Library Research and Innovation Report 146

WebWatching UK Web Communities:
Final Report For The WebWatch Project

Brian Kelly and Ian Peacock

British Library Research and Innovation Centre



This document is the final report for the WebWatch project. The aim of the project was to develop and use robot software for analysing and profiling Web sites within various UK communities and to report on the findings.

This document reviews the original bid, gives a background to robot software, describes the robot software used by the WebWatch project, and summaries the conclusions gained from the WebWatch trawls. A list of recommendations for further work in this area is given. The appendices include a number of the reports which have been produced which describe the main trawls carried out by the project.


Brian Kelly and Ian Peacock, UKOLN (UK Office for Library and Information Networking).

Brian Kelly is UK Web Focus at UKOLN, the University of Bath. Brian managed the WebWatch project.

Ian Peacock is WebWatch Computer Officer at UKOLN, the University of Bath. Ian was responsible for software development and analysis and producing reports.


The opinions expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the British Library.

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