To implement

Produce advertising information pack, including:

         Rate card

         Administration (distribution, audience, technical process, billing, discounts, deadlines)

         Samples (eg screen shots) of pages including advertising banners.

         Agree primary contact for advertisers

         Decide where advertising can appear

         Agree rates

         Decide on schedule

         Agree technical spec

         Set up billing facilities and advertising code

Advertiser contacts with request for information

         Send out advertising information pack

         Agree follow-up procedure

Advertiser wishes to purchase banner but has no facilities to create them


         Pass query to in-house banner creation facilities (who?)

         Advise on appropriate contact for banner creation and provide technical brief

Sign agreement

Write standard agreement stating

         what service will be provided to the advertiser

         what the advertiser needs to supply, relevant dates

         contacts on both sides

Work through relevant proof stages/send voucher copies (eg screen shots) and process advertiser sign-off

         who is responsible for what
It should be clear to in-house staff working with advertisers what is negotiable and what is not.

         Set up facilities to test the advert in the relevant target page before it goes live.

         Decide on a format for supplying voucher copies (particularly if the ad is placed in protected areas)

Ad goes live

         Set up, test and implement technical facility to insert banners and track use

         Create ad server to store images

         Resolve issues around account ownership and access


         Use advertising finance code so that revenue can be easily tracked

         Identify and train member of staff to perform invoicing if this is not already part of their remit.

Ad removal

         Allocate responsibility for removing advertisement on the due date or as requested by the advertiser

         Automatic expiry or warning email to administrator?

Advertising workflow and implementation requirements