Browser Management – useful web links


·       Browser study data: see Zona Research –

·       “Conservatism of web users” –  and

·       Opera web browser website –

·       Mozilla project website – A good overview of the successes and failures of the Mozilla project:

·       The Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) is available at

·       The Netscape Client Customization Kit is available at

·       AvantGo – make software for downloading information from the Internet to palmtops.

·       Palm VII connected organiser –

·       Many other companies have Internet connected devices – e.g. Nokia (

·       For further information about WebTV, go to 

·       If you want to make sure your site looks OK in WebTV, there is plenty of documentation available at This website also contains a free WebTV emulator that can be downloaded for Windows and Macintosh machines and be used to preview your site.

·       Download a the latest browser capabilities file for IIS web servers from

·       If User Agent negotiation is of critical importance to your site, consider purchasing BrowserHawk (

·       Using JavaScript to send out different CSS depending on the browser in use: