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Design a Pirate for Ben Gunn

Send me your pirate description
I want to see what they look like before I recruit 'em.
And I wants to know if I can trust 'em.
I'll assemble the best pirate crew and display them here.


It's not easy finding good crew members - only the BEST will do. Crew members need to be brave and strong, and good sailors too! PLEASE tell me your age, and your first name (boring pirates sent in by adults are strictly forbidden)

Whoa there me hearties!! - sorry I was away so long - I haven't forgotten me recruitment duties. There was a mighty storm off Pongo Pongee Islands so me and me shipmates had to wait till the coast was clear. T'was a long time we were stranded with nothing but coconuts to eat and the occasional shark.

Alexandra is 11 - her pirate tells the corniest jokes ever...

He has deadly evil eyes and a mangled body full of scars that reveal his journeys on the open seas. He has black long straggly hairs that are thick and stiff. His dirty smelling clothes are torn and have never been washed. He carries a knife in his pocket, which he has never had to use because his gruesome appearance scares his enemies away. His name is Captain John D Sailor. He has a crotchety side to him but he loves to tell jokes. If you listen to one of his horrible jokes he might be kind to you. Here is an example of one of his boring jokes:" Why didn't the pirate go into the movie? Then John would blurt out the answer before you could guess, " Because it was rated ARRRR!" He might not tell funny jokes but if you don' t want to walk the plank I suggest that you at least give him a good chuckle.

Mary is 12 years old - her pirate has a lovely tatoo

The meanest, nastiest pirate's name is Deadly D. He fought in many battles and killed off many men. Deadly D has long knotted hair and once even a beard, but that beard was chopped right off during a violent sword fight with an enemy. He steals from helpless children and enjoys playing dirty tricks. He loves drinking rum and telling frightening stories. I think that others' pain is Deadly D's joy. On his left ear is a golden hoop earring, which he probably stole. His right arm bears a tatoo of a mermaid. Deadly D is just a downright fierce pirate.

Hunter is age 11 -his pirate is a Captain!

Captain Cross-Sword is the fiercest pirate around. The bravest man shivers at the sight of him. Captain Cross-Sword has a peg leg, a hook on his left hand, and a patch on his right eye. Since he's crossed many-a-sword with the law he was called Captain Cross-Sword. His crew is amazingly disciplined. Any man that disagrees with him he hangs or flogs. Captain Cross-Sword is the fiercest pirate who sailed the seven seas.

Here are a great bunch of pirates from Dene Magna Secondary School in Gloucestershire, England. The designers are all aged 11-12 years. However, some of your emails got corrupted so Dene Magna lovelies, if you don't see your pirate here send me another one and check that its okay with friends and your teacher if you can.

Here's Chelsea's pirate:

Once a very long time ago lived a pirate, a pirate called Drunk the Funk her real name was Cathleen Laura Funk She got her nickname because she always seems to get drunk, also she is funky. Her hair is straight and has lots of different colours in it, her nose is a smallish nose medium and sized ears. Cathleen was so pretty. She was 20 years old and she had blond long hair, and nearly everything on her body pierced with an earing through it. She was very very strong she could fight any thing, and say she didn't hurt her but inside we know that she was hurt. Her boat is called keep your funk on. One day a shark came up to her ship and bit her leg off. Now her dad doesn 't let Cathleen go on her boat alone. So Mark her dad hired a crew. Their names are David, One-eyed Jack, Peg leg Peter and her dad Mark. David and Cathleen are a couple. Peg leg peter thinks that Cathleen is very pretty and attractive. One-eyed jack thinks the same. But David thinks everything is perfect about her. Drunk the funk and David are married and are parents of two kids. A boy called captain beash but he wants to be a captain so his real name is paul beash and a girl called captain lady beash and also she wants to be a captain too but her real name is shaura beash. As you can guess there surname is beash. But Cathleen and David still sail her boat but takes there kids with them. ........................................

Laura's pirate: Lucky Lucy! Lucky Lucy is so called because she walked the plank and nearly got her leg bitten of by a shark. She has a black patch on her eye. She has a parrot on her shoulder, if you get on the wrong side of her she will feed you to the sharks. She is young and not scared of any thing her ship sunk when she was 21. She started sailing when she was 18 and she is now 29.If you are lazy she will get you to scrub the deck. She has no friends. She talks a lot. She has a imaginary friend named Alley. She is very mean. She has hair down to her bum. She has two pet whales. She' s thin but tall. You may find her funny but if you laugh at her she will give her one of her funny looks .She smells like fish but if you tell her that she will make you walk the plank. Her eyes are blue. Her ship is covered in gold. She sometimes swims with the dolphins and whales. She thinks she's funky. She goes and digs for gold.

Michael's pirate: Peg leg Pete wears calico trousers, and a loose fitting jacket. He has a blue and white linen shirt and a cravat to keep his neck warm. Around his waist is a red slash and leather belt with a baldric to hold his pistol. On his head is a red and white spotted handkerchief and a tricorn,a three cornered hat. He `wears a gold earring and has a parrot on his shoulder. His shoe is leather with a buckle and he has a wooden Leg. The weapons he carries are a musket gun, cutlass, Sword, a dagger and an axe. He has a map to look for hidden treasure of Spanish gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and Sapphires.

Robert's pirate: Captain Orcan His name is Orcan. He is a most experienced sailor. He is half whale and half man, thats how he got his name. His skin is black and white; his arms and legs are humans but his stomach and head is a killer whale. He eats raw flesh especially children he plays for the Killer Whales a dirty and bad football team. All the killer whales are half men and half whales. No one dares question his words or they will be eaten alive. He can smell ships from hundreds of miles away. I will let you in to a little secret: he was on his ship and he smelt some gold on another ship so he told his crew to go after it. His crew thought he was rotten but no one told him that or they would be ripped to shreds from his razor sharp teeth so they followed that ship. Then he jumped off the ship and swam aboard the enemies ship and ate the captain alive. Then he attacked the crew with his razor Sharpe teeth they grabbed the treasure sailed away thats how he became the meanest pirate in the universe.

Deveney's pirate: Pirate Jim My pirate is called Jim and he has a black eye patch. He also has a hock for his hand. He has a pirate hat that is black with a picture of skull and crossbones. It is mean and loud and has dirty dusty, raged ripped clothes. My pirate has a treasure chest. The chest has a gold stripe down the middle and the side, the rest is black. Pirate Jim keeps his treasure chest in a cave on the side of the sea. Jim has a group of friends. The friends are called Bill, bob, and one-eyed jack. Bill is just like a twin to Jim because they look the same. One-eyed Jack has got a patch over his eye so that you cannot see it. Bob is like a bob because he has a bob of hair. The group of people all know where the treasure is because Jim trusts his friends.

Luke's pirate:(he says he hope's I like it and I sure do, plenty!! Oh and I forgot to tell 'ee - I love the scoundrel's name) Morgan Moonscar Morgan Moonscar the pirate was the most venomous treasure hunter that ever sailed the high seas. They called him Morgan Moonscar because when he fought in his first battle, he was hit in the left eye with a broken glass bottle, which left him with a scar the shape of a moon. He has a wooden left leg, made from the wreckage of his first captured ship that he drags behind him. Moonscar has long, greasy, black curly hair that smells of dead fish and a black hat sits on top. His ripped clothes that he tried to patch up still show the skull and crossbones. He's crew seem to like him he can be a bit mean.

Daniel's pirate:(I likes you me lad - 'cos you likes me website) Pirate Jack My pirate is called Pirate Jack. He has no crew because he was so excited he got some wood and a bathtub and a flag, (well his trousers) and put them together and called it THE TUB. He went to the sea and it sank, right to the bottom of the sea. He has a wooden leg and a sword for a hand. The only friend he has is his pet snake because he feeds it (well sometimes!)

Sam's pirate: His name was Tom the horrible pirate. He is 22 years old and his birthday is August 20. Tom has brown long plated hair and brown gloomy eyes. He wears a black patch over his eye and has a hook to replace his hand while he was fighting with Grant. Tom was really horrible to everyone and everyone on his crew. He was never nice to anyone and he thought he was Mr Smarty Pants and he knew every thing. Tom was scared of crocodiles since he was a little boy and he still is. When he was fighting with Grant a crocodile came and nearly bit his other arm off. Tom and Grant are always enemies and always will be. They'll never be friends and will always fight. It happened when Tom was bossing Grant around. Grant just had enough of it and wished he went on the ship in the first place. So Grant had a go at Tom and Tom threw Grant off the ship into the water. Grant had to find another ship where he could be a captain and boss other people around and can play war with Tom. When a year went by Tom forgot all about Grant and then all of a sudden Tom saw Grant and Tom finished Grant and killed him.

From Evan, age 9

My pirate has a peg-leg, a missing eye, an eyepatch over his missing eye, a hook on his hand, a bandana, three golden teeth, a big blue coat, and long torn pants. He has a parrot that sits on his shoulder and squawks, "Pieces of eight, pieces of eight, pieces of eight". He carries a treasure map. He is the captain of the ship. He has a sword and two pistols and a rifle. He's a good pirate.

This one is from Jenna, age 10

My piarate would have a long golden colored beard. He would also have a parrot on his left shoulder squarking "polly wanna cacker!" the parrot would have a striped bandanna on his head! The pirate would have a hook on his hand and a big black hat with a huge feather on it. He would be incharge of the pirates and run the ship! He would have crooked theeth too!!

I've been sent 20 new crew members all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by some very special English language students, aged between 8 and 12 years old. Mighty fine additions to me crew they are too. Thank you to Aisha, Alexander, Alya, Brian, Chiun Min, Cal Vin, Khong Wu, Yeung Fwu, Kok Foo, Hui Boon, Iffah, Jasvindir, Jin Howe, John, Jonathan, Kar May, Nazrin, Ricko, Tham and Xin Ying

Aishah, age 10

CAPTAIN HOOK Captain Hook is a fierce looking pirate. He has a long black untamed beard and he is middle aged. He has a scar on his left eye. That is why he always wears a patch to cover it. A parrot is always sitting on his right shoulder. Captain Hook got his name from the hook that is fixed onto his left hand. He wears a hook because a crocodile has bitten and eaten his left hand. He always hunting for treasure. He carries a large sword everywhere so that he can fight with other pirates. He never backs down from a fight. Once, he lost a leg in a fight with a pirate. That is why his right leg is a peg leg.

Alexander, age 12

Thorin the pirate is a fierce looking pirate. He has a long bushy beard and a long curly hair. He is middle aged and is always scruffily dressed. He wears a black patch on his left eye and a hook on his right hand. He hides a gun on the left side of his belt. He is well built and muscular and has a pegged leg.

Alya, age 10

CAPTAIN CRUNCH Captain Crunch is an ugly looking pirate.He has a long black hair,long black beard and a big nose.He wears a pacth on his left eye and he has a scar on his right eye.He's got right ear pierced.He wears a hat on his head and a long red coat.He has a sword in his right hand and a hook on his left hand.His trouser was cut in half on the left and you can see his peg leg.He has a colouful parrot on his right shoulder.

Brian, age 11

Captain black is a terrible man. He always hunts for treasure. He has a parrot for pet. He has a long beard and a rotten tooth. He is patch but you still can see his eyes . He wears a peg leg. He is also overweight.

Chiun Min, age 12

Captain Plot is a friendly-looking pirate. He is very cheerful and likes to drink beer. He's got shoulder length hair and a beard. He is middle height and muscular. He's always scrufily dressed. He's got a sword where his left hand should be and a gun where his right hand should be. He's got a tattoo on his left hand. He's got a parrot that follows him everywhere.

Cal Vin, age 12

Pirate name and description: Mad Eye This is Mad Eye. He is a fierce man. He always tortures his crew even though they made the smallest mistake. He has long curly which a skull hat covers. He also has a bushy beard. Mad Eye's left eye was covered with a patch. His left was covered with a patch because he lost his eye in a battle. He always carries his favourite sword that is red and heavy with his right hand. He also always wears his favourite red coat that has blood stains on it. His right is full of scars. His left leg is a wooden leg. He usually wears long pants so that nobody can see his peg leg. Like other pirate, he lives on the sea with his crews. He also has a green that knows how to talk.

Khong Fwu, age 10

Captain James is a fierce-looking pirate. He controls His crew very well. He will not give up in a battle. He is always hunting for treasure. He has a broad nose and a long bushy moustache. He has a round face and shoulder length hair. He has a scar on his left eye. There is an eye patch covering the scar on his left eye but the can still be seen. He has a skinny body. He wears a pink shirt and a red jacket over it. He has a hook on his left hand and also wears a hat with a picture of a skeleton on it. There is also a white cloth around his neck. He holds his swords on his right hand. He wears a pair of trousers and a pair of white socks. He also wears a pair of black shoes and he is fifty years old.

Yeung Fwu, age 8

Captain Black is a fierce looking pirate. He controls his crew very well. He is always hunting for treasure. He has a scar on his eye. He has an eye patch but you still see the scar. He wears a hat with a skull picture and an old barely red coat. He has a hook on his left hand .He has a sword on his right hand. He is wearing a leather belt. He is a muscular. He lost his left leg. He has a wooden leg. He has a group of pirates. He wont back down from a fight. He has a fierce looking parrot. They are known as a pirate family.

Kok Foo, age 12 years old

Title: Pirate Edwin Here a pirate . His name is Pirate Edwin. Pirate Edwin is a terrible man. He lives in an island call Phuket . Pirate Edwin is mid thirties. He has a big nose, round face and a smiley mouth. He wears a silver earring on his left ear. He has hairy skin and some scars on his skin. He's medium sized and he's overweight. He also has a bushy beard. Pirate Edwin is tall, big and muscular. He has an axe tattooed on his left hand and he has a scar on his eye. Therefore , he looks fierce . Beside this , he has rotten teeth and is scruffily dressed . Pirate Edwin has a gun in his left hand and he has one peg leg . A colourful parrot his shoulder who follows him wherever he goes .

Hui Boon, age 11

Pirate Tom is a fierce looking pirate. He is a terrible man. He is very ugly. He has a round face with a big nose. He has a black bushy beard. He never backs down from fighting. He is overweight and medium height. He is well built to fight. He is scruffily dressed. He has pierced ears. He is around mid thirties. He has a scar on his face. He has a tattoo shaped like a heart on his left arm. He always murders his own crews. He is always hunting for treasure. He has a parrot on his shoulder.

Iffah, age 9

Captain Grady Once there was a pirate name Grady.He was born in America.He lived in a small town called Bond Streed.He was a little boy when he wanted to be a pirate.He began his career when he was a teenager.He travelled all over the world for buried treasure.He owned a big ship named Lady Corona.After a few years,he died.He died in an attack.Grady was a famous pirate and he was not forgotten.

Jasvindir, age 11

Captain Puck wears a scarf on his head. He has short hair. He carries a gun in one hand and a large old blood-red cutlass in the other. He never backs down on a fight. Captain Puck is a very brave man. His right leg is a peg leg. He wears an eye patch on his left eye. He is middle aged. He is very friendly looking.

Jin Howe, age 11

Captain Peter is a fierce looking pirate. He murders his own crew. He has a gun on his right hand. His hair is long and red. He holds a sword on his left hand. He always wears a red coat. He's barely red. His beard is red and very bushy. He likes to battle and he never loses a battle. He 's 40 years old.

John, age 11

Captain Hook is a fierce pirate .He wears a hat with a picture of a skeleton .He wears a patch on his left eye .He has a muscular body .He has a bushy beard .He always carries his gun and sword on his belt. Once he hunted for whale, he lost his leg and turned wooden.

Jonathan, age 11

Captain Marcus has a square and fierce looking face .He has a broad nose and a bushy, dirty beard .You could see his rotten teeth when he grins .He has a knife for his left hand. He has a muscular body. He has long messy hair because he hasn't cut them for years. He is also overweight. He is middle height. Everyone is scared of him because he is very ugly. He has a patched left eye. There is also a scar under the patch on his left eye. There is also a skeleton tattoo on his right hand. He is scruffily dressed. He has pierced ears. And he has a wooden leg.

Kar May, age 12

Pirate Ten is a cruel man. He kills all the animals he seen and he also kills his own crews. He lives in his own ship. He goes everywhere to search for treasure. He wears on an old jacket and wears a hat with a skull pictured on it. He has a tattoo on his right hand and a big scar on his face. He wears an eye patch on his right eye. He's quite tall and he's very muscular. He has a long curly beard. He's bald and one of his legs is a peg leg. He has a fat black cat always on his broad shoulder. He has around face with big eye and a double chin.


Black dog was an old bad pirate. He has only 3 fingers. He has long black hair, thick moustache and a big scar across his eye. He carries a sword and always kills all his crew. He wears a thick red coat and grey pants. He was a crazy pirate between Billy bones and Long john silver. Black dog lives on Skull Island were he makes all his crews kneel on their knees and Black dog will slaughter their heads. Black dog was finally killed.

Ricko, age 10

Captain Pete's a terrible looking face. He has an eye patch on his right eye and his left eye is blue. He has a long sword and a gun in his belt. He has an untamed beard and a skeleton tattoo on his face beside his beard. He has a long curly hair, a long sharp nose, round face and pierced ears with a round ear wring on his left ear. He wears an old red dusty coat. He has a parrot on his shoulder. He has a feather on his big round hat. He has a peg leg was made of wood is all because of his wife. He will not turn back from a fight and always hunt for treasure.

Tham , age 11

Captain Jack Look Captain Jack was born in Pirate Town. He was a great pirate of the seven seas. He has been to every sea in the world. He is terrible. He kills his men when they fail to do their job. He has two tattoos on his left arm. He has a half-gold and silver hook. He has a skull picture and his hat is black. He has an untamed black beard. He has a scar on his left eye. He has a black patch to covers his eye but you can sea his tip of his scar. He has a gold sparkling diamond earring on his left ear. His right hand is holding a long black sword. He has a big red coat. He has a peg leg on his left leg. He has a big gun on his black belt. He has a colourful parrot on his shoulder. He has a big ship. His shoes have a gold buckle.

Xin Ying, age 12

Captain hook is a fierce looking pirate .He lives on a big wooden ship in the sea. He's quite tall and skinny. He's got a broad nose and a tattoo on his right hand .He has rotten teeth and shoulder length hair. He wears an old dusty barely red coat. He's got a white cat to follow him everywhere .He never stops to hunt for treasure .He is holding a sword and his right hand has a hook.

Cindy's pirate is so wicked that just thinking about him is too scary for words

My Idea of a really cruel and heartless pirate is one with one eye, black teeth and fingernails, black, frizzy hair, a stocking cap, torn clothes, two earings, one leg, and a deformed parrot would not be a pretty pirate. It would scare me boneless if I ever saw a man as vulgor as this.

Kerr (aged 13) has sent us a good, bad pirate - well they do say there's good and bad in all of us...

