Please use this page during the hands-on session to make comments and suggestions on topics you would like to be discussed during the final General discussion and round-up session.

Notes on discussion/questions during the day.

Why might we not use a Wiki?

It's not our role.
People might contribute rubbish; say unpleasant unacceptable things
We are the experts! Why should we allow others to have a say?

Content and resources might be directed from finding aids to social software.

TNA Wiki: would be useful to know if anyone has actually added a contribution about a record, so can see from catalogue whether there is a wiki entry.

TNA used Media Wiki, but this may not be the best route. TNA are exploring other options.

Main criticism has been the copyright issue but generally very positive.

Moving Here

Might be worth putting videos onto YouTube, though there are copyright issues to be considered.

Your Thoughts

How used between professionals and users; building relationships
What the technologies actually are - what do we mean by Web 2.0 technologies
How reach non-users?
How can we use this for users to add their own content
But there are maybe difficulties and issues when users start to contribute
Which products should we be using? There are so many options!
Priorities if you have limited resources?
Only a minority have well-resourced technical expertise
What happens if you don't keep up with these technologies? What will you miss out on?
Preventing abuse; appropriate ways to minimise risks of this.

"You've glossed over accessibility and copyright issues" which have important legal ramifications.