Possible wiki applications:

Internal use: collaborative writing for projects/presentations etc; building up a knowledge base for the department; input from internal users

External use: projects with artists/art [/art history] students based around archive holdings; comment on catalogue records to share information (as with TNA); content and discussion based around digitised material to engage [?]younger users.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Quick and easy to get started - but does not appear easy to customise in detail
Reaching different users - but will they care? how will they find it?
FOI/copyright/defamation... legal hurdles
Have to ask - are we led by the technology or what we want to do with it? Is there a better way?
Problems meshing with existing technology eg. website/intranet
More flexible and approachable than some existing channels
Good version tracking - but who holds it?

Need for clear format, conventions of how to present information - or a page edited by many people may become confusing!

Link to general discussion.

Is a wiki just an epemeral conversation? If not, how do we maintain and preserve it?