Tony Mcpherson is a shall we say, good pirate,well he is good but of course he is very bad at the same time. He is 27 years old and has a tanned face which shines in the sunlight. He has long greying black hair which hangs down over his face. He is always very clean. He wears the finest of clothing, a blue waistcoat with a white shirt underneath, Brown trousers and the best black shoes money can buy. To hold up his trousers he wears a solid gold belt. When he is cold he wears a blue jacket which hangs down to his feet. He always keeps a pistol with him and sometimes a machine gun. He is very short for his age, 5ft 5 and has a good build, not fat, not skinny. He owns his own ship and his own crew of 23 men and a cabin boy.

Anna's pirate is called out for them sharks...ahhh

I am 12 years old and my name is Anna. My pirate design is of a nice pirate who got half eaten by a shark after he was made to walk the plank. Thatís why he has a wooden leg. His name is George Anderson. He was on a cruise to the Bahamas from England, when he lost a bet on if the cook would serve clams on the half shell. After he escaped the shark he found an abandoned pirate ship and decided to give up his big political dreams. He lives a hermit lifestyle and his hobbies are fishing, fishing and reading. Once in a while he uses some of the gold from the gold room, to trade with other ships. George likes to buy clothes, food, buttons and books. I donít know exactly where he gets his fresh water, but I guess he makes out fine. I hope you meet him one day when you are sailing to England from the Bahamas.
Here he is...
in person - shiver me timbers!!

Sally Slapjaw and crew from Lauren. Ahoy there Lauren - you don't tell us your age, is it a secret? (I'll let her off though cos she has a treasure trove of characters for me crew)

My Pirates name is Sally Slapjaw. She is 6'3. She has a black cat with one eye named mitsy. Her crew consists of Ferdinand the Furious, Silver Buckle, And Giddeon. They rule the sees over powering everyone who gets in their way. Sally wears Black pants with holes at the knees, and a white shirts torn at the sleeves. She has a patch over one eye and wears black boots all the time even during the hottest days of summer. Her scond hand is Ferinand, he and Sally are also deeply in love. Ferdinand has curly black shoulder length hair. He wears a black button up shirt that is missing a sleeve, black pants, and black boots. He has one ear pierced. Silver Buckle is old and wise with a long grey beard and large muscles. He has a green shirt with blue pants and boots. Giddeon is young with shaggy brown hair covering his eyes. He wears a grey shirt and brown pants with boots. The four love sailing the open seas and in their spare time enjoy eating vegetable soup and talking about past adventures. Silver Buckle also loves to Salsa.

Crazy Cut George (by either Jenny or George?), aged 11

My pirate would have one golden tooth. The other teeth would be wooden or rotten. He would wear a bandana and a black patch over his left eye. He would have no wooden leg because if he would lose one he would chop of another mans leg and use as his own. He would wear trousers right past his knees and no shirt so he could show all his scars. He would also have one very important scar. one that lies on his left arm one that was from BLACK BEARD'S sword.

Captain James by George, age 7.

My pirate is wearing a hat,blue and white under wear,he has a sword and a gun. He`s not EVEN SCARED TO WALK THE PLANK. he has a belt . he has black trousers ,wooden leg. A captain .He`s a very good fighter. FEARD BY ALL. THE BEST PIRATE.

Stewart's pirate is called Jonny O'Donald

He was born in 1857 on a boat which makes him 145 years old! He is married with three children. He became a pirate just after his mother died. His only friends are his shipmates. Jonny O'Donald has served on the Royal Britannia and the Armada. He has raided hundreds of other ships and he is wanted for theft and murder. Jonny loves being a pirate. There is a bottle of rum reward for his capture

Captain Knucklehead by Michaela, Age: 10

My idea of the meanest pirate would be, he would have a big scar on his bald head. He would wear ripped clothes, his shoes would have holes all through them. He would kidnap people so that they would do all the work. He`s name would be Captain Knucklehead. He would practise punching on his servants. When the other pirates try rob his ship they would get killed. Well thats my idea of the meanest pirate ever.

'Pirate beyond' from Liam who's 4

He has a red patch on his eye and he has a black belt. He has 3 swords and 4 guns. He has a black pirate ship and cannons that shoot way far away. He has a red pirate flag and he says, "Ahoy, Matie!" He has blue pants and black swords and black guns.

The following FIVE pirates are all from children attending a School in Sydney, Australia - all of them are just 7 years old. G'day shipmates! - Jolly good crew members your pirates will make too!!

Horrible Harry by Nicholas,age 7

Horrible Harry wears a white shirt with red spots. He has two swords and a gun. He also wears black shorts with a golden belt, blue and black underwear and an eyepatch. He sails the seven seas and steals money and treasure.

Blackbeard, by Christine, age 7

Blackbeard is the meanest, nastiest pirate in the world. Every time another pirates steals treasure off him he gets his gun out and shoots them. He is always rude to other pirates. He steals money, jewels. Everyone is scared of him. He yells 2 hours a day. He is always greedy. He has no friends because everyone is afraid of him

Benn Gunn by Nicholas, age 7

Benn Gunn is a very, very mean pirate. He is not afraid of anybody. He has a poison sword that can hypnotise people. The name of his pirate ship is the S.S. Gunn. He has very, very strong muscles and he has very, very dirtty teeth because he eats fish and calamari rings and never brushes his teeth. He lives in the Pacific Ocean. He doesn't love or help people. I think that he has no treasure. And this is a message for everybody" DON'T HAVE A FRIEND AS A PIRATE Because he will not let you on the boat and tell you to walk the PLANK!

Blackjack by Spyridon, age 7

Black Jack is a bloodthirsty pirate. He wears ripped pants and a black and white T-shirt. On his head he wears a red bandana. In battle when one man dies 7 more take his place. His teeth are full of bugs and creepy crawlies. He very often drinks rum. His temper is so mad that he killed his best shipmate. He always carries a knife for protection. So no one messes with him.

Scarface John by Michael, age 7
Scarface John looks pretty old but he is afraid of no-one. Scarface John has a big long beard and long hair. His beard and his hair is black. He is mean and grumpy. His face is red with anger. He has one blue eye and wears a patch over his other eye. He has a scar on his cheek, this is where he gets his name from. He says rude words, and screrams at everyone he sees. He is evil and cruel. He kills people that disturb him. He has a big long sharp sword and uses it to slice people's hanbds and legs off if they don't do as he says. He lives in the woods and has no friends. He has his own pirate ship. He bosses people around. He has a big tattoo of a sword on his back. He eats disgusting stuff even if he finds it on the ground. He wears old clothes, a big long red jacket and big black boots. He kicks people and animals with his big black boots. He never goers anywhere without his big sharp sword.

Lisa, age 11

One Eyed Cath has a patch over one eye and a parrot on her shoulder called Captain Feathers. Her hair is long and golden like a ray of sunshine, and she is as beautiful as any beauty queen, despite the fact that she lost an eye in a deadly duel. However, although she lost an eye, the other pirate lost his life! She has a bubbly personality and is always lively. She likes to sing about a pirate's life with her crew. When people don't think of her as the boss, she quickly works up a temper and literally blows them away with her loud voice. No one would dare to mutiny against her! One Eyed Cath has been on many adventures with her crew. Once they even got marooned, but thanks to her quick thinking, she saved them all. On another occasion, the crew went on an adventure sailing the seven seas, and ended up almost shipwrecked by a giant whale

Molly, age 10

My idea of a pirate would we he would have a bald head and a red bandana covering it. He would have a peg leg on his left leg and a patch on top of his bandana. He loves Ale and whisky in a dirty old war cup. He has a treasure map posted on all 6 sides of his wall. He has a parrot named 1,000,000 his favorite number. He has a wife named Polly.He has killed 5,00 people in the last 2 years

you don't give your age Chris, but I likes yer pirate..

my pirates name is Dan Black . He wears baggy black pants . A loose black and white striped shirt . He also wears a black belt and a Jolly Roger belt buckle . He wears a black eye patch on his eye . On his head he wears a black bandanna . His ship is named Black Skull . He has a crew of one hundered and twenty five . About twelve swivel cannons. He is the meanest pirate ever to sail the seven seas

Rory, age 12

His fiery, red hair, tangled and knotted could unnerve the most evil of pirates. His eye was as deep blue as the great ocean itself and his patch as black as a starless sky. His mouth was as bloody and twisted as a politician and his scarred face as sinister as the devil himself. His breath was not unlike many a true pirates that has rode the high seas, the savage smell of the most strongest of rum permanently stained within.They call him The 'Fiery Scot' because his was as cruel and wicked as Hell and his hair the most peculiar ginger. He was missing many teeth and fingers after many a close shave. Even though of his rough looking appearance, he insisted on wearing the clothes of a great noble. This meant that he could be easily picked out of his fellow sinister comrades. He, his crew and his small schooner, has a price of 5 000 guinea for the retrn of them to the King of France, 20 000 rupees to the Spanish King and greatest of all 100 000 gold coins to the King of England.

Colin, age 12 years

I could hear him approaching, the distinctive thud of his crutch shacking the wooden floor. Then he reared his grossly disfigured head, the scars of which told a hundred stories. The distinctive smell, sown in to his clothes like his buttons in his coat, wathted towards me. It was a foul mixture of rum, gunpowder and sea-salt. His royal blue coat stolen of the body of an enemy was never taken off, mende or washed even though it was riddled with holes from musket balls, motheaten, bloodsoaked and falling apart at the seems. Then in his hoarse growl of a voice he shouted "drink!".

Anthony, is only 7 yrs old, and his pirate is mighty handsome -I don't want all ugly murdering devils on board afterall
Orphaned as a child of 3, off the coast, boarder region of Scottland & England during a battle with pirates. He was the great, great grandson of Sir Kay. Taken in by a pirate captin who named him William. He learned all the ruthless lessons, befitting a true pirate of the seas. He had but one small scar above his right brow, a gift aquired during his training. At 21 6ft 4inchs tall & eyes as blue as the sea. Not a saber could touch him nor a pistol as fast. Stunning to look at, but 100 times more ruthless. A large blue macaw parot as his only trusted friend on his shoulder. This is my pirate!

Emily's pirate has a monkey. One-eyed Pete, tis a great pirate name. You forgot to tell me your age though!
The Meanest Pirate..He was mean, mean as they could come. He stole from anyone he crossed no matter who it was. His only friend was money , and he traveled everywhere and anywhere for it. He traveled to different islands, England, and many more places, stealing other people money.He had short sleeked back hair and a big bushy beard. He had an eye patch and everyone called him One Eyed Pete, because of it. He had a mean monkey that pick-pocketed around the streets of whatever town they were in.

from Scott, aged 12
pirates name is Captain Cannabol.He is 7' 8" and weighs 350 pounds of muscle. He has a rugged beard and his teeth are rotting. Captain Cannabol eats only people and in some cases metal.He drinks enormous amounts of whisky mixed with blood. Captain Cannabol has killed over 1,000 pirates with only his hands and mouth.Captain Cannabol is so mean that he makes Captain Flint, Black Beard, Ben Gunn, and Long John Silver combined look good.He has a parrot named Baldy that only says curses.

from Carlos, aged 11
Pirate Pete is a terrible man he murders his own crew. He is always on the hunt for treasure. He never backs down from a fight. He carries a large old blood red cutlass. He wears an old hat with a skull on it. He has a scar on his eye. He wears an eye patch but you can still see his scar. He has a big black wild untamed beard. He has long hair. His red old dust jacket is barley read any more. His pants have one and a half legs. The right pant leg is cut at the knee, so everyone can see his peg leg.

from Michael, aged 10 - big fella this one!
Dear Ben Gunn, Cap'n Star's the name, killing is my game. I'm the nastiest rogue to ever sail the seven seas. I steal from everyone, including my crew. I have an eye patch over my left eye and my right leg is a peg, but everyone fears me, including Flint and Long John. I'm 7 foot tall and 250 pounds. I always have 4 muskets and 2 pistols ready. I wear a torn black and green bullet-proof jacket and bullet-proof pants.

from Ravi, aged 11
Captain Diablo was the best from the West... of Europe that is. He was the grand captain of the Queen's Spanish Armamda. He has a scar for one of his eyes. Evers since he retired from the Queen's Navy he has been the meanest, nastiest, mutineer of all the seas. He has plundered over 700 ships and stolen all the riches, and cargo on the ship. He then murders everyone on the ship. He is and will stay the meanest mutineer in the world.

from Michaela, aged 10
My idea of the meanest pirate would be, he would have a big scar on his bald head. He would wear ripped clothes, his shoes would have holes all through them. He would kidnap people so that they would do all the work. He`s name would be Captain Knucklehead. He would practise punching on his servants. When the other pirates try rob his ship they would get killed.

Jennifer's pirate sounds too nice for a pirate...d'ye think 'ee might change the other men?
His hair is nice. He is kind. He is wearing a whit suit. He has a long, silver gun. He has a knife through his arm. He is clean-shaven, but has no scars.

Greg's pirate has long hair and likes sunny climes...
My pirate is rotten. He kills other pirates and steals their guns. Big Captain Scarface is very fat and he has a rotten temper. On his left cheek he has a big jagged scar on his face and he wears junky clothes. He has two pistols and a big sharp knife that he carries with him so he can kill the pirates. He puts the bodies that he kills in the Ocean for the shark to eat. He gets away from the police by blowing up the police's boats. He always gets away from the trouble. Other pirates are really scared of Scarface. They don't want to mess with him. The other pirates are scared of him. Scarface likes to get in trouble and beat the other pirates to the treasure. Scarface is 7 feet tall. He has long hair that he puts in a ponytail. He sails his ship in the Bahamas because he likes the hot weather down in the Bahamas and he sails to another contry that has a biger Ocean so he can kill the other pirates.

we get lots of background for this varmint...but 'is creator didn't leave a name...
My pirate is really,really vicious. He has killed lots of people for no reasen at all. because athore pirats killed his family.So he was all alone for his life. So he grew up and decided to be a pirat.And so he grew up going to all kinds of adventures. One day he herd that people were saying that thay were going to treasur island. So he went to tell all of his freinds and he seid that he wants to tacK over the ship. so thay went to treasur island and so he did .When he got there he captured every body and got the treasure map. He found the treasure. and when he got back he took over the ship and got in a fight with all the other pirates. He won and got to keep all the treasure all to himself.

Chris has a name for his pirate....and 'ee do wear clothes which match 'is name!
my pirates name is Dan Black. He wears baggy black pants . A loose black and white striped shirt. He also wears a black belt and a Jolly Roger belt buckle. He wears a black eye patch on his eye. On his head he wears a black bandanna. His ship is named Black Skull. He has a crew of one hundered and twenty five. About twelve swivel cannons. He is the meanest pirate ever to sail the seven seas.

A pretty 'andsome pirate from Hales and a kind one too...
My Pirate would be a unusual pirate he would be good lucking nice blond hair. Smooth brown face and crystal blue eyes. He would be mean in front of the other pirates so when they captured someone late at night he would sneak out to where they were been held and he would let them free.My pirate would be a hero and his name would be Max.

From an anonymous pirate designer...
My pirate would have black soot on his face. He would have a bushy white beard. His teeth would be black and yellow. He would have a big ugly scar on his hand. He would have a long nose and a big golden loop earring on his ear

From Joleen ...
My pirate would be more scary than both Captain Flint and Long John put together. He would be a cross from Black Dog and Pew.If you got him mad you would pay BIG time.

Gary thinks his pirate is the "meanest pirate ever"! but methinks I do recognise 'im from somewhere..
The meanest,nastiest and dirtiest pirate ever,would haveta be like me,"Black Jack Shalaq! He'd haveta be born at sea, in the face of a north wind gale! He'd haveta take his first steps on a sun bleached,cordn'pitch teak deck and under sail. As a wet nosed bilge rat, he'd haveta cut history teeth on the sharp coral of the great barrier reef! The rudder barnical haveta have the temperature of a lit powder magazine! The salt would haveta be mean enought to slit any pond guppies throat just to steal his ration of grog n rum n steal his boat...!

Daniel's pirate is enormous and...well read on....
My Pirate would be tall and fat.He would have an eye patch over his left eye. He would have the meanest looking face of all other pirates. He would have a even meaner looking parrot and would only speek slang. He would wear a matching striped outfit and would wear a bandaner with a skull and cross bones on, this bandaner would also have the words top pirates.

Erika's pirate is called Cap'n Crabs - ee do sound mighty fearsome
My pirate would have to be only one leg. It would have to have at least one gold tooth. It would have and eye patch too. It would have to have a hook for an arm. It would have a mean old bird on its shoulder. It would have a raspy voice. And a name like 'Captain Crabs'. He would wear a striped shirt. And ripped old pants. It would have a pok-a-dotted bandana. It would have a patch on his shirt that had a scull with cross bones

Here are the earlier volunteers for me crew!

Long Jon Knight has drawn his pirate

Captain Jamie Clary described his like this

He would look like dreadful, he would look like bad, and we would have to be the bravest in the world and share the treasure with you. He would have a leg chopped off and just a sword. No hat and no beard and no teeth and we would have to find a sword.

Admiral Amy has come up with a terrifying pirate

My pirate and crew would be the meanest and the dirtiest most disgusting pirate you ever saw. You would get seasick from miles away just from the smell. He would have one black eye because he only has one eye to see with. He would only have one leg because it was cut off when he boasted and said he could swim with sharks without getting bit. I think you probably figured out what happened. He wouldn't have a peg leg though just a stump because he refused to look half way decent. He would have raggedy old clothes with so many holes that you would think he shot at his own clothes when they were hung up to dry. That's my pirate.

Mysterious Cabin-boy John Doe has described a bone-quiveringly frightening pirate

This is the ugliest guy in the whole world, he has an eye in the middle. He only has two fingers on his hands, he has four hands. His nose is crooked and his legs have holes in them.

Jason Ellis tells of a fearsome pirate from Down Under

He's ugly, a stealer, a doublecrosser, 1 armed, 1 wooden leg, warty, no headed, no toes and his name is No Headed Peg Leg.

Michael Aube from Maine has drawn an excellent and very scary pirate called Captain Ralph. Michael and his friend Gustavo Burkett have also drawn a picture of Ralph's ship and his treasure!

The infamous Captain Kimberli Harrington tells us about her friend Captain Jack.

Captain Jack says that his crew would have pirates that were totally disgusting. Scarvy,mean,no legs,one eyed, pirates.

Steven Pasquine has drawn a fearsome pirate called Long John Stew.

This is Jamie Ling's description of the disgustingly filthy Pirate Boily.

The pirate will be having only one leg, a patch on an eye, clothes unwashed since his last trip, and having holes everywhere. He has boils on every part of his body. His name is Pirate Boily.

Pirates have even been seen in Texas!

Eli the pirate from texas has a beard and a captain hat, black eyes and looks like a parrot.

Captain Natasha the Great Skunk Trainer has told me all about Captain Loose Eye

Captain loose eye has one eye,that wiggles when he laughs. He has long,stringy black hair. He has one leg and the other is made of alligator skin. His real leg can bend and twist in all directions because it has been broken so many times. What few teeth he has are all covered in black and green. He has been known to kill people with one breath. His voice is low and raspy. His cheeks are puffed out as if someone had filled them with deadly gas. He is missing half of one of his ears because one of his crew members tried to kill him in a sword fight. The crew member lost. Captain loose eye once got in a fight with a skunk while trying to recover some buried treasure. The skunk sprayed him in the face which caused captain loose eye's face to wrinkle up and and give off a horrible stench.

Captain Jamie, from Malaysia tells of Jamban the filthy pirate.

He would have psychic powers, he has a patch over 2 eyes ...(he really has 3 eyes.) His teeth is soooo worn out by talking foul language that when he grinds his teeth his teeth becomes powder! all he will have for clothes is a dirty old worn out shirt and an underwear. he has long long hair which is tied up with an old black ribbon . He would be the most disgusting man in the universe that even the people living in the new York subways loath him.

Joshua Davidson and Matthew De Groot from Johannesburg, South Africa firstly have something to say

Number one we aint no landlubbers even though you did mean it in an encouraging way. We have been on the Seven Seas, you know as Bounty Hunters!

Well they're still landlubbers to me! However, their Ghost Crew sound like real pirates.

One of the Pirates of the "Ghost Crew" has no legs because one was lost in battle on the Seven Seas, the other one was lost by getting into an argument with the most unhearty Pirate over a bottle of rum. He tried to kick the Pirate crewmate who chopped off his leg with a cutlass! Another one of his crewmates had one scarred eye which nearly blinded him and the other eye was gouged out so he took the risk and shoved a big white diamond in his eye socket to make it look real. All the Pirates could eat was rotten fish because they could only catch fish because if they went back to shore where the marketplace was, they would be caught and be sentenced to death because of all their murders and crimes. They're bony, but powerful and rotten! They didn't know anything about hygiene or bathing so were all green and smelly. They're the meanest and worst pirates that you could ever catch on the Seven Seas! If we caught these two faced sons of vultures we would make them walk the plank! AAARGH!

Mean Mad Malcolm and his sister Jill tell of a pirate called Ralph the Red.

My pirate is an ugly little man. It doesn't matter that he is little because he is the most vicious and scariest pirate in the seven seas. He is also the best fighter of all. His right eye is glass, it got poked out in a fight. He likes to take it out and put it places where you will find it and be scared. He has a big ship and he carries all his treasure on it. He does have a lot of treasure so it is a really big ship. On his left hand his index, middle and ring finger are just stubs, they were cut off when he was fighting Blackbeard. He won the fight and stole all of Blackbeard's treasure. He has red hair and he is known for his bad temper. His fingernails always have crud under them, and his teeth are yellow and rotted. His name is Ralph the Red because of his hair.

Master Marisa of the Seven Seas describes Captain Wendigo and his crew

My pirate and his crew would be the meanest, scariest, creepiest crew in the entire world. One-Legged-Jack was a dark, tall man, with a small crop of black, unwashed hair on his head, and a terribly mean smile. Looking at him would make you shiver. And of course, he has one leg. The other leg was torn off by a shark. And then there's Agnes O'Brian, the cook, with a bald head exept for a few sticking-up-right brown hairs, in need of a bath. She always said "Eat your worms, Captain Wendigo!" That is because ugly Captain Wendigo didn't like worms as much as he liked other dishes, even though worms weren't bad. Captain Wendigo would answer: "Can't you make any spiders?" Nitwit Ned would scare you in nothing flat. Just by looking at his 7 and a half foot height, and his ugly mixed brown, black, green, and blue eyes, you got the feeling that you would die if he got another step closer.

Britanny Russell has come up with a 199 year old pirate called Tuck Everlasting

He is called TuckEverlasting because even James Cook's parrot couldn't even scare him because he drank a magic water so he will live forever. He has a hole through his heart and through his brain so he is really stupid and he doesn't like any girl even the prettiest girl in the world (well he has a crush on evil princess die because she is divorced he would do any thing for her). Description - well I think he's pretty cute for a 199 year old man but he looks 17 and I have the hots for him. He doesn't have a scratch on him exempt one scar on his chin and he got it when he was a baby when some one tried to murder him. He thinks he should get what ever he wants so if some one is not willing to give him their gold he will murder them. So he may not be ugly but he is mean.

Peter Sheppard describes a pirate who even Blackbeard would be frightened of

This pirate would be the nightmare of Blackbeard. He would smell like rotten fish and look like rotten scurvy. He would have three eyes in an inverted triangle on the front of his head. He would also have one eye on the right side of his head, one on the back and one on the right. He would have an eyepatch on his right eye. Other pirates would melt when he entered their waters.

Captain Red C. tells of the fearsome sounding Red Stripe

My pirate has a scar on his right hand. He has an oval sort of face. One green eye and one blue eye. He has a nose ring on his parrot like nose. His teeth are black.He has straw like hair. His hair is brown.The patten of his ear is like a spiral. He wear's a black scarf round his neck. He wear's a black and white T-shirt. His T-shirt is striped. His pant is a blue jean. His leg's are square shaped with no toes. His neck is cylinder.His shoulder's oval. His hands look like a knife. His name is Red Stripe.

Cabin Boy Sean Harding has drawn the infamous Captain Book as well as describing him.

Captain Book likes to read books, especially red ones. He's scary because he will hit you on the head if you bother him while he is reading. So, shiver me timbers, don't bother the Cap'n while he is reading, especially red books about where to find buried treasure!

Guy Priestley tells us of Captain Sim and also has written a most excellent pirate poem.

He is nasty and ruthless,merciless and unforgiving.He kills for no reason and is always first to board an enemy ship.He has one eye and a fierce face, he gives every man who carries a naked flame 100 lashes! His crew would smell like a dirty fishmarket and they would keep pet pigs that have tremendously bad breath because they never brush their teeth! People would get ill from smelling them from more than 1 mile up wind! His clothes are ragged and have more than twenty bullet holes in his shirt(which used to be someone else) I have made a poem about pirates which goes like this:

Ruthless ,merciless

......and Captain Savage Sim is exactly like that!!!

Jamie Mock knows of a rather disgustingly smelly pirate called Captain Jack.

My pirate would be named Captain Jack. He would only have one eye, because the other one was blown off in a battle. He would have a peg leg because half of it was eaten off by an alligator. He would smell horrible because he hadn't showered in months, and most of his clothes would be rotted off. His hair would be long and in knots. He would only have three teeth left, and they would be black, and his beard would have bits of food hanging off it.

Not all pirates are male as Steven Marsden's pirate proves!

SHE would have giant muscles and long, scrawny hair. Her teeth would have been sharpened with a knife so that she could rip people up. She would also have studs stuck to her head for headbutting people. She would have had a wooden leg which would have been sharpened before a battle.

Tom Paulus knows of a very bony and mean pirate indeed.

Captain Skull was betrayed by all his men. He was the meanest pirate of all because he stuck swords thru pirates heads and saved their skulls, and his face looked like a skull when he laughed. His ship was a giant skeleton.

Robert Holdsworth (aged 5) tells of a terrifying pirate who has a crew of robots!

Hes goe a big black horribel eye.abig bad horrible mouth and all his teeth are black. one of his hands is a hook. he has a big scar going across his eye, one leg is a wooden one. his other leg is made out of metal. he has a big,black,beard which he ties arond his waist. his hat is black with the real skull on. he has a raven on his shoulder. his crew are all doctor robotniks,shredder,rita,rocksteady,and bebar

Matthew Mole knows about a scary ghost pirate!

Ghost dead timber is now a ghost. He used to be the most fiece captain in all the land. His best friend was stripe the pirate. His bravery was the most in the land.He discovered an island which he called timber. He was all red. His skin was sunburned. He loves treasure. He buried his treasure on his island. But he got bit by a mosquito and died.

Salaj Masand tells of Big Ben Gums - a most wicked and frightening pirate.

Big Ben Gums is a dumb and crazy pirate. When he was younger he murdered his wife and chopped off both his hands and his left leg. He made lots of other arms and legs. He has an 8 inch scare down his face going through left eye. He is also bald, dirty, vicious and scum. Once he found a treasure map and ran away to an island and has a secret hiding place,a ship and a crew. He and his crew are the most famous pirates on the sea .They are also the most succsessful pirates as well.

Jonathan Costello, age 9, knows of Stripe the Pirate - I would suggest that you should never let Stripe cook for you!

The reason why this cruel looking pirate is called stripe is because he wears nearly everything that is stripey. He goes mad every time he sees treasure and would risk his life for it. At first this pirate was a nice man but once when he saw his mothers jewellery and his mother didn't let him have it,he killed her and stole it! He likes to eat anything that is bad for him e.g Slugs,worms,cows intestines,crickets and bat wings! He will shoot anyone who gets in his way and if anyone gives him food he doesn't like he would eat them!

Carly Monger has come across a singing pirate called C.J.M Silver

My pirate has a patch over one of his eyes. He has a patch over his left eye. He also has a pegged leg. How he got this pegged leg was: One day silver had to go on the voyage. He was standing on deck one day,and he saw a ship coming.C.J.M. silver started singing! This is what he sang. YO HO HO and a bottle of rum. C.J.M.Silver was actually trying to tease them. Then he went to steer the ship. The enimies were behind him. The enimie then shot poor C.J.M.Silver in the leg,and that was how my pirate got his pegged leg. My pirates boat is called, C.J.M Silver jolly. My pirate has a parrot called, Maria.

Alice Laker, age 9, tells of a very smelly pirate called Peg leg Bill

This is my pirate.His favourite drink is rum and he scares people and his called Peg leg Bill. Peg leg Bill smells of rottern egg's because when he walk's down the street people throw egg's at him and he never washes. He has a parrot called Polly and Peg leg Bill was his name because a crocodile bit his leg off and he eats crabs.

Lijah Davis has promised to send me a picture of this scary pirate called Pete the Pig.

My pirate is called Pirate Pete the Pig. He is lanky, in other words tall. He's got quite big ears. He's got a gold earring in one of his ears. His face is all screwed-up with a big, big scar on his cheek. He's got a tattoo of a NIKE tick on his arm. He wears a bandanna on his head which is covered in blood.He wears old worn out boots, with baggy trousers and his shirt wide open. He has got an eye-patch on one of his eyes.

Captain Karen's pirate has a parrot with only one leg!

He wears a patch over one eye. There is a scar going over his other eye. His front bottom front teeth are missing. Tatoos are on his arms. These tatoos are skulls and bones. Perched on his left arm there is a one legged parrot. The clothes that he wears are dirty and torn.

Tyler's pirate sounds like a terrible rascal indeed!

Tyler's pirate has one leg, a warty nose, black teeth and horrible breath. He is the ugliest pirate in the world. He only has a ratty old coat on, a dirty white shirt, a pair of ripped pirate pants, and a hat with a skull and crossbones on it. Everyone is afraid of him and they should be. He bites the heads off of fish and sharks and wrestles with crocodiles. He eats smelts for breakfast along with a gallon of rum every day. He beats up other pirates just for looking at him and steals treasure whenever possible. He's the meanest of the mean.

Michelle has sent in a wonderful drawing of a very cheerful looking pirate.

Eddie knows of a many-limbed fearsome pirate called Captain Frank-Einstein.

His name is Cap'n Frank-Einstein, he's made up of arms and legs that other pirates are missin', all sewn together real badly, so he's always in a filthy mood through his achin' and hurtin'. He drinks whiskey all the time to take away the pain and when he does he usually trips over a rope on board his ship and his legs fall off over-board, so he has to grab a member of his scurvy crew and steal their legs and sew them on instead. His ship is called 'The Black Boil' and isnt made of wood, but stone: It is beautifully carved from the finest Welsh bluestone, and the sails are made from the skins of all the people he has stolen legs from. He's totally bonkers and always thirsty and has lots of treasure buried all over the world. His favourite treasure is a book called "Don Quixote", which is a little bit strange, but then he is totally bonkers.

Trevor's pirate sounds very dashing in his red shirt and black trousers - Trevor has also drawn a wonderful picture of his pirate.

My pirates name is "Trevor the pirate" he is very mean and scary he has a parot named benja and he has only one leg. He lost his other leg one night when he drank to much rum and fell over. Trevor wears an eye patch to scare away his enemys and to impress the ladys. He has a peg leg now and has to use crutches. He wears a bright red shirt and black pants. Thats my pirate

Captain Bloodsucker is a terrifying and horrible pirate and very scary sounding!

A pirate is a man who lives on a ship with his fierce crew . They attack outher ships and steel things that are worth steeling.That has a big sword and a gun and a patch on his eye.And a parrot on his shoulder and a very fierce crew to help him. He has a big ship it is a gallion with lots of cannons and if a person is bad they make him walk the plank andhe can get fead to the sharks. His name is CAPTAIN BLOOD SUCKER he has a wooden leg so he can kick bad people.

Captain Mighty Dangerous Slayer is feared by all who sail the Seven Seas.

My pirate is a peg legged freak with a patch on his eye and a parrot on his shoulder.My piarate is diffrent to every other because he dont have a ship he has a cannou. captain MIGHTY DANGEROUS SLAYER

Holly Franklin's pirate is absolutely terrifying and is called Captain One-Eye

My pirate is called Captain One-eye.He has only got one eye as one was eaten by a crocodile when he was fighting with it.He has got a very fireous temper and often makes people walk the plank.His appearance is very scruffy he wears things like old ripped shirts and shorts.He doesn't wash very much and wears a patch over his eye,he has an overgrown beard and his hair trails on the floor and his toenails are all brown and curled.He hasn't got no manners and is really horrible at the table.For example he will drop food on the floor and eat it.He also eats bubblegum from the floor and under the table.His parrot is just as bad aswell and really diffulcult to tame.His terrifying legend is his temper.Don't get on the wrong side of him as he may make you walk the plank.

One Legged Joe sounds very dangerous and someone that I hope that I never ever have to sit next to on a bus!

His name is one legged Joe. He has a short fat body, and he has no hair. He has a black patch over his left eye as he poked his eye out with a dagger. On the top of his head there is a tattoo of an anchor with a rose through it. He is a smelly, badly dressed, one legged old man who doesnt wash. He hates everyone and everything that moves, and he kills things which get in his way. He has no manners and he does what he wants. People are terrified of him. They shiver when he enters the room. He is the most terifying man on the ocean. People tremble when they look him in his eyes.

Just the mention of Captain Purplebeard's ship The Rough Eagle is enough to terrify even the bravest of sailors.

My pirate's name is captain Purplebeard .He is The MEANIST of the seven seas and his breathe stinks so bad that it's worse than cow dung and if he breathed on you you'd be knocked out for three days.He has got pink,gold,silver,purple ,orange,gray,red and yellow teeth.He is fat,strong and a hunchback.he's got a blue eye patch over his eye,his got a purple wooden and his parrot's colour blind.The ship's called Rough Eagle.His got a long sword,good gun's and good quality canons.

Jenna Brooks, Katy O'Sullivan and Jodie Bissmire have told me about smelly old Captain Plank and his parrot Blob.

The pirates name is captain Plank. He is old and always drunk,he has an evil grin which covers his cheeks.He has an overgrown beard covered in all you can think of. You can smell him from miles away,he smells like a decaying body, his body odour is horrendous also his breath smells of rock covered in seaweed. He has got so many moles on his face that they all each have a name. He wears a long brown hat with a multicoloured feather in it, a long royal blue coat with gold lining and it's got patches of all different material on it , he wears a discoloured white shirt with half the buttons missing off of it.he wears holey black trousers which are to small for him. He changes his underwear at christmas. He has a large gold tooth and he is always drinking and smoking. His most treasured possesion is his crate full of vodka to last him the voyage. His parrot Blob is forever on his shoulder and never leaves his site. .

Fay Burbridge knows a mysterious pirate called Bad Breath Bob.

He has long long black curly grubby hair with bits of food and drink in it. He has a beard that is going grey. His breath could knock you out in miliseconds if he breathes on you. A hat very flat and brown. A reddish, rust coat that touches his knees. A white frilly shirt tucked into his brown trousers with one leg! A wooden stump that's well used. He looks as if he has never ever washed. Small lips that are sharpe as knives. Two huge round gold earrings in both ears. A white patch suggesting he is different to any other pirates. His name is Bad Breath Bob .

Captain Binwash sails the world in his ship The Madras and terrifies everyone he meets.

My pirates name is Captain Binwash. He is 5'8 inches tall. As you may think, he has just one leg. He lost it in the war between his crew, and the crew of the Mother Maria. Now he walks with a peg-leg. He walks with quite a limp. He also lost his eye in that battle and now wears a patch. He has thick stubble on his cheeks and nit ridden scalp. He wears brightly coloured, ripped up clothes and his bright green trousers are ripped so they just cover his knees. He hardly has any teeth and one of the few teeth he does have is covered with a gold cap. He never smiles but always grimaces. His Parrot is called Ugly Bugger. Binwash refers to his crew as 'Scurvy'. He is bad tempered and very lazy. His ship is called The Madras. It has a model of a woman on front. Scurvy Ugonna.

Alex Brown and Carl Burnett's pirate is called Captain Pot Belly whose ship is the famous Titanic!

My Captain's name is captain pot belly he's 50 years old and he eat people alive he has a parrot that says nike air rule's. he's ship is called titanic he live on a island called space jam island . he has a cannon on his arm and his sword on the other arm . he's face has sunk a 1000 ship.

Neil Mucklow knows a most unpleasant pirate who goes by the name of Captain Pugwash - now why is that name familiar?

My pirate has got a eye patch,wooden leg. My pirate has always got a bad temper. He's got a scruffy beard and scruffy clothes. He makes people walk the plank when ever people take the mick out of him. His name is Captain Pugwash. PS. His got nits and always got boogy hanging out of his noise and he is never ever puts a smile on his face.

Daniel Jennah and Trevino Mayne have come across a most terrifying fellow by the name of Admiral Mankind

Admiral Mankind. His face has got a scruffy beard. His got dread locks. His tall and his wearing a long red and black cloak,and black trousers. His got a really bad temper and when he gets really furious he either rips your heart out or gets his bozuca out. The musical instrament he plays is the drums. His got a gun hanging down his trouser side. His very strongly built yellow teeth and a eye patch over his left eye because he got shot in it. Some of his crew are dead because he killed them. His got a scar all the way down his chest. His drum sticks hang around his neck. Theres around 20 crew people left on his ship. His ship is called the unjolly roger. His got a room full of different types of guns.

Harry Jaques knows of a pirate called Bad Bandit Billy Bob who sounds both mean and nasty.

Bad Bandit Billy Bob was the meanest pirate ever if you were in his crew you had to be perfect you had to have bad breath, yellow teeth, B,O problem, ugley, diarrhea and no brian. Bad Bandet Billy Bob had nine fingers he had a skare down his eye that was dune by Mankind . Then he sliced his chest. then his brother is called Captain Pugwash. He's mean, but not as mean as BAD BANDIT BILLY BOB! Bad Bandit Billy Bob is as black as death, and as cold as ice. By . PS He'll be after YOU!!!!!!!!!!

The following pirates have all come from pupils at Sedghill School - I've never seen such a terrifying and downright nasty set of pirates in my life!

Captain Sealer is a rough and hard man, he is usually an angry man but, he can be calm and happy if there is good news but if there is bad news he wrapps his hand around his parrots neck and sqeezes it very hard, luckily the parrots aren't real. He has got a very large and curly black moustache which tickles his nose regularly. He has a pegleg on his left leg and a hook on his right arm which he got from when a cannonball hit ship and sunk it. He has an extremely long and sharp cutlass which is carved out of whale bone. He looks like a typical pirate with all these attributes.

My pirate has no eyes just two black holes in his head.He eats the crust off his feet and he licks inside his eyeball socket. He has a verruca on his bottom lip. Instead of earings he has intestines stuck inside he has a wife called Stella Crust he has veins coming out of his head and because he's bald you can see them more because he puts grease on his bald head Captain Crust is a very bitter heart and is very cold where as his wife is sweet and nice. His manners are disgusting he picks his nose when he's at the dinner table. I hope you enjoyed my pirate.

Peg leg Bill. Peg leg Bill is very fat and ugly.He has a peg leg because he was once caught on a ship that he worked on stealing the captains gold so they made him walk the plank and a shark bit his leg off.He has also got a hook on his right hand because there was a war on his boat which was called Anne Marie and a pirate chopped his hand off. He has 10,000 warts on his face and a very long nose and ears that are bigger than big ears. By Holly Cudmore.7os age 11

His name is Jolly Rodger, he wears an eye patch which is torn to shreads.He also has a peg leg with woodworm in it.He wears tatterd red and white rags also a 3 cornered hat with skull and cross bone on it.He smells like a dead rat and eats anything that moves.He also drinks gallons of gin,his nose is long and crooked and his teeth are bent and nearly black! All he seems to talk about is the olden days when his boat was sailing with the skull and coss bones flag was flying high and gracefully. by Jeni Marley, age 11

Nicky's pirate looks like a fat man but with a average height.He has a parrot on his left shoulder a hook where his right hand should be and loads of scars. He wears battered shoes a torn suit and only has a bath every two weeks. He has long hair and a patch on his left eye. Karims pirate's name is johnny one-leg.He has one leg he likes rum and he has a hook for a hand.

Monstereous Mick is a mean horrible smelly pirate .He picks his nose and does not have any manners.He uses dirty language to his staff.His favourite word is Ha Ha Me Harties. He is very tall and has nits in his hair, he smells of BO and rum he never cleans his teeth and theyre yellow some are missing he is very scruffy and his very self confident. He wears a bandanna around his head and always has a smile on his face he has knotted hair because he has never brushed it in his life. He has a wooden leg because it got bitten off by an alligator and his covered in tatoos.

Captain Nail Face This pirate would be the most evil vilan to ever walk (or sail) the planet. He has long grey and black hair,a big forhead,2 cuttlesses,3 muskets,an eye patch nailed into his head with a scar across his other eye, By Joe age 12

One Eyed Fish Face He is short and stubby he has a stail fish hanging from his hat. He has a patch nailed to his eye,he has three scars across his face. He has a peg-leg with wood worms and wood lice crawling up inside it. By Ashley age 12

Captain Long Beard I have a very ugly and evil pirate. My pirate doesn't have a hand so it uses a hook and it doesn't have a leg so it uses a peg leg. He also has lots of bold crew. He loves fighting especially rich people and loves to put them in prison. He has a parrot on his left shoulder and has lots of guns. My pirate has long beard so that is where he gets the name ' Captain Long Beard' Krishna B

Captain Pongo - My pirate is called Captain Pongo he carries a parrot on his left shoulder, he has a peg leg he also has a hook on his right arm. He smells of bio. He has a patch over his left eye. He wears a big hat with a scull and cross bones on it. He also has a long beard. Carrie-ann B

Captain Cook was born on the 6th September 1885. Captain Cook is tall & lanky. He has grey hair all over his body. Captain Cook's left leg is half gone and is replaced with a peg leg. He has a scar on his left cheek where he used to fight with his crag which is on his left shoulder. Its name was 'Carrie the crab'

The Pirate eats crabs and ducks. It has one blind eye. It has a broken leg and it has one broken hand so he puts a hook on it. And he has a heavy gun.It can hold 25 bullets.The Pirates name is Kocadingdong. The Pirate is 84 years old.The Pirate has a mustash and its long.It smells of fish.

Captain Smuggler He has a big hat, which is black. He has a beard with touches of grey he has no eye, but one eye luckily. His eye patch is black he has scars , a big coat a very thin sword but deadly , his arm was eaten by a crocodile so he has a hook instead of an arm and he's got a peg leg.

Peg leg Pete is his name. he wears pantaloons, a red spotted bandanna and a white shirt. His screwed up face is rough and ugly with an enormous nose which looks like a hook, his eyes are big and bold and brown, his mouth is small and wrinkley.His parrot is always perched on his shoulder multicoloured and short repeating the same phrase who is a pretty boy then. Peg leg Pete hates long hair girls and tomato ketchup he is short and fat with a bald head he loves gold and treasure .His favoutrite food is chicken legs and chips. He eats with his hands and all his food gets caught in his moustache he has a wart on the end of his nose which is yellow and ugly. By Laura age 12.

Captain Hook My pirate is called captain hook. This pirate has a hook for every day because his hand been bitten off by a crocodile. He loves his hair long and down. he does not clean himself and does not clean his clothes and does not have a shave. He does not clean his teeth so he does not have any teeth now because they got so rotten they all fell out. He loves eating rotten eyes and earwax. He loves to rule all the seas and does not like any one. By Lindsey age 12

Jack the lad is his name he wears a black and white spotty outfit .He has a large and very big beard and when he eats his dinner, some bits get stuck in his beard he smells of ginger beer and wears a big black flat cap and his hair is long and curly his teeth are rotten as can be and sometimes he has to have false teeeth .He has snot coming down his nose all the time and earwax as thick as can be he has a parrot called loves himself because he looks in the mirror and says whos a pretty boy then with his jewellery on. By Kelli

Prirate Peg Leg, He's as mean as they come,well much meaner than some. He smells like fish, and is always making a wish. For his wooden leg he doesn't care, it looks like a leg from a chair. He has only one, eye which makes him look even more sly!!

Mysterious Mary She sails a ship called gold medallion. She uses a cutlass in self defence. She is quite a strong girl. She likes to keep fit. She also has a bad reputation with the pirate school.

Are pirates name is called Captian Blood his got a black beard.His got black long hiar with nits.And a red bandanna and a glass eye with a skull and cross bones on it .And a golden arm and leg he fights dirty with bombs and machinesguns and cuts off peoples heads and keeps there skulls.He has a tattoos all over his body.His hobby is to kill for fun.And he is very mad.

Pirate name is Captain Juliette the 2nd My pirate will have two massive guns in her coat.She will have 3 grenades in her metal gold belt.She will also have a bazooka and a cannon.She will have a black eye patch and also has a crue.She will have a sword in her belt and daggers in her big long boots.She will also have a black dark motorboat with machine guns sticking at the side of the motorboat.She will have a wip and a big black dog.She rescue people from captain Pro because thats her worst enemy.

Captain Red Lips is aged between 30-35. She is well known because of her burning red lips, as she always kisses her victims after battle. What she likes to wear ? She likes to wear army surplus clothes ,but wears bright pink stiletto's shoes. She also carries a shot gun and tommy gun and a arm bag. What's in the bag? One red lipstick, red nail varnish, one gold ring, one mirror and one mobile phone. What does she look like? She has bright red shoulder length hair,blue eyes tanned skin, and has both ears pierced from top to bottom and also her nose. And thats our pirate.

Pirate Stogg is well known he carrie's a sword and he chop's peoples head's of when he fell's like it he has muscles with load's of cannon's on hi's ship. he's ship is called stunning stogg because all of the women like him. Hes a evil man. H wear's a big black hat and if any ship comes near him he will blow it out of the water. he has geled back hair . he alway's spit's on the deck and makes the cleaner's clean it up. he's are black . he beat's he's wife up when she get's on his nerv's . he has a scar on his face that make's him look ugly .

Pirate Mazzie is 28 years old , she lives in a boat in the alantic ocean , she has a cat called Jane and they go everywhere together . Her crew contain of 10 young girls . Mazzie has long blonde hair and she always ties it in a plaite . She wears a blue shirt with white shorts and her blue trainers .She only eats vegtable and drinks water . Plenty of men have asked her out but she say she can not leave her girls and cat .She has one big sword , which she packs around her waist .She does not smell she always washes . Her favourite sports are football and swimming .She loves reading and playing with her girls .Mazzie is happy with her life and would not change it for anything!

Captain grollon doingggggg! Smells really bad.He has two teeth in his mouth and they are gold. He has really bad breath and one leg. He only has half a gun. As his punishment he makes people smell his feet. He has one earings in each ear,and a half eaten hat by sharks. he always has gel in his hair.

Captain Freddy He's got a patch over his eye which has got a skull and crossbone. He's got a wooden leg.He smells very bad.He has a black wig. He has a monkey called stiffie which sits on his shoulder.Freddy wears a red and black sweater and knifes on the end of fingers. He's a black hat with a skull on it.He has his own ship.And he's lived on the ship for 21 years.

One eyed Willy is a very rich pirate and has only one eye! He wears a black leather eye patch, with a diamond in the middle. If members of his crew disobeyed him they would be put into a booddy box, a box which they put the person into then locked it.then they opened a flap put spiders, scorpians, and other horrible creatures into it then they shut the flap and chuck him into the sea.The ship is called The Jolly Roger and is in a secret place but if i told you where is was then it wouldn't be a secret. He only eats big portions of meat at a time and thats every two hours and drinksonly the finest wine.He never washes and doesn't know what a toothbrush is. He keeps all of his gold and gems at the bottom of the ship and just one treasure chest of gold full up next to his thone, if anyone is found down there he would slash them with his sword then in pain make them walk the plank down into the salty sea. One Eyed Willy is the ruler of The Jolly Roger and his crew.

my pirates name is captain peg he has brown hair and wears a stripy cloth over his head he has a wooden leg and wears glasses with a lense missing he does not wash he wears a stripy blue and white t shirt he has a parrot on his left shoulder he has a treasure map and he is looking for treasure he eats disgusting food and robs old people he sails the atlantic ocean he has a massive ship called seven he wears a massive earring he has big buckle boots he has a big scar along his face.

Jigh's Pirate is called captain Goosepeng [known as crooked Goosepeng] He always has clicking bones,he is very tall and skinny and hates irratating people. He likes to joke around, when they go to far they have to lick his toes.

Terry Habinek has heard about some knee-wobbling scary pirates.

If i were you I would really be looking out for some really cut throats. They robbed 29 banks where I now live .That's not the worst of it yet they stole 14 children in the past 72 hours. I'm telling you they are worse than Long John's parrot

Sarah Platt also knows a terribly scary pirate. Her pirate is called Pirate Peg leg.

He is as mean as they come, well much meaner than some, he smells like fish ands always making a wish. For his wooden leg he doesn't care, it looks like the leg of a chair. He has only one eye, which makes him look even more sly!

Crystal from Florida tells of a most fearsome and unpleasant pirate that she knows.

My pirate would be a horable sight .He would have long beard that was covered in dirt!He would have no hair and would talk in a low voice.He would have a loud mouth parrot that repedated everthing he said! He had teeth missing,scares on his face,a patch over one eye, and one leg.He was the means most uglyest pirate I have ever seen in my life!!

Here are a couple of terrifying descriptions of a pirate called General Bruce.

Him and his crew are the meanest and the richest in the world. They have sunk more ships then any other person in the world. His ship is loded with weapons and NO BODY CAN STOP HIM. And he still sails to this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His name is your worst nightmare and he has a peg leg that we walks around on. He is the richest pirate in the world. He got it all from robbing people and ships. He has a scruffy old beard that has never been cut and we has a big bloody Knief that he all ways carrys around with him. You will no him when you see him!!!!

Even Captain Flint would be scared of the pirate that Brian Salk knows called Captain Bloodeye.

Said to be the son of the Devil himself, it's rumored Captain Bloodeye once killed his entire crew because they lacked "the proper attitude". He earned his name from drunkenly inspecting a keg of gunpowder while smoking. The explosion and resulting fire left the flesh of his face resembling dripping wax, and large, protruding bloodshot eyes that never blink. Captain Bloodeye stands over 7 feet tall with a torso larger than a treasure chest of doubloons, and hands the size of pigs. His rotten maw oozes pus from fetid tooth sockets, long empty. His torn and molding clothes continually emit the stench of ale, cheap rum, and undigested meat. From the Spanish Main to Madagascar, the mere mention of the name, Captain Bloodeye, causes naked terror in the hearts of all who travel the isolation of the sea.

Cabin Boy Rocky Shuck (known to his real close friends as Nathan Hartz) has sent in this very scary and big picture of his pirate - this pirate so scared me that I couldn't eat my seaweed sandwiches for days!

This mean and nasty sounding lot come from the ultra scary claw of Cap'in Jodie!

My crew are a gastly lot, the uglier and meaner the better! But I am the meanest old sea dog of the lot! Heres a bit about dredful ol' me! Never have I washed my greasy hair.A patch over one eye is covering a ripped eye!

This unhygienic and highly unpleasant pirate comes from Chief Cabinboy Simon.

My pirate would be dirty.  So dirty that you could hardly even know that he was a human and not a clump of dirt.  He'd have a big iron hook on his right hand - It is silver and very dirty.  He would only have one leg because it got cut off because his crew found out he was tattle taling.  And he was so afraid of an alligator that he never swam.  Since he never swam, he got so afraid of water that he never even touched water.   

This very numerical pirate sounds like a right nasty piece of work and for one definitely wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night!

I think the meanest and nastiest pirate is like this. He has:

  1. 12 earings in his left ear
  2. one eye missing
  3. a patch over his missing eye
  4. a tatoo on both of his arms saying a pirates life for me
  5. a pirate wife and two pirate children, both boys
  6. twenty slaves on his ship
  7. 40,000,000 cannon balls
  8. 10,000 people heldhostage
  9. a bad, bad, bad and very bad attitude
  10. and such a big belly that they had to make him his own staircase so he could fit

This  picture is of Blackbeard's head hanging from the Yard Arm and was drawn by the fearsome Captain Martha - you'll not be surprised to hear that all her crew behave  themselves on her ship.

I've had a whole crew from the children of Dene Magna School and what a fearsome and terrifying crew it is too! I hid under my bed for a week after I heard about this lot.

Captain peg leg from Sacha:  He has one eye and two fingers. He has got long black hair and very black teeth. He kills people by a magic sword and lazier beam eyes. He really hates children. He eats children and other pirates off other ships. If they have been killed. He loves swimming with sharks.

Captain Black Beard by Richard: My captain Black Beard is an ugly bloke with a dry blood cut right down the middle of his face he also has a large earring through his half ear that had been cut off by another pirate what had got onto the same island what wanted the treasure too but the other pirate didn’t get it that is the chest that is at the inn.On the ship he got his leg stuck in between the deck and couldn’t get it back out so he had to get the crew to cut off his leg so he could get it out that why he has one leg and he has one patch over his eye because he got hit in the eye by a stone what the crew through at him. He also likes drinking rum and eating he has a tremendus ship with 20 barells of rum On board.The boat is made out of wood.His hoddie is searching for berried treasure and ordering the crew around in different spots and he gets them to keep diging no matter what.

Sarah's Horrible Pirate: My pirate would look horrible, so horrible that you would go in a coma because of the smell and you would probably die. He would have a pointed nose, a glass eye an eye patch would cover his glass eye, he would be fat from drinking rum and beer, his clothes would be dirty and tatty, he would have a wooden leg and he would eat like a pig. He would always be moody and strict. H e would smoke tobacco and stink of smoke. His whole body would covered with tattoos and his body would also be covered with rings in his body.

Captain West by Robert:  Captain West is the most disgusting thing that’s ever lived . He has scars all over his face and hands , a patch over his left eye , with a grinning smile with only two teeth. His hair is nearly as long as of a piece of A5 paper he wore a smart blue jacket ( if only he wore smart ) stolen from an English captain . west only had one leg the other leg was eaten by a sea monster as he said but  personally I think it was eaten by a alligator , instead of wooden leg he uses skulls from his past wars. He also has a sword stolen from one of majesties Royal guards when he attempted to take over the Kingdom .  Captain west has a ship called a dirty sue she is as dirty as the sewers she carry two hundred or less men . Dirty sue has twenty cannons on each side of a ship . The sail is made out of dead bodies . Captain west has the most disgusting crew that any one could have , Buckshot takes over from the captain when he is away , most of the crew has a sword with teeth marks in . When in sea when a other pirate ship or any other battle ship sees Dirty sue coming their way they Panic terribly because if they go to war with captain west they no they will be next on that sail . Some people say that captain west and his DISGUSTING crew still sail the seven seas so  if you ever come across Dirty sue remember to panic .

Gristle by Emma: I know of a pirate named ‘Gristle’. SHE’S of a merciless, scummy personality and a fan of chewing cigars while on land. But while living in extreme discomfort on her ship, ‘The Valiant, Violent Vessel,’ she enjoys taking away those nicotine pangs with dried-squid-tentacles- nice ‘n’ crunchy!

Her favourite outfit is a Shark-skin wrap which goes nicely with her Crocodile boots and sea-weed is plaited into her hair for special occasions, such as capturing a poor, unsuspecting ship! Her appearance is a bit of a sorry sight…. She has a decaying hole, at the top of her right arm, which she received when her pet tarantula, Ugly Polly (a parrot was a bit to common for her!), decided her tattoo of ‘Biker Mice’ looked a bit to tasty to leave! Also, instead of a patch above her left eye, she leaves her reddened socket empty (which is just a tad sore when the sea-salt gets in and swells up!) for everyone to view, and if she wants to please a sailor, she scoops out some of the contents and spreads it across their forehead.- This is considered a great honour aboard the ‘Valiant, Violent, Vessel’! Being able to afford her toothpaste is also a great honour,- she is her own manufacturer and makes it out of ground sharks teeth mixed with fish p*o and sea-water.- This works so well, that her teeth are famous all around,- for their yellow scum and clog. One of her hobbies is to hang people (by one leg!) from the crows nest and watch them while eating her snack. If the sailors protest, though, they know that they will be locked down below the decks with ‘Ugly Polly’. (I figured you know what I meant.) I should think that you have the picture of old Gristle now, she’s coming on fifty two you know! Maybe you will view her for yourself some day!! (God forbid!)

One Armed Jake by Robert: One Armed Jake is one of the most viscous Pirates in Golden Era; this is what he looks like: Arrrrrrgh I have a beauty across my face arrrgh mean scar I am as hard as a steam roller with a nail Sticking out of em and if you mess with me your face will be mucked up good. I have a Bulldog called shred em’s so if you mess with him you’ll be skeletons dust! And now I am going to tell you a little story about how I lost my arm: I was at war in the 18 hundreds when suddenly I got my arm shot off by Billy Bones who was holding The canon ready for another shot; so that is how I got my nick name (One Armed Jake).

The Crowe by Trudie: It is an all female pirates Ship with tow captin who You would not be bad on a Good day you mit not Live the captin names Are Laura and Emma Laura can do lots of Hight kicks and thomp Emma is the brane one

Captain Patch by Michelle: My Pirate is very short and grim with a wooden leg , a black patch over his left eye , lots of scars and his middle finger on his right hand missing. He wears a brown hat , black trousers , a patched up shirt and has a parrot on his shoulder. You could never see his hair because he always wears either his hat or a white piece of cloth with black skulls over it tied up at the back. I announce to you my pirate is named Captain Patch.

Adam's pirate: My pirate would be the most meanest and dirtiest pirate you have ever had the displeasure of seeing. He would have one leg (other got bit off by a shark) He would have a parrot called skull crusher. Every night he would get drunk and fall in to the lifeboat. He would sail from port to port looking for a woman to marry (He has many wife’s and children) bellow deck he would have four big barrels of treasure four barrels of bear and five swords. Every year they would have to hide a barrel of treasure to keep the devils at rest

Captain Cutlass by Craig Moore: Captain Cutlass is one of the most feared pirates in the world. When he was just a young lad he killed his mother and father then he ran off with a group of sailors, which has now turned into one of the most successful bunch of evil pirates in the world. His ship, The Smell of Death is a chestnut brown with a mermaid engraved on the front. As his ship sails along the ocean the mists part leaving a path going directly towards his next victims. The clothes he wears are a navy blue ankle length coat with a sent of fish, his bark black hat with the sign of the skull. On his shoulder was a parrot with an evil dark yellow and a slimy blue with an evil name of Cartman. His favourite pirates First Mate Brown and the Sneak (he was known as sneak because of his incredible power to steal anything).

Bulldog the Brute by Jack: Hello me shipmates! I be bulldog the brute. I eat rats when I’m out of food. I be called bulldog the Brut cause I have a bulldog instead of a parrot. If any bloke do stand in me way I’d get out me way cause I have many ere scar   from fighting . I make Black Beard look a wimp. You don’t want to give me a mirror for me birthday cause I be so ugly It will break.

Mad Max Murphy by Iain - Ah shipmates I be Mad Max Murphy !!. I be the meanest pirate this side of the twenty five seas. Don’t Mick that I can’t count. I will run through any man that stands in my way with my cutlass. I don’t look pretty cause I have many a scar ,I never shave I make Blackbeard look a pansy. in fights I be dirty as muck and I don’t fight fair. I come from Ireland and no wimps come from there . So come on Ben Gunn I don’t cost much just a bottle of rum and a fair share of loot.

Andrew's pirate: This Pirates name is so bad that if said it you would put fear to anyone (And I Mean anyone!), so the safest way to mention his name is him! Anyway back to his description surprisingly he has both his eyes and can see perfect ,but he has a scar right across one eye ,he only has one leg and one of his ears have been chopped off. His cutlass is 1 metre long and 1 inch thick, and sharp, well lets just say a piece of metal 20-inch thick could be severed. He only has two fingers on his right hand, and has all his fingers on his left. And you’re a mighty fine idiot if you challenge him to a fight because in an eighth of a second you’d be dead! In his left hand he has a scar where a sword was put straight through it! You think long John Silver was scary he ain’t half as scary as ………………HIM!!!! But he is one of the luckiest pirates because he has got a metal leg (Well other pirates got woodworm.) So don’t mess around with …HIM! He has ten earrings in his ear but most have been ripped out, but he doesn’t care he’s as hard as nails.

Mean Bean by Martyn: My idea for my pirate is that he has,

  1. Five earrings
  2. Crew of 25
  3. A wooden leg
  4. Five slaves
  5. One eyepatch
  6. Tattoos on both arms
  7. One tattoo has I love my MOM
  8. 24 cannons
  9. 100,000 cannon balls
  10. One parrot called mean Sean
  11. Two hostages
  12. A beer belly
  13. 25 barrels

My pirate is the meanest pirate ever alive. He would go Around with his ship and cannon killing other pirates and ships He likes rum and his MOM he also has a beer belly from Drinking to much rum.

Pirate Spike by Hayley:  I know a pirate who will scare you like mad. His name is SPIKE and is known for torturing his enemies with railway spikes. If I were you and you were me I would try to stay as far away from him as he has killed 4 pirates all ready and you could be his next victim so stay away. He has 2 brothers called Bars how sticks bars in people and Digger do I have to tell you what he does? He also had a sister called sharp and she likes sharp items. He looks like an elephant but with only 1 leg he is indescribable you will have to see him for yourself. He is poor so he steals from others he can barely afford to buy any under ware. He has his nose, eye brow and ears pierced. But still he could be worst he could be 8 foot 10 and uglier.

Captain Legless by Jonathan: My pirate would be called Captain Legless he be a ‘right wooden leg’ if you were to sick on the side of his boat he would kick you hard. He would be 35 years old for breakfast he would have toe jam on toast. For lunch he would have a splinter sandwich. for tea he would have shark fin soup and hand chops. For desert he would have eye full trifle

Willie the Wondrous by Tim - Hi me mates me pirates name is Willie the wondrous the scariest pirate this side of the rum river. The sign to show he has done something to a ship is to leave the nicest brew around (his own). To make him self-look ugly he had about 9 earrings and when he was fighting he put dynamite down his enemies trousers. He never washed. His favourite food was cheese and he doesn’t eat much long john silver looks like a Barbie doll compered to him and black beard looks like a pussy cat you know. He also has false teeth and takes them out and bites them with ‘um on the bum. His main country he has lived in is Wales (it’s the best country no pussy’s there) he was born and bred there. So pick him he is the meanest there is come on Benny pick him pick him.

Terrible Trudie & the Loud-mouth Laura by Laura: Terrible Trudie has a high-kick with kickboxing but surprise, surprise, when her leg passes over 1.3metres a 0.5metres long sword comes out of her boot. Let’s just say that things get a bit messy. Trudie also holds a speed record for karate with knives or sticks.‘Don’t be a bound when Loud-mouth’s around’ was a very famous saying. It’s true too. Loudmouth Laura has a terrifying high-pitched cry which can shatter glass.The third in command is Startling Sacha who is known for her witchcraft. All of the leaders can perform witchery but Sacha is an actual born witch. The leaders are all sisters and each has a certain power which helps the three sisters survive as pirates. Terrible Trudie has the power of fighting. Everyone that she fights, either gets killed, gets captured, or surrenders. Loudmouth Laura has two less great powers. These are a deafening cry and hypnotic powers. Startling Sacha is the greatest performer of magic in the universe of all time past, and all of time to come.Also in the crew is the cabin/slave boys unruthly-Robert and justa-Jacob. The importance of slave boys to the sisters is that if they do not practice, then their powers will befall upon those who are most afraid of them. Robert is here for Trudie to practice her fighting on, and Jacob is here for magic practice from Sacha. They both are used for hypnotic practice.

Captain Dirty Shirt by Amy: I use to know a pirate called Captain Dirty Shirt, he was a rude guy. He burped and laughed all the time. He also had a big cut right down his cheek, which used to bleed when he touched it. He was dirty and smelly which wasn’t very nice. His clothes included a very old looking shirt, some black trousers with grubby blue patches loosely sewed on. His sea sandals that he wore on his feet were made out of reeds from a place he had visited on his journeys. He would eat and drink weird things like seaweed puddings and sea snail drinks. The ship that he sailed on was very old and battered but it had taken him on his travels that was the only thing that mattered to him.

Pirate Pig Face by Natalie: Pirate Pig Face has long black dirty hair with bits in it that hasn’t been washed for ages and he really smells horrible. All of Pig Faces clothes are too small, dirty and have holes, his button off his shorts has gone missing. Pig Face has a patch over one eye, a wooden peg leg and one of his hands is a sharp steel hook. He has a tattoo on his back and they are pictures of his parrot Polly and the other one is his wife’s name. Nobody likes Pig Face he is really bossy and strict on the other sailors who are also sailing with him.

Finger Less Fred by Anna: This is a description of my pirate; his name is Finger Less Fred.. Finger Less Fred is the meanest ,scariest, ugliest pirate in the whole of the seven seas. He is missing two fingers (thus his name). One of which was lost in a battle against Black-Beard, the other was bitten off in a fight against the now extinct slimy, ugly, notorious, five eyed, three armed and four-legged dragon. Finger Less Fred is totally bald and on his head he has tattooed a skull and crossbones. One of his eyes is charcoal black and the other is scarlet red. He only ever wears black clothes, because he thinks other colours are too bright. In his left ear he has five rings, in his right one he has one giant hoop ear ring, which hangs down onto his shoulder. He has an enormous belly from drinking too much rum and eating too many people. He tries his best never to be seen on land, because he thinks it is an absolute shame to be anywhere near solid ground, however when it is totally necessary for him to take a trip to land he goes at midnight when there is almost no moon, so that no one can see or recognise him.

Captain Cutlass by Melanie - Captain Cutluss has bushy red hair matted and covered in mouldy sweat .His teeth are a rotting lemon colour and out of the caving gaps lie slimy lime maggots, dead from the stench Of his breath .He has a wart the size of a conker on his chin. His eyes are a blood red , a scar Runs diagonally through his left eye. His right leg was viciously sliced off with the dagger belonging to Deadly Dan . Deadly Dan had to suffer the malicious revenge and now lies in his rotting grave. A skull and crossbones is tatooed across his chest and a snake being stabbed on his head. His nails are as hard as rock and his left index nail is aluminium . His little toe has been bitten off by a shark. His skin is greasy and scarlet and his booming voice makes you cringe like nails on a chalkboard

Michael's pirate: This is what my pirate is like:

  1. One wooden right leg,
  2. One Cutlass hidden in underpants,
  3. Eyepatch over right eye,
  4. Twenty earrings in left ear,
  5. Ten earrings in right,
  6. He has100.000.000 hostages,
  7. He has 200.000.000 shipmates,
  8. He has 30 slaves on ship,
  9. He has 10 spare sails onboard,
  10. He has 900.000.000 cannonballs,
  11. He has 20.000 canons,
  12. A very bad attitude,
  13. He has 2 parrots on each shoulder

Straggle beard by James: Straggle beard was a very old pirate but he dressed young so it was hard to recognise this strange beast with his disfigurement. I haven’t seen it but I am certain my granddad has because he told me a story about Straggle Beard it went like this: My granddad was walking home from a inn over the other side of town, he thought he would take a short cut through a back ally when he got to the end of the ally he saw the lights of his house so he carried on walking but suddenly a man blocked his path. Then the man ripped off his shirt my granddad said he saw green bubbling skin down the centre of his chest. My granddad said that is why he had a long straggly beard to hide the horrid site.


Captain J Punk Smith by James:

  1. He would 28 years of age,
  2. He would have a moustache like Hitler did,
  3. Plus he would have short spiky black hair,
  4. And he always carried half a map and a key round his neck (maybe a treasure map.)
  5. He also had a chain going from his ear to his eye brow (when he caught it on things it ripped out and he had to put it back in with a knife.)
  6. He was Welsh and he was the meanest pirate in the Atlantic ocean
  7. He scares people by taking his false teeth out and blowing them up with dynamite.
  8. He also had a pet parrot that bit enemy’s ears off.
  9. As he stole so much he bought an Island called the black Island.

Drunk Dim by Jacob: My pirate is called Drunk Dim has a patch on his conspicuous third eye that has blood dribbling down His face. He also wears a hat that covers the hole in his head, in this hole there is a metal plate, which is Covering his skull! He has two wooden legs and a walking stick to help him walk with. His black coat Is so covered with blood all his crew wears dark red uniforms in respect to their captain Dim.  He decorates his ship with the skulls of his victims (dead probably!) Warning! This is not for the faint hearted! As a punishment for mutiny the member of the crew is strung by his ears over shark infested seas and when he starts screaming they start firing cannon balls Just missing him to induce terror! Then the crew start throwing knives and javelins (not to induce terror, but pain!) The reason he is called Drunk Dim is because he is a terrible drink addict and his favourite type of ship to loot are ships carrying Brandy!

He hates teachers and scholars of all types except those that teach pirates how to kill people and torture them (before.) His crew is just as bad as he is; the shipmate is called killer! And he has a wooden leg  But its not exactly wood as such bones, actually! And he also has a cat with a wooden leg and patch over it’s missing eye.  His cabin boy is so ugly landlubbers would faint at the very sight of him because he has two heads! The skipper is worse! He has a hole through his arm and one leg and four ghastly arms! And his name is blood letter! The rest are to disgusting to tell you about. His ship is made of blood stained bones and Is called ‘the apocalypse’ and has sails made of his victims skins, it has a ram and forty cannons! So with this ship and crew even Black beard would be afraid to face such a terrible pirate! His main rival is captain West, God have mercy on his soul (if he has one!) If he ever met Drunk Dim and his cruel crew! He killed Red Beard the scourge of the North Sea. His skull is still hanging on the quarterdeck as a grim reminder of that battle.

Bloody Red by Henry - My Pirate is the cruellest pirate ever .His head is scarred, He has an eye patch over his left eye. He ties his victim’s skulls to his hair. He has one leg [usually cover in blood]. On his arm he has a tattoo of a skull and also a skull split in half his ship is coated in blood, then he puts the rest of his victims are tied to the ship by their necks and other parts!! Dead or alive. He has 200 cannons at the end of a battle he would fire some of the bodies in the cannon. On the sail he puts his enemy’s bits and bobs!! . He has a crew of 6 main pirates .His Shipmate skull splitter, His wife who never aloud out of her bedroom, blood wraith the guy who has got a bullet through his head, ilmenator who is the captains son he enjoys setting people a light and these people are alive, canon balls is a hell of a survivor he has his leg blown off so he used a rib cage full of the items inside it’s a bone and a bit more than a leg and The last is himself his name is Bloody Red even the name strikes fear into all his enemy’s he also scare’s most of the greatest pirates ,the rest have been killed by the nasty pirate .The ship is called Bloody Hell and his crew and himself are still at large !! So be afraid very afraid.

Stupid Sid by Sammie - My pirate is really stupid. (like my best friend Abby) he is really short and is called Stupid Sid he gets his mates to do all the scary stuff. He has got a cute parrot called chaz. Chaz always stands up for Stupid Sid. Chaz is Stupid Sid's best friend!

Braineater by Robert - My pirate is called Braineater because if you don't give him what he wants, he will eat your brain. He has one wooden leg and only one arm. One eye is missing out of three eyes. The left and right eyes are still in but his eye in the middle of his face is out and he does not have a eye patch. His teeth are all rotten although he has not got many left any way. On his proper foot he has got no toes because he chopped them off to eat. He is not afraid to kill anybody as he has the record of killing the most people.

Gruesome Gary by David - His name is Gruesome Gary he smells of B.O. He two eyes the left eye can pop out and the other eye is covered by a patch. He's got one wooden leg and a parrot on his left shoulder. He can  choke up his own blood. He drinks lager all day and never stops eating. He has got ginger hair a very big butt. The only person he is afraid of Goblin Graham.

Percy la Ginsher by ? - My pirate has three eyes, 6 teeth and one leg which the other one is a pegleg. It is your worst nightmare. It would really scare Blackbeard because he is a scardy cat with no guts! His six teeth are black and green. He is always drunk. His three eyes would give you nightmares. He smells like rotten eggs. Also he is French. His name is Percy la Ginsher

Boneshaker by Tom - His name is BoneShaker he is know for his supreme strength and fiery temper. He keeps himself to his self he has arms like tree trunks. And he is the best knife thrower in the seas. He very aggressive when he wants to be. He is on the run from the law. He is a very good pirate and will make you happy just don't make him change his clothes or he will get very aggressive with you as he has had them a long time. But he will make you proud.

A nameless pirate by Richard - This pirate is as ugly as an overgrown toenail and his hair is all mouldy. He's only got one eye and he eats horse manure - at least that's what it smells like!   He's got flaming boils all over his face.  He's as big as a three storey building and is as hairy as a mangy cat. He walks like a deformed monkey and smells like sewers. 

Many thanks again to the children at Dene Magna School for all their extremely scary pirates.

Here's a scary sounding nameless pirate from Laura

He would have only two teeth, the rest knocked out, and a beard with rotted meat stuck in it. He would smell like a wet dog, and have a beer belly.He would have no patch over his eye, instead, he would have a glass one. His clothes would have holes, rips,blood and guts. His peg leg was made out of chipped wood, and his boots were red from blood. His hat was a hankercheif painted blue. His riffle was busted.

Here's another nameless pirate - this one is from Meredith.

He was a medium sized man. His beard hung in long needlike strandes for a beard.  It looked as if one of them could puncture a hole in your skin if you tried to touch it. His hair was long and black.  Long greasy chuncks of his black hair hung out from his beaten in hat.  He wore a black long tailed jacket.  He had one leg.   The other was cut off at a jagged angle right below the right knee cap. The injured leg rested upon a gnarled peice of drift wood. His large, baggy pant leg was held up by a tightned belt and he made a funny scratching noise as he hobbled about.

And yet another nameless pirate from the very prim sounding Miss Wilson.

My pirate has hollow cheeks, deep, black eyes and a long, sharp nose. He has a deep scar running from his cheek to his chin, and his fringe covers his eyes so you can never be sure where he is looking. He is devious, bad tempered and rich, and he eats disobedient children for breakfast.

I've had another whole crew this time from Class 7S at Simon Langton Boys School, Canterbury. What an unpleasant, scary bunch of rascals and villains they've come up with!

Iron Axe by Doug - My pirate is a 20th century pirate. He and his crew are equipped with all the latest weapons. He is really strong and his muscles bulge though his tattered body armour. Since he is a 20th century pirate his weapon is not a cutlass or a musket. It is an AK47 assault rifle. He carries a Milan anti tank missile launcher on his back. On his face a scar goes straight through his left eye which has turned blood red. His name is Iron Axe. He wears torn naval combat trousers and black combat boots. He wears an orange bandanna around his head. It is the only thing on his whole body which stays clean all the time. He has short blond spiky hair and his skin is a golden, brown, tanned colour.

Hard Harry by Stephen - This swashbuckling shipmate is the meanest pirate to ever sail the seven seas! His name??? Hard Harry. He has hard black hair full of tar, and a pierced eyebrow, with a gold chain hanging from his neck with a number of skulls around, one for each victim he has taken. He has a patch over the other eye, because he was blinded in a terrible fight with a former shipmate, who is now dead, and one of the many skulls around Harry’s neck is for that pirate. He has a blood stained ragged clothes with a hook for a hand, which is rusty from where he has been over board many times and the salt has go to it. He has a badly chipped wooden leg from many a shark attack if I recall; anyway it is in desperate need of repair.

An unnamed pirate by Christopher - This is one of the meanest buccaneers that ever did sail the seven seas. With a wooden leg, a hook in place of a hand and a ye old black patch over one eye. His parents were killed when he was young and his uncle put him in to work at sea. Seeing the rich pickings that could be had he later turned to piracy. This cost him his leg that was lost during one of his many skirmishes with the merchant ships. His hand however was lost to a mutinous crew who were sorely punished and sent to a watery grave. His eye was hit by a flying piece of debris.

Ghastly Gary by Jack - Now, me old shipmates, I think I can spare a few minutes to tell you about the old seadog, Ghastly Gary! Gary began his life on the Spanish Main! His mother (Angry Annie) had sailed the seven seas all her life. She knew them like the back of her hand, (dirty and unpredictable!). His father (Mad Max) was kidnapped at the age of four, and met Angry Annie in Barbados, at the age of twenty. Gary is now in the middle of nowhere, looking for treasure! He is tall (6 foot 6 inches) and wears a patch over one eye and a hat with skull and crossbones on it. He has a sturdy figure, and has slain many enemy pirates with his trusty sword, The Destroyer! He wears torn, ragged clothes, and rarely washes. His favourite drink is rum, and he loves to chew on raw meat! He has a rough beard, that covers his face from ear to ear, and you might be able to get lost in the mop of hair that he has on his head!

He is famous for his treasure find in 1953, on the unknown island of Bolasava, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. He had to overcome many a beast, huge, ferocious things they were! Big as a man some of them! He had to cross the active volcano, Hasopha, kill the Carasonia (a man-eating, overgrown rat!) and trudge through the Fire Swamp before he could finally reach the treasure! He is now old, going on sixty, but is still a force to be reckoned with! Tough as old boots is Gary! Better be off know, but remember, if you ever cross Ghastly Gary, smile sweetly and walk on by!

Long John Flint by Dong - My pirate has a wooden leg, a hooked hand and one blind eye. He has a massive black dog by his side no matter where he goes. He wears a hat with a skull and two bones in the middle of it. A foot long scar appears from his face to his hairy chest. He has masses of beard and wears old and dirty and smelly rags. His belt holds five pistols and a rusty, curled, evil looking but sharp knife. With a sabre in hand this pirate committed many sins.

He called himself Long John Flint the Conqueror. With his ship The Sea Killer he has shot 53 men and hacked 47 to pieces. Once he even ate 4 seamen including one of his own crew. The Sea Killer sunk 80 ships including 10 from the navy. Any captives were to walk the plank. Long John Flint the Conqueror collected 80 million pound worth of treasure and has stored them on a desert island in the Atlantic.

A nameless pirate by Jack - He stands tall; smiling.this is not a happy smile though. This is a sly grin, a sneer. His forked tongue flashes from side.his one- eye stares down at you, the other eye covered by a large black patch. He hobbles along, because his right leg is just a hinged plank of wood . He smiles wider his black teeth sticking out in all directions. A black crow perches on his left shoulder, no colourful parrots. It stands as though it’s dead- it probably is; it’s so motionless. He draws a large cutlass from its sheath, and it glints in the rays of the scorching sun. He starts to talk his breath fiery, as he breathes heavily on you. Drawing himself up to his full height, you can see wickedness in all the features on his face. He brings the cutlass down………SLASH!

Scrubby Jack by Scott - My pirate is the meanest pirate you will ever see in your life. My pirate is called scrubby Jack, he has no hair and wears the reddest balaclava .He has every part of his body pierced . Yep , that’s right top to bottom , even his toes. He is half blind with only one eye due to having a one on one encounter with a giant squid! He has a scorpion on his shoulder that nibbles on his ears. He has a wooden leg. On one of his feet he only has one toe. The most scariest feature of this pirate are his knobbley knees! So I do not think you would like to meet this pirate on a dark night . BEWARE!

Short John Gold by Chris - Ah yes, old John. A couple of years back old john an’ I where sailing on ye ol’ ship ‘Black Bird’. He would be ye las’ person you would like to meet on a dark nigh’ when ye wind is howlin’! He was a short man 5 foot 5 inches. However him were a strong man could take on men by ye hundred! He had a thick bristly beard and a long black moustache. Has a patch over his left eye for it were sliced in half when he were boarding another ship. He an’t very clean an’ wears ye same ol’ raggled clothes. He don’t have a parrot or a colourful chicken is what this ol’ buccaneer calls ‘em. He were once given one but he soon shot it dead with his trusty pistol for calling ol’ John a yella’ belli chicken, as a reply to one of John’s rude remarks! He still has al’ his limbs and can run faster than ye wind. He loves his rum an’ goes wild after a few tots. His ol’ man was a lot like John, even though John wish he weren’t, an’ ‘ill shot anyone in 2 seconds flat if anyone say so. However his mom where nothing like him, she were patient an’ kind. I don’t know where ol’ John is now, likely looking for flint’s treasure, HA HA! I like to see ye day when that happens.

John the Peg Leg by Sam - Ar, John the peg leg ‘twas the meanest dog on the sea. Could scare a ship of the king’s finest seamen from Bristol to the far corners of the earth. ‘Twas the year 1678, we ‘was sailing on a voyage for Treasure Island when a sea dog yelled from the crows nest, Oh #### my ear when a bullet knocked it off, but someone thought he said buccaneer! He then turned the cannon and fired. The cannon ball rolled down the deck and took John’s leg with it. His eye was sucked out when he tried to fix the ships vacuum cleaner, ‘twas a terrible sight, but not as bad as when his parrot scratched his ear off. So you can imagine that he wasn’t a pretty sight!

A nameless pirate by Jonathon - He has eyes of fire and hasn’t shaved in years. He has a gunshot wound on his cheek, which blends in with his freckles. He has ginger hair, eyebrows and beard. He sounds like chipmunks with red hair growing out of his ears and a squeaky voice. He has got a limp and sling on his arm. He wears oily clothes, which have never been washed. He has tatty leather sandals and no socks. The tan on his face is as dark as are his freckles. With a temper of fire people are scared to talk to him. So his crew doesn’t like him but pretend to. He shouts a lot for attention but sulks when he doesn’t get it. He is big and burly and weighs 45 stone. With a heart of a shrimp he has no mercy for his enemy’s and kills them the next time he sees them. He has done that 54 times before.

Billy Black Bones by Craig - My pirate is called Billy Black Bones. He lived in a pub called The Spy Glass, he wears the same sort of clothes over and over again so you could say he stank of rum. He wore a red lined shirt which was torn round the collar to go with this he wore black trousers, holy shoes and a large brown hat. On his left hand there is a hook and this was the result in a dual with Captain Long John Silver.

Every captain has to have a group of buccaneers to help him kill and steal things. First on his list is Pop Belly John who is the most reliable pirate you will meet (joking). Next is Sea Dog Sam who is very rich because of his exepiditions to other islands such as Snake Pit Island, Monkey Island and Skull Rock. Last but least is Beardy Weirdy who likes to keep his shotgun close by, he has a eye missing so he has a eye patch Beardy also has a long scar down his face from fore head to his neck. The men all meet up in The Spy Glass pub John got drunk as usual and started a fight with Beirdy Weirdy but Billy Black Bones tried to split them up but the result was a black eye. These four men were all born in Bristol Town

'One Armed One Legged Half of a Blind Head' by ??? - My pirate has one arm, one leg, half of a head and a cheese cracker on his shoulder to remind him of his parrot that he shot because it bit his eye out. His name is ‘one armed one legged half of a head blind Douglas’ he lost an arm and a leg fighting the champion of a cannibal tribe to free the crew from certain death. He has no mission except to baldly go where no pirate has ever gone before. If he gets in a bad mood he starts to shoot his gun in every possible direction. My pirate was the real cause of the Spanish Armada’s defeat. He is the richest cut throat to sail the seven seas. Although he is blind he can tell you where any treasure in the world is hidden but you will have to get past him first. My pirate is not to be messed with on a good day. So Beware!

Short-Legged Leo by Gred - My pirate is called short-legged Leo and when he was a cabin boy the ship sank and killed his parents. He wears an eye patch because he lost his eye when he fell on a sharp rod when he was walking the plank. He has a wooden leg because he jumped of the plank it was eaten by sharks. Leo has tattoos all over his body, his favourite one is the one on his back which is a pirate saying ho ho ho and a bottle of rum. Short-legged Leo has sailed the six seas but missed out because he went after long john silvers treasure. Short legged Leo has a long black beard and a short black moustache with long black hair covered in tar. His arms and legs are long which are covered with black hairs that cover his whole body from head to toe. He has size 12 feet with toenails what are twice the size of the plank. His mother and father long locks Lucy and jumbo Jim gorge who were the best at taking from the rich and giving to themselves. His only brother super Simon we don’t know much about because he sailed of to another part of the sea to get away from long john silver.

Terrible Tom by Joe - His dark eyes stare through the glass windows of the captain’s cabin. The door opens, and without a word being said every man on the ship stands to attention. The large black boots stride across the wooden deck of the pirate ship The Bounty breaking the eerie silence with their clickety-clack. The call Raise the skull and crossbones, can be heard for miles around, at the same time revealing the black stained teeth and bringing attention to the large black beard of the captain. The large black beard is Terrible Tom’s pride and joy, apart from his pierced ear it is all that makes him special from the others, using just appearance. Then when the call Ship Ho can be heard he pulls out his dagger with amazing agility , fires three shots from his pistol, jumps on to the rim of the ships structure and then boards the enemy vesel. Pushing full grown men out of the way with just one hand he jumps from one platform to another, dodging bullets one by one, until he reaches the platform of the enemy captain, killing him with his dagger but not before having his shirt ripped revealing his many tattoos. Glory again for Terrible Tom and his blood thirsty crew.

Cabin Boy Jack by ? - With tattoos all over his body each one of them too obscene to be seen by the human eye. With a sword mounted instead of each arm, half of his face deformed in an accident with the whip and the salt. With beady eyes and a broken nose he’s got a beard three feet long. Rotting teeth and a lanky foot the other resting in the corner where the maggots feed on it, a gunshot wound scars him for life. His name, cabin boy Jack.

Cap'n Redbeard by ? - He has one blue eye in the middle of his for ehead. His teeth are foul and green. His beard is red, stained with the blood of a thousand foes. His hair is infested with fleas. Redbeard's left hand is missing and has been replaced by a gun. He only wears blue and black. His cutlass is as jagged as shark's teeth. Critical Stats: Height: 210cm, IQ: 100, Weight: 364 lb, Gun Range: 200 yd

Gruesome by Andrew - His name is Gruesome, and he has large portions of hair missing from his head (some gaps containing small cuts). His remaining hair is completely infested with fleas, nits and nits eggs. His right eye is hanging out, held in by a few stitches. The fingers on his right hand are missing both skin and flesh, leaving just bone. There are big chunks of flesh missing from his right leg due to a shark attack. He has scabs and stitches partly covering his face. His left leg is missing everything but bone, and the bone is held together at the joints by stitches and nails. He has a crutch under his left arm due to his left leg. When he bends his left leg and fingers on his right hand, they ‘click’ (very irritating). Sometimes, he falls over and breaks his leg and fingers into pieces, but he puts his bones back together again, with ‘clicks’ and sucking sounds. He never changes his clothes or has a bath, so he smells more than you could ever imagine. He has a small laser gun inside his right arm, with the power to burn a hole through someone or something in no more than one second. Gruesome has the latest technology, including a small box with two buttons on it, one operating a force-field, the other button operating a cloaking-field (an invisible-field), both for the protection of the two. He also has a gun containing laser-guided bullets able to turn corners.

Bronco Bill by Freddie - He has long scruffy hair, with dirt and muck tangled in which is unremoveable. His face is a shiny brown colour with a large boil on his forehead. There is a patch across one eye, which is tied around the back of his head with a thin leather cord. There is a multicoloured; squawking parrot perched on his shoulder bobbing up and down. The pirate has crooked, decaying teeth that are brown and foul looking. His clothes are just muddy rags and he wears a poco-dotted, red and white bandanna around the top of his head.

He has one leg, a crutch under one arm and limps like an injured dog. On his foot he wears a dark black sandal with a loose, broken buckle trying to clench onto his scarred, ugly foot. In his right arm he carries a deadly looking sabre which flashes in the reflections of the sunlight. His name is Bronco Bill and he has a very, very nasty temper. Whenever displeased, he growls like a mad lion and lashes out violently intending to hurt the enemy badly. It is said that he has piles of gold, stashed somewhere on Skeleton Island and he has eliminated his entire sea-faringfoe, which tried to steal it. Never in your life will you see such a mean, terrifying pirate as this.

Black-eyed-billy by ? - Black-eyed-Billy is not the sort of person you’d like to meet on a dark night: … "Shiver me timbers" "’ere ‘e comes, RUN!" That’s what the other pirates do when they see Black-Eyed-Billy. He has scars all over his face, a black eye, a wooden leg and the most beautiful parrot on his shoulder. He fears no-one and a cutlass in one hand and a musket in the other would frighten anyone to death!!! Black-eyed-Billy has lost count of how many men he’s killed but he does remember one time… "We was on the H.M.S. Shanty when an island comes up. Now it ‘twas a lonely night when we came to it but what we finds on this island was amazing. 23 men all waiting to kill us all. Of course me and 12 of me mates killed ‘em easily." "That’s all I can remember mates."

Shotgun Dribble by Peter - He has longish dark hair. He has lived most of his life of his at sea. He has a noisy parrot on hisleft sholder. He carrys his lucky shotgun around with him wherever he goes. He has an eye patch over his right eye. He has two halves of his legs because a shark took them off. He wears a black suit and tie, so if he dies going over board he dies wearing his best. He is one of the most fearless men at sea, if not the fearless pirate of the seven seas. His parents went over board when he was awee lad, and they were never found to this day.

Captain Peg Leg by Raj - Captain Peg Leg is a pirate who can take 1000 people out with 10 shots. He loves picking his nose and wiping it on his crew’s shirts and also likes people walking the plank. He hates people that criticise him for playing tennis with a basketball and basketball with a tennis ball. His favourite food is maggots in ketchup and for desert pigeon and strawberry jam. His hobbies are making nicknames up and drinking a lot of booze. His favourite crew member is Leg Peg because he keeps Peg Legs bogies on his shirt as a souvenir of him. Captain Peg Leg never pays any attention because he always having the odd  pint.

A nameless pirate By Michael - This pirate is the scariest pirate that will ever sail the seven seas. He has a wooden leg, a metal arm [which is covered up with some fake skin]. He has one eye missing because his pet monkey ripped it out. It’s now dead because he killed it with a gun the length of his arm. He has a huge sword [and I mean huge]. He has a great record that every battle he has fought he has won single handily. He can fight two thousand men bare handed [no one sad he would win]. But he would certainly win if had some sort of weapon. He so strong that when the cannons need reloading he can do them all by him self. He could load at least 17 cannons all by him self at the same time. He has walked the plank 20 times with his hands tied behind his back and he has come out alive on every occasion. He has thousands of scars all over his body where he has been wrestling with crocodiles.

Cap'n Grey by Anthony - As the buccaneer emerged from the deep blue sky you could see the pure strength of the man. As he turned around you could see the plated hair incrusted with tar. His muscles looked like footballs and he wore huge earrings. At this point his cutlass was looking even more threatening. He started to approach and as he did you could see the awfully tatty clothes he was wearing which made him look even scarier. His right arm was absolutely covered in tattoos, of which there was a tattoo of a red devil and one of an angel. With a tankard full of rum in one hand I felt really unsafe. The pirate looked really menacing and woe betide any one who crossed him for he was the meanest pirate I’d ever seen.

Captain Joe by Aaron - The meanest pirate to have ever sailed the seven seas is Captain Joe Walker. He has one peg leg and one normal leg. On his right arm his hand had been lost during battle with Captain Flint so he now has a sharp hook which he uses to annihilate his opponents and he also catches fish with it. He has a long scruffy beard and his hair is surprisingly neat and tidy. He has a patch over one eye and a parrot on his shoulder. Around his waist is a sheaf with a long sharp and extremely dangerous sword in it, which he is not afraid to use. He has very scruffy clothes and in the middle of his cloak is a skull and crossbones sign. In his old tatty boots he keeps a dagger which has got bloodstains all over it. In his pocket he keeps a log of how many people he has killed and who they are. At the moment he is planning a mutiny on a ship called Millenniola somewhere in the west.

A nameless female pirate by David - She has long black hair and only one eye. There are rings and studs on every part of her body. On her chest she has a skull and cross-bones tattooed. Instead of proper teeth and nails she has gold ones which she uses to murder her victims.Her clothes consist of leopard skin trousers torn of with her bare hands.In the many pockets which contain her many knives and gun. Around her neck she has a leather piece of string where she displays shark teeth. Her top made of cloth is covered in mud, food and blood. People have named her the murderess after the many times she has killed with her bare hands. As well as sailing every part of every ocean she has collected thousands of pounds from the most dangerous places. Thousands she has collected and thousands are on her head in every country known to man.

Long Bob Silver by Daniel - Long Bob Silver has 1 leg hand and eye. His hand is a hook which is shoved in the bloody stump. His eye is filled with ants maggots and flies! He has no peg leg just a spike to stand on. Bob has a beard like a rhodedendron which has a whole menagerie of insects living in it. His t’shirt is never been washed for the 10 years he has worn it! He smell’s so bad Cap’n Flint would faint at the smell of him a mile away.

Long Slayer Silver by Ben - The meanest, most troublesome pirate to ever sail the seven seas is named Long Slayer Silver. He got his name from his ancestors who have killed, looted and cheated all their lives and passed this horrible tradition down from generation to generation. Silver has only one deadly eye that watches every member of the crew eerily; he lost his first eye when confronting another pirate named Billy Bones in a battle to the death. He has only one hand after his left one was replaced with a hook; the tale of how he lost his hand is so terrifyingly scary it was never spread outside his ship! Long Slayer Silver always stands at the front of the deck with his parrot carefully perched on his shoulder; that is, when he’s not giving orders or attacking other ships. The deadly pirate sails on a ship called the Millenniola, which is commonly known to the ‘Rats of land’ as the Black Death! Slayers history has a lot of horrible and gruesome events. He has terrified, robbed and murdered innocent people all his life; Pirate Long Slayer Silver is the scariest, meanest pirate in the world!

A poetical pirate from Michael - Grey hair, one leg hopping in the night, Half an ear, crunched up noise, which gives everyone a fright. Bruise on his left arm scar above his eye, No wonder everyone he meets begins to cry.

Many thanks again to Class 7S at Simon Langton Boys School, Canterbury for their pirate descriptions.

More pirates from more children at Dene Magna School.

Ms Taken Killer by Matthew: He is a she. Her name is Ms Taken Killer. She has teeth like razor wire. She has a diet of raw seagulls that she catches with her 10ft fingernails. When she is in a temper you can smell her rancid breath. She is so thin, you can see her bones. If you get on her nerves she will knuckle-dust you. She is 32,000,000 years old. She has killed 8000 pirates . She is the meanest pirate sailing the southern sea. DON'T    MESS.

Smelly Dick Beard by Daniel: The one-armed pirate would smell after cleaning out those toilets and have old, black boots.  He would have ripped trousers that were plain black.  He would wear a blue and white striped shirt with a white vest that both smell because they haven't been washed for ages.  His hat would be an old cloth wrapped around his hair with the pirate sign, skeleton head with two bones crossing the head.  He has got long black hair tied up in his bandanna.   He wouldn't have a beard as he is quite young but would smoke a long black pipe.   He would have a sword, long and the sharpest a pirate could ever have.  And his name - Smelly Dick Beard.                      

Bloodguts by Georgina: Her name is Bloodguts. She has yellow teeth with blood dripping down her smashed up face where she had just had a battle. Her hair is like barbed wire - it is jet-black and if you put a comb through her hair it would break. Her eyes give you a threatening glare. She smells like a sewer and also sweat. you could even see the wet patches under her armpits and sweat trickling down her T-shirt. She can't swim to save her life. She also nearly drowned. She has two legs but her skin is peeling off so you can see the bones. She wears the old sails that are no good because she can not afford any thing else. They are usually black so they attract the heat. 

Bulging Pete Sandford by ? : My pirate's name would be Bulging Pete Sandford; his nickname is Squidman because he carries Eight swords. He has rotten teeth a bulging belly, he has decaying wooden leg, and he lost it in a fight with his wife Savage Sarah .On his wall he has the heads of his enemies hung up. He smells like rotting fish, he has a stuffed parrot called Sid Vicious on his shoulder. He has a bright Red beard and he gets food stuck in it. His favourite food is sheep droppings on toast; his pudding sucked gummy bears and old custard.

Scraggy Sharon by ? : She is gruesome, disgusting and she smells. She is friends with Jackie jack-knife she has scraggy hair.  And she has cuts all over her legs, she sails a ship called the jolly Sharon ship. She sails everywhere, anywere. And her name is Scraggy Sharon.

Captain Ginger Beard by Tony:     His name is captain ginger beard his arms are the size of his legs. he drinks ginger slim fast every day to keep him fit and to keep his hair ginger and golden every day. Captain also has a ginger boat because it does not even take petrol it takes ginger juice the ginger juice also keeps the boat bright and ginger every day. His wife also has ginger hair she is ginger spice she happier not being a spice girl she was having a lot of problems   . I would now like to tell you about captain ginger and what his life's Like he is well built he could  probably beat you in a fight any day. Captain ginger also has a steel arm which could squash you ship Into a bite size ship .

Boneshaker by Tom: His name is BoneShaker he is know for his supreme strength and fiery temper. He keeps himself to his self he has arms like tree trunks. And he is the best knife thrower in the seas. He's very aggressive when he wants to be. He is on the run from the law. He is a very good pirate and will make you happy just don't make him change his clothes or he will get very aggressive with you as he has had them a long time. But he will make you proud.

Drop Dead Tony by Benj: He's name is drop dead Tony. He   would have to  have a ear ring through he's eye brow. He would have to have guts of steel. He's ship would have to be the Titanic. He would have to kill about 100 people a day and he's hair his brown and if you took the micky out of him  he would probably kill you but no-one has ever done that. He's face must have about ten scars on it and a patch on he's eye. That's one person I wouldn't want to mess with.  

Sid Sail by Caroline: He's as thin as a stick and as wide as a sheet. That is where he got his name(people use him as a sail).He gives a mean fight (not many live to tell the tale) .But he's kind at heart and often falls in love with girls he meets .But they don't last long because they all hate paper cuts. His heart is always broken. He takes it out on the people he fights that is why he always wins no matter what. Lastly a word of warning keep well away and never ever get in a fight with him.

Scared Sally by Mary: She is called Scared Scally and her nickname is Scally Wag. Once when we were in the middle of the ocean she looked out to sea and on the horizon she could see an island. She ran around the ship and started to shout that we were going to crash even though we were about two miles away from it.   If she saw something in the sea she would shout and scream and shout and take cover in cabin and she wont come out until someone had shouted LAND AHOY even if it was the smallest fish in the ocean. Her clothes were the colour of blood red and luscious green grass. She was the smartest sailor on the ship because she hardly ever came out of the cabin. She always wore black trousers and deep red jacket and a green jacket.

Cindy by Stacy: Here  name  is  Cindy   the  croked  landy. She   has one eye with  a eye patch    over it  and she has to big  houps in here ear and she is scrufy with her  cloths on and here hair is scrufy and curly with curlers in here hair. here boat is big like  the titanic with a sale with the  a skull   and     bones. For here curlers she youses  bones for  curlers. she likes bones for some   reason  .  She  has croked  teath    and  bloind  coming  out of  here  teath.  And   she  has  one hande and  she   hade     burnt   here   cut  of   arme.   She  has scars all  over  here   face. 

Jackie Jacknife by Rebecca: She is a very daring pirate. She is the best pirate of the south sea and her name is Jackie Jacknife .She is very good with a knife as her name said. She is very tall and she is very good friends with Scraggy Sharen but she can beat Scraggy  Sharon at just about every thing. The ship she sails is the White Whale Which is Known to conquer over 5 of the best ships.

Zacharius by Claire: She will be called  Zacharius.   She  will be tall with a fierce smily face Her teeth will be yellow.  She will have a earring through her nose then a chains to her ears. Her dress will be the colour pink and it will be short . Her hair will be in pigtails with a blue band and she   will have a scare down her leg.                          

Pirate Emerald by Claire: My pirate would have to be a women .She would be very ugly and have long, black ,straggly, curly hair. Her face would have warts all over and she would have wrinkly skin and whenever she went to wash or comb her hair she would end up looking even uglier? Her clothes would be ripped and dirty and her clothes would be the colour of the sea green and blue all mixed together and she would wear black torn trousers and no shoes. Her feet would be torn and scratched. She was like this because she had no money because other pirates might kill her for her money (she is very smart) and why she is like this is because she is under a curse .The idea of her being a pirate is she travels around the world in a small boat with only to crew members and a pet lion .Her "mission" is to find the evil pirate who put a curse on her and fight evil on the way and have lots of adventures .     Her name is Emerald ,Pirate Emerald. Her crew call her Pirate Emmy!

Goblin Graham by Benjamin: His name is Goblin Graham he is big fat lump of lard he has got one eye and a patch he's got the eye that he is missing round his neck. He's got large butt and no tongue two wooden legs and one hook for his left hand and crocodiles teeth for his nails on his left one he's would wear a gruesome blood red vane popin jacket and  black terrorising trousers with a sword the same size as his leg he is only scared of Gruesome Gary.

Gingerman by Richard: Ginger man is 39 years old and he lives in Cinderford in a very big box but there what is the point of it when he is always on his bout and he called his bout ginger bout .Ginger man always where ginger close   and he has got a ginger cat and dog .

One Eyed, One Legged Jack by Andrew : He's a mean looking man with one eye and it's covered up with a black cloth. His teeth are a gooey yellow. He has a beard, which is black with grey streaks in. His half leg has a piece of wood carved especially for him. He stinks of rotten eggs and his favourite food is humans bladder dipped in sheep's blood with sprinkles of sheep's poo and he has a parrot who's got a very bad temper! But the thing that's scariest about him is if he doesn't like you by just looking at you, he will chop off your head and slice it into little pieces so BEWARE. He sails The Chopper Stink Bomb. His friends call him a One Eyed Egg, who has a old looking beard and the parrot's got a bad attitude, but his real name is One Eyed, One Legged Jack.

Jack Hacket by Richard: he's called cpt. Jack Hacket he would have a hook instead of a left hand and he would have long down to his ankles and he would wwould also have a black straggly hair tied up in pig tails he have a long red jacket going black hat with a skull and cross bones on then he would ear a wide belt going around his waist where he could hold his pistols and cutlass up with and he would have a long black beard and his food would get caught in it because he is a very messy eater!   , his ship would have his victims skelington's hanging from the mast he would be angry and vicious and he would torture his prisoners and his room would be covered in bear skins and he would also have sea chests filled with gold and jewel's, on his boat he would have 50 cannons  and 80 crew members and his boat would be called the grey wolf . He would be 6ft tall he would have a cut above his right eye where he had a fight and was cut with a bottle when he started a fight in a bar with the barman about the price of a bottle of rum unfortunately the barman wasn't so lucky, his favourite food would be sheep stew and he would get his cook to boil whole dead sheep and make them into stew . when Jack was 17 he was sailing on a boat going to Jamaica when the boat he was on sank by Pirates and he got stranded on a island for three years before a Boat finally came so Jack was sworn to sail the seven seas and to sink and pillage all the ships he came across.

Terrible Taco by Aden: My pirate would be the most horrible, disgusting, gruesome pirate from the whole of the Southern Sea. His name is Terrible Tacco and he's really ugly (You wouldn't want to meet him face to face on a dark gloomy night). He's only got one eye and if you get on his nerves he will cover his eye with one hand and pull out his eye and you would see it hanging out of its socket (he thinks it's funny eghhh) His teeth are yellow and covered sweets which are now stuck to them (he eats them in his sleep) his tongue is purple and his gums are white. His beard is tangled, mangled and wiry with dandruff and head lice. He's a skinny little thing and you can see his ribs through his skin. He wears a red jacket with gold trimmings that he wears every day and a pair of black trousers, which have holes in the size of the Atlantic. He sails the Ratoria Moresy a very small rowboat which takes to the Caribbean to sell his home made squashed squid. 

CrAzY ChRiS by Abby : Here we go.  CrAzY chRiS is    cOOOOOOOOl! and loves to party. He spends most of his day sleeping and eating. He has a drinking and biting his nails habit!( I hope his health and nails   are fine!) CrAzY chRiS gets scared very easily. He is short, very fat and is very beautiful. CrAzY chRiS is stupid and laughs a lot. He usually gets in trouble because he has a big mouth and always talks!  He has got only 2 front teeth. CrAzY chRiS is very warm hearted and will help anyone in danger or in trouble. CrAzY chRiS has lots of friends including Stupid Sid which is his best friend! CrAzY chRiS has one favourite word that he always says which is CoOl.  He has got a parrot and he is very fond of his parrot which is called-peanut butter! Peanut butter is very stupid and always falls of his perch and he eats lots of peanut butter(that's where he gets hisw name from!) Peanut Butter always wasted CrAzY ChRiS  money that he earns on the ship by doing jobs. The ship is called theThe Sinking Sammie Ship)THE BEST SHIP ANYWHERE! the ship is suppose to have   300 rooms! (have you tried counting!)

Stupid Sid by Sammie: My pirate is really stupid. (Like my best friend Abby!) He has got loads of friends who help him when he gets scared. (all the time)He is really short and is called Stupid Sid. He has got a cute parrot called Chaz. Chaz always stands up for Stupid Sid. Chaz is Stupid Sid's best friend, and never stops talking! He makes Stupid Sid and the other pirates laugh by telling them funny jokes! Stupid Sid has got short grey hair, and only about 2 teeth, he wears really smart clothes!

Hopalong by Stephen: His name is Hopalong and is the best sea-dog of the seven seas. He is horrible to anyone who gets in his way.

Vain Burst by Ross: His name is Vain Burst. -He is known for when he gets really angry or when someone gets on his nerves so much that his vains burst. -He  35, 000, 000 years old. -He has killed so many pirates that I can not number them all. -He walks around on one wooden leg and one normal leg. -He always has a parrot chirping away on his sholder. 

Short John Silver by ? : My pirate is the nastiest, most daring person in the whole wide world.  He smells like a pair of socks that have been worn a 100,000 years. He has sharks as pets and swims with them for fun. He never has a wash and he's got one leg(rotten wooden legs with wood louse on it).  He has nits in the little bit of hair he's got left.  He has one eye to see with that isn't any good. Last but not least his main meal is chopped up rats mixed with an eye of a human and a heart of a pig.  And his name is:  Short John Silver         

Beefy has been sent in by a nameless girl from Cambridgeshire:

My pirate is tall and fat , his shipmates how other are small and skinny. My pirate is called Beefy because he is fat. On Beefy's left arm he has a tatto saying MUM, funnly enough his mum did not like it and tried to rub it off ,as she thought it was fake, his arm was red raw for weeks and hiis mum made him leave home and all beefys friends laughed at him. Beefy had a parrot called Percey but Beefy got annoyed with it so he slit its throught , it kept steeling Beefys food . Beefy has a long beard black beard which he alwas gets his food stuck in , and one Beefy,s girlfriend found mouldy food in it and she threatend to leave him .

This nameless pirate is from Chris

My pirate has 2 big eyes black as big as your face (well nearly). He has no legs except for pegs of course. He is the most tattoed man in the world. His biggest tatto is on his buttox. He has stained yellow and red teath. He has Baked Beans, Egg, Mustard, Doggie Dodars and toast. 

This shark-fascinated pirate is from Clair

My pirate would have clothes that were very dull and were brown in color. They would be to small, shaggy, and they would have rips and holes all over them. My pirate would have one eye the other one would be covered with a patch.   He would have a peg leg that got cut of on accident by one of his crew members.   He would have a huge aquariam in the bottum of his ship and he would keep his pet shark there.  He would also have a brown and  green parot that he named grimey.   He would smell so bad that even pigs wouldn't dare go near him. His crew would cowar before him and when one of them did somthing wrong he would feed that person to his shark.  He would wear a battered hat when he was happy and no hat when he was mad. He would have a wife as bad as he was and she would wear a brown dress and rip at her clothes till she looked like a ball of rags.  He would never go on land unless he planned to fight and he would be mean to every one for no reason.

Ahoy there - now we have a nameless pirate from a nameless person!

A large, bushy black beard brushed the Spanish jacket that he had stolen when he had encountered them in the Channel. He was string, with his one dark green eye, at the mast that was about to calapse on him, due to the cannon-ball that had hit it moments before.He went to run out of the way but his wooden leg was slowing him down. He half limped and half ran till his oak leg got stuck in the floor board that had been littered with spinters. His wrinkled hand smashed though the deck and into the hold where he had held his last victim, just then the mast smashed though the deck and crushed him.

Meet Captain Catfingers - a veritable rogue if everyone I saw one who also has an appalling taste in clothing - he's a friend of Caitlin and Hazel.

Captain Catfingers has long wiry hair and a white beard.   He has both of his sea-green eyes but he wears a patch over his left eye.   Once, long ago he lost half of his right leg in a fight with a saber tooth crocodile on a journey to America.  In its place is a rotten wooden leg with woodworms in it.  He wears a long black coat with a skull and cross bones sewn on the back.  He has bright green trousers with zips down the front and a pink wooly jumper with a white rabbit on the front.

Never trust a pirate with a mole on his nose I say - thanks Katie for your pirate!

The ugliest pirate I ever saw had one ear because the other one was eaten by a bird.  The pirate's name was Jitripn.  You could not see Jitty's face because it was always dirty.  He had one gold tooth in the front of his mouth--that's the ONLY tooth he had!  His eyes were real droopy and stretched down to his mouth because he never got any sleep.  He was too busy fighting the other pirates on other ships.  Over one eye, he had a patch.  His nose had a big mole on the middle of it, which big, black hairs grew out of.  He smelled really bad, like dead fish.  He had a nest of bugs living in his hair!  If you went near Jitty, he would probably try to bite you.  He did not like anyone, even though, for some reason, they tried to be friends with him.  He used to have a crew, and they found gold one day.  Jitty kept it all for himself, and his crew left because they weren't being fed anymore by Jitty.  Instead, Jitty was getting fat eating all that his gold could buy him, and only him.  So, all in all, I think Jitty is a rotten, selfish, spoiled, dirty pirate! 

Bone Shaker seems to be a personal friend of young Tom - he sounds like a useful man to have around when you can't get the lid off the ketchup.

His name is Bone Shaker he is know for his supreme strength and fiery temper. He keeps his self to his self he has arms like tree truncks and he is one of the best knife throwers in the seas.

A mysterious person has sent me this fearsome sounding pirate - a truly spine quivering and lip wobbling terrorsome sounding man - I hope that I never gets to meet him.

The pirate i would describe for ben gunn would be the undescribable. This hideous monster of a pirate is described like this from head to toe, the hair on his head is the color of the murkiest and filthiest water in the deepest part of the dead sea, his eyes are blackened by the sun and in the very center where the pupils were are sharks teeth smoothed into two tiny balls, his nose, well...there's not much left of his nose since he cut it off when it wouldn't stop itching and now you can see a very little bit of his brain, his mouth has a long dirty handlebar moustache and below that is a three foot beard which is filled with food dirt and holds a knife that he uses in emergencies, his four teeth are black and dark green from where they were never cleaned except when he washed his food down with some beer, whiskey, or rum, his chest is badly scarred from sword and gun fights and he has many chunks of skin missing in some places from the times his crew got so hungry that they tried to eat him where he had gotton so drunk that he fell asleep, his legs had been crushed by the mast when it had fallen down in a raging storm one night and he refused to have them cut off, and if you run your hand across them you can feel the hundreds of pieces of bones from when they shattered that night .his feet are gane green with infection and he can walk on hot coals and not feel a thing. A horrible man this pirate is, im not even sure if he is still a man.

Ooh blimey - yet another fearsome pirate  - this one is called Black Grin and is a mate of Mursh.

Black Grin in his life was an evil old pirate that so loved his gold that he vowed No one would ever get his gold.  He never keep a crew because every time he got one as soon as he got some new treasure and had buried it on his secret island he would murder all the crew so they couldn't steal it from him later. He got the name Black Grin because he has 4 totally black teeth in the front of his mouth. He wears what he finds until they are so worn and dirty he can wear them any longer then he changes them. Once after hitting the grog to heavily he got mad at his crew and tried to kill them for no reason but while he was hacking up his crew one of them got him in the gut and mortally wounded him. Before he died he made a deal with the devil and now he's just a flaming skeleton that travels the earth on his ghost ship. The last thing many poor souls see while traveling near his island is his horrible black toothed flaming skull looking them in the eyes and laughing wildly.

Terrifying and fierce Black Scars has been sent in by a mysterious nameless person

Black Scars stands at the wheel, steering the fierce ship through the rampaging waves.  The sea, slamming against the boat, tossing it back and forth through the thick of the storm; the ship growls and screams in torment.   Black Scars stands proud in the middle of the chaos, commanding his crew with an iron fist, "Lower the sails! Drop the anchor!"  The crew scurries to prepare the ship, for a deadly battle with the sea. Black Scars stands tall, and strong; towering over the wheel like a pillar of strength.  Dark and mysterious, his face sharp and alive.  There are two black scars, shaped like crosses are on each of his eyes stretching down his cheeks.  They are there to always remind him that through his cruelty and savage ways, he is a monster in the eyes of god.

This natty dresser is called Silver Beard Tom and is a mate of Jami's

This Pirate's name is Silver Beard Tom. He has a patch over his eye, pokadot pants. Red shirt, purple bandana, red eyes, drool coming out of his mouth of sharp teeth, one gold tooth the rest black, a pearl neckless, pimple on his nose, the biggest nose you ever saw, and he always burps!

This nameless pirate comes from Arlie who lives in the Colonies.

He has long black hair. One leg is missing so he has one wooden leg. He has a beard but no mustache. He's very, very dirty. His favorite colors are black and white. He can get very mean.

