Information Flow & the Institutional WWW


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Table of Contents

Information Flow & the Institutional WWW

Scope of Discussion

What is “Information Flow” ?

Managerial Attributes of Information Objects

Information Flow & the WWW

Tools for Managing Information Flow

How is the Flow Managed?

No Management - Advantages

No Management - Disadvantages

Centralised Model

Centralised - Advantages

Centralised - Disadvantages

Distributed Model

Distributed - Advantages

Distributed - Disadvantages

Combined Models

Impediments to Information Flow

Prospectus - Hard Copy

Prospectus - WWW Ver. 1

Prospectus - WWW Ver. 2

Prospectus - WWW Ver. 3

Prospectus - WWW Ver. 4

Role of the “Webmaster” and/or Editorial Board

In Summary ...


Author: C.K.Work