Discussion Group B4: Wiki Strategies to Support the Needs of External Groups


Based on your previous discussion and related points from the other discussion groups you should now seek to identify a Wiki strategy for your institution. Possible strategies for providing Wiki services include:
  1. A large-scale enterprise Wiki service for use within your institution.
  2. A distributed and decentralised approach, in which departments, ad hoc groups, individuals, etc. may choose their own preferred Wiki tools, which could be installed locally or use of free or licensed externally-hosted services.
  3. Use of Wiki functionality provided in other enterprise tools, such as VLEs, Blogs, etc.
  4. In-house development of a Wiki service.
  5. Doing nothing, either because effort is limited and prioritisation is given to other areas or a view that Wikis are of marginal relevance to the institution.

Please address the following issues:

Based on your preferred approaches to the provision of a Wiki service:


Providing an enterprise service is a solution that will succeed in most institutions but in many institutions departments will want their own because they'll want something different. Whether that is commercial or a open-source product will depend upon the institution, local expertise and money available. Small groups might choose to use an external hosted service just because it's are available.

A managed service can be provided but you have to choose the application carefully and have the foresight to anticipate what difficulties you need to try to get over.

Problem areas: