Scenario 1

Your institution is offered ‘shed loads’ of money by a large, blue chip company for being the prime sponsor on/of your website. They just happen to manufacture:

1          Do you accept their offer? If not, why?

Accept offer:

2          Does it make a difference if the ad is hosted on your website, as opposed to bought in?

Host locally – JISC

3          What if they just sponsor a chair?

Chair would be OK

4          Any legal worries?

Ensure there is a good contract

5          The ASA get a complaint – does it matter?

Only if there has been an ASA ruling

6          Who is responsible for ‘take down’?

Put expiry into contract

7          The company want to use Flash – OK?

Plugins slow down service and are currently inaccessible

Scenario 2

Your institution is approached by an advertising agency offering £2K a month for ads on your welcome page (and elsewhere). What managerial, technical and financial issues would you need to take into account?

What happens if, after 3 months, the agency fails to honour its contract?

What if an ad campaign fails?