Captain Peglegge is a mate of Evan and Becky

Captain Peglegge has a peglegge, he has no teeth he has lots of scars and spikey hair. He has a beard. He has a hook as a hand. He is real mean looking.He hates girls.

Pirate Joe and his wife comes from Michael who lives Down Under.

His name is Joe. He has funny hair and a white beard. And a wife. He has a wooden leg. He has an tattoo and a eye patch and a scar. He's got big big muscles, once his ship sank and he had to jump on his speed boat with his blue heeler,   his name is blue, and his wife.

Captain Hook is a chum of Aimee and Frank

Captain hook,
He has a wooden leg,
He has a sword,
He has a hook for a hand,
He has a big big pirate ship,
He has an eye patch,
He has a parrot on his shoulder,
He talks mean,
He has a beard,
He has lots and lots of gold,
He is very very very rich,
He is very very very mean,
He talks very very yuckky.

Kristian and Paige know all about Black Beard.

Black Beard has a wooden leg and he has a black beard   it looked like a
wooden  beard.He had gold and he had a crew and he had killed a whale in
the  ocean.

A nameless pirate from Ash and Natasha

He  has   an eye  patch    . 
He  has   a  hook.
He  is   the   meanest     of    all.
He   ties   people  up.
He  kills    people.
He   has  a   ship.
He   has   a  hat.
He is really mean.
He hides somewhere so noone can see him and when they get on his boat he
ties them up.
He wears a ripped t.shirt.
He has lots of scars and only one eye.
He has scratches.
He has a wooden leg.

Lucy tells a tale of a meeting with a most gruesome, grubby and grotty pirate!

It was Saturday afternoon and I was swinging on the swings in my backyard.  Everything was going fine until a pirate walked up to me. He had to be the most disgusting, smelly, and revolting pirate that ever walked the planet.   He had one dark black eye that if you stared into you would see a deep, dark, blackness of nothing.  His other nearly cut in half, and it looked like it was about to fall out.  He had a crooked nose that curled at the end.  His mouth was nothing but a hole in his face with a bunch of spiders looking out, the few teeth that he had were green and yellow, they looked like the hadn't been brushed in years. His clothes were rags with many bloodstains here and there.  His hands were like bony claws that had things stuck to them that you couldn't even imagine.  His voice was so deep and hollow that listening to it made you shiver.  Just looking at him was horrible. He only had one foot, for the other one had been cut off in battle.  He had a long shabby beard kind of moldy gray and green clolor; it had all sorts of food and bugs stuck in it.  His hair was no better; it was again the same gray tinted moldy green color though instead of food it had spider webs in it.  He had to be the most gruesome and disgusting pirate that I had ever seen.

Alec and Nolan from Pennsylvania know about this nasty piece of work.

Our pirate is a killer. He's fat, stupid, hairy and has no sense. He goes on his broken down , half-sunken ship, shooting at whatever he sees.   He wears a caveman suit and always carries his case of rum everywhere he goes. On his last adventure he traveled around drunk on the island searching for the buried chickens.  His finals hours were spent in nearby bars performing in talent shows.

A mysterious pirate from a mysterious nameless person.

My pirate would have a parrot on his shoulder. he would also have black hat and  a  wooden leg just like captain hook.

A right nasty pirate from Renee - have a look at his picture if you've got the stomach for it!

He is really mean and lost his leg in a fight with a shark.  He killed all his crew.  He left them to drown after he cut their legs off.

Pirate Jack Russell is a friend of Tori and Fran - rather them than me!

My pirate is mean and grotesque.  He has a fat belly and it has got hairs and warts on it.  I have nightmares about him all the time.  He is horrible and sweaty and eats like a pig.  He always eats human legs, from his prisoners.  He wears a dirty stripey jumper, and has a scarf tied round his neck to hide the scars he has from where an alligator tried to eat him.  He has a wooden leg and a few golden teeth.  His most treasured possesion is his diamond brooch, which was a piece of booty stolen from Marie Anne Toinette.  And his name is Pirate Jack Russell.

A mysterious girl tells terrible tales of an evil siren - she's even drawn a picture of the siren as well.

She is a girl and sings to lure men pirates to give her their gold - kind of like a Syren.  She is very EVIL.

Captain Cutthroat will regret this lack of dental hygiene when those teeth fall out - no more toffee for him then! Thank ye Dennis for letting me know about him.

This pirate is very unclean. He has very bad dental records but usually doesn't brush the five teeth that he has. He acts real nice to people then after a day or two,while their sleeping, he slits their throats and takes everything valuable that they have. His clothes are smelly and bloodstained and he has a pet hawk that sits on his shoulder and does anything he tells it to do. He has one real eye and a glass eye behind his "lucky patch". He is very rich and buries his treasure where its almost impossible to find. Everyone who tries to get to his treasure has died trying. He also has bugs that crawl around all over his body, but he's so used to it he forgets they are there. He's very mean and has alot of ships. His name is Capt. Cutthroat. He's very dangerous so look out.

Nate the Great is a friend of person with no name.

He would look mean and really dumb. One leg, hook on the right arm, long beard and a patch over the left eye. His name would be Nate the Great.

A young laddie by the nade of Nathaniel knows this pirate

My pirate must have a big red scar across his face, and a patch across his left eye, with one wooden leg. He must be ugly and fierce!

This here pirate comes from Michaela who I reckons is sister to young Nathaniel.

My pirate would have one ear and only one eye, half of his teeth would be missing,and he would have lots of cuts in his neck.  He would have  a big scar across  his head. Two of his fingers would be  missing, and he would have a wooden leg and a  hook.

This unpleasant and uncouth pirate is nameless as is the person who sent him in.

My pirate would be very greedy. His face would be covered in big ugly zits, that would bleed very hard when you pop them. His nose would be ugly and crooked, and very oily with tiny pieces of green snot coming down. His mouth would be crooked when he smiled, and would spit out little pieces of spit every time he talked. he would be missing 3 fingers on one of his hands. He would walk very crookedly, and have blisters all over his feet and rotten nails. He would be missing one foot, and use a big long bone to support himself.

Benny the pirate is a chum of young Elliot the Cabin Boy.

My pirate has a handkerchief around his head and it has got black spots round the handkerchief. He has a black patch around his eye and he is holding a sword. His name is Benny. He has one black tooth and you can really see it when he smiles.

Kayleigh knows of this fearsome fellow!

My pirate will have a wooden leg with a skull and crossbones carved into it. He will have a patch on his left eye and a ten-foot long cutlass.

Those young pirates in training at Chew Magna school have been busy again!

Hard Thorn By Hannah Grist Hard thorn in the Captain of the bloodthirsty, smelly, repulsive hooligans he calls his 'crew'. Hard Thorn has a greeny black tooth which sticks down through his lower lip which is very painful when he wants to eat salted peanuts. The ship he guides around the seven sea's is named 'Daggar'. Hard Thorn has an eye patch on his knee because his bluey green ("magnificantly sea like" as he would say) eyes were in perfect working
order. Well, one of them. The other one was false. A red ball placed in the socket. His Captains hat perches ontop of his revolting nit crawling sea weed wig, and the moths have had a fully fledged banquet on it. He has three legs. Two of his own and a peg leg because he felt 'odd' being a captain of a crew of thirty swashbuckling murderers and not having a wooden body part some where. This man is 75 and looks about 43 which is very very good for a man of his age.

Red Rum by T. Meek. Red Rum is his name and he is the captain of the murderous mule. He got his name and ship name from the horse Redrum.If you spell Redrum backwards you get murder as in murder ous mule. get it mule,horse. he travels all over the exotic countries like Cuba, St Lucia and the Bahamas.He is very very scary and can kill anyone with his horrific smell

Shredder by Alex. My pirate is called Shredder his ship is called the SKULL and CROSSBONES . He has a eye patch over his one eye.

Scar by Beky. His name is Scar,he sails on the "Death's Doom" and is the ships gunner. He is called Scar because he has a great big scar running down his left cheek, from his eye, curving down to his mouth. The stench of his breath is enough to make any other normal person run a mile with no difficulty. He has teeth popping.

Captain Dave Armstrong by Sarah.  The captain Dave Armstrong is a very mean man. Dave runs a boat called Red Devil ship. If none of Dave's pirates are doing what Dave wants they would get whipped with a steel cane. He has one leg and the other on a peg because it got cut off in a fight. He's got one hand the other is also on a peg that was caused of being in a fight. I will finish telling you about him next time.

Jess The Captain by Patrick. Jess is a Captain on the Doggybowl (a ship!) He is a mad cuthroat  pirate.He is old and wrinkley he has yellow teeth which could not even eat a potato.

Spike knows of a nameless pirate. My pirate has one leg as his other was chewed off by a hungry shark.     my name is spike   my postion on ship is captin

A pirate from Mickey. my pirate is a very mean one he could fight all the pirates in the world and still come out with a few cuts and brusies.ifinish telling you next time

Blackblood by Amy. My Pirates name is Blackblood, he is the Captain on the ship which was called King Gorges revenge. He lost his one leg in a fight as he was trying to protect his treasure  and the Pirates his was fighting pushed him in the water so all the sarks sourounded himand one bit of his leg.

Courageous Karen by Poppy. Karen has messy hair that smells so bad it's almost scary. People think that because courageous Karen is a girl she isn't as stong as all the male members of crew.                        

Scrumpy Jack by Kay. She has filthy,long,black hair tied back with string. She is tall and thin, not like most pirates. She has a couple of scars on her legs, nothing serious. She wears black baggy trousers and a red or green silk top.

Wacko Jacko by Jo. Pirates name:Wacko Jacko Ships name:The living dead. Position:Captain. Features:eye patch, hook, pegleg, dark, curly hair, only three teeth. He also has scars

Captain Crackel by a Finch. Crackel is a very nasty person who throws people in a pit if they dont do what he has told them to do.

Captain Blackpatch by Nicola. Blackpatch is a hideous captain thats got a gold and black hat with skull and cross bonein the middle.  His face has got two scares.

Nick by Barry. Nick - crew member of the Blackbeard gunner of the ship Blackbeard - scrufe looking.     

Pirate Scruncher by Cally. My Pirate must be the smelliest ugliest living creature I have ever thought about in my iwhole living life. Its name is Pirate Scruncher, they say in his life he has killed more than 100 people in his entire life.  A skunks bum is a pritier sight than his whole body and face.  He has a belly the size of 5 ballons and a full size cooking basin (or should we say a full sized COOKER !!!)

Rock the Nasty by ? My name is rock the nasty .He is a member of crew of a ship called The Deadly Terror

Desperate Dan by  Edward, The name of this pirate is Desprate Dan CAPTAIN of the DEAD DIANNA he will have no legs 1 arm

Wolf by Naomi. My Pirate is called the Wolf and he is a crew member of the Spikemen ship he is a gunner. The Wolf has a big beard and a very hary chest (you can probly gues were he gets his name)

Evil Steve by Leonie. My pirate would be called Evil Steve. he would be the meanest.

Manto Mike by Sam. My pirate would be called Manto Mike.

Skull Crusher by ? My pirates  name  is skull crusher he  is harmfull  he has a black and yellow teeh and his breath stincks with  cuts across his face . he has a gold gun     

Nick Nicktro by Adam. NIC NICKTRO was the captain on killarony battle ship. He wore two guns on his side. His beard and hair is bright green.

A nasty sounding pirate from a mystery person.

" Arrrrr maties!!!!!!!  I'm your worst nightmare! I has ripped up clothes from the last fight I won.  My fingernails are black. I also have a very loud,scratchy,and rough voice.I have patched up pants that stank like dead men. My teeth are very yellow   from smoking a pipe. My teeth are very crooked at the same time. I had a blood red bandana around my head. My sword is jagged like a saw. My face has pale white cuts. One cut looked pretty recent. Some teeth were missing. I have scars all over my body. I have one that goes clear across my nuckles and it had been cut down to the bone."

Emily knows of a terrifying pirate who is truly horrible sounding.

The scariest pirate I've ever seen was 7 feet tall, and had a fork for his left hand, and a branch for his right leg. His whole face was nothing but brusies and burn marks. He had eyes so large that he could see a whole room at once, and was always watching you. His moth was always tight and together, and the only noise that he ever made, was a low growl. He had a wrinkled forhead and hands so scarred that you couldn't even see the skin, if he even had any!  He was horrible!!!

Ed and Dan tell of the fearsome Captain Class and his wife Long John Jane.

Our pirate is called Captain Class. He has a big wooden leg because his real one got eaten by a fat cannibal. He has a parrot which can speak and it scares off people. He looks scary because he has one eye which is near the middle of his head. He also has three ears. He has a wife called Long John Jane who has a big beard.

A mystery person tells of the truly terrible Captain Freak.

His name is Captain Freak. If someone says "Hey you!", he'll kill them instantly with his electric claw. He's got a 50 foot long green, barnicle covered beard. He has one ear with 30 earrings on it, all solid platinum.   He's 7 foot  tall. He makes earthquakes when he breaks the air. When he burps a sour stench fills the air. He has no hair at all.

Lara from Turkey knows all about this rascal!

He's got a ship and he takes everything from other ships without asking. He's got one eye, one leg , and a big gun. He shoots everyone. He steals everybody's  money and steals dress,  foods and he's a really bad man. Nobody doesn't like him.   

This scary sounding pirate comes from Neston County Primary School.

A sliced off nose it was pecked off by his parrot.
his eye has been eaten out by a great white shark
his teeth are green and his mouth stinks
he has boils everywere 
he has raw fish and slugs
he has one eye  and one with  slime coming out
his clothes are torn and mouldy.
Half of his tongue is black and almost dropping off!
His teeth are  like mouldy  bread.
he has long hair thats never been washed  in his  life  time.
he has maggots on his clothes.
And his eyes are inside out.
He drinks human blood after killing them.
he bites of their heads and eats them whole.

Slava tells of One Eyed John - a fearsome sounding scoundrel.

One eyed John is the most blood thirsty pirate in the north seas. He has not got one leg and he lost his eye in a battle, but he always carries a weapon a sword or a gun. And he always has money to buy his rum. He lives a very violent life and he has spilled more blood then a messy house keeper spilled water. So my advice to you if you see him stay away!!!

Nong knows the terrible pirate Boloca

Boloca came from Hacuna island in Pacific ocean. He got his eye missing by falling down onto the spike. He drink a whisky like beer and drink rum like water. He is one of the stinkiest and the the most dangerous. His favorite weapon is his machine gun. The flag on his ship have two skull, if you see that sign keep away from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manisha tells of a frightening pirated called Mandy Hook.

My description of my pirate is she is about 22 years old her nickmane is black eye she likes to travel  alot all around the globe  . She has one eye and she has  her ears pierced and wears lots of gold . She owns a   ship called The Mary Rose  It is a good ship to  sail on. She has 10 other pirates with her .She has  parrot called bluey. She hanges around with a big gang.

A fantastically marvellous poetical pirate by Angela

Barnacle Bruce will scare you to death,
His crew is ferocious, his ship is a mess.
They sail the seas, the wind-swept sails all curvy,
Their moms will protest that all the pirates have scurvy.
Bruce glares thru his spy glass, his black eyes a twitchin',
While his men hoist the sails on masts, fore and mizzen.
His pegleg clumps as he paces the deck,
and one sight of him, is one you'll never forget.
The scraggly grey beard that covers his face
resembles rock barnacles, a barber's disgrace.
Where once was his nose, a scarred space remains,
He lost it to a shark, his first mate explains.
If his mother could see him, she probably might cry,
her little boy's a pirate, and missing one thigh.
His ears, red and hairy, stick out from his head,
they leave dents in his pillow when he goes to bed.
Worst of all, Bruce bears a fearsome tattoo,
engraved on his chest, "Mommy, I love you."

Vique recalls the pirate simply known as Cod-Eye.

He might have a pegleg, but the last time anyone asked, Cod-Eye told him to take a long walk off a short plank.  Cod-Eye appears to be the average pirate, from the back at least. His inlaid gold baldric matches the engraved gold buttons of his dark blue doublet.  The worn and salt-encrusted brown leater boots creak and thump as he strides across the deck, barking orders that had better be obeyed.   But if he turns to look at you, affixing that one cold fishy eye upon you in a look that freezes your blood, turning your heart into a lump unable to beat in your chest, why, perhaps you'll voluntarily walk the plank. Anything to escape the gaze of that ice blue eye.  If it weren't for the chapped red of his cheeks, and the energy with which he waves his dull silver sword which is legendarily belonging to Blackbeard, one could swear that this is no man, but a spirit cursed to sail the seas for crimes and horrors unrevealed.  He is no ordinary man, he is a plague, the Scourge of the Caribbean.

A Scot and a pirate! Heaven help us.

My Pirate is a Scot called Willy. He has a gross but strong crew. He is very strong and has a stud earing on his tongue and also one through his nose. He has dirty and sweaty clothes. He is not a greedy man and likes to share his treasure. He likes to do team work. he has grey and black hair which is very greasy. He is the captain of the ship with a long mishety (KNIFE) in his long socks and a musket on his belt it is always loaded.

A right nasty sounding pirate called Captain Kenny.

He is tall and has only one leg; his arms are long so he uses them for grabbing children. He also has a black patch over his left eye and his right eye looks mean. He is a greedy pirate and steals from the old people in his hometown of goodland.

Captain Crossbreed is a mutant pirate - a very dangerous type - I'm glad he's a friend of Rob's and not one of mine.

His skin is green and he drools constantly. He has a scar across his right eye and teeth that are three feet long, he is crossed between every animal in the sea, His eyes glow red and flame when he's angry. His arms are so massive he can pick up his own ship with one finger! He has wounds all over him! Out of his cheek is razor sharp teeth from the time he ate a sea serpent. He has wounds all over him that never stop bleeding! He eats people alive and he does the same to animals. This pirate takes no prisoners.

Rob also knows the infamous Captain Scar - a pirate who sends a shiver down the timbers of any sea-faring folk.

His name is Captain Scar. He has a scar across his right eye. People say he is human. Some say he is a sea serpent! His teeth are as long as knives! Every night you hear yelling of a child. Then you know he is eating one! Once Scientists found him and cut him open. They found tires and babies and children and horses, cows, beavers, anything you could imagine! How did they get him you ask? They found him with no head! No one knows how it happened. The next day the scientists went into the lab and found the table full of blood without him on it! Then they turned looked out the window and saw that it was broken! Who is brave enough to go find him? Are you?

Rob also knows Godzilla the pirate - a fearsome fire-breathing beast of a seadog!

This pirate is a lizard. 700 feet tall and his teeth are as big as apartment buildings with 30 floors on them! His name is Unknown because no one knows his name. He spits fireballs out of his massive mouth! People call him Godzilla but everyone knows Godzilla is no match for him! His massive hands are as big as 88 houses combined! There have been pictures taken of him but right before they can get it to someone it mysteriously burns up!  There was a brave lad who threw a candle at him and then threw gasoline! It blew up with a tremendous blow! did not even scratch the beast! Then he glared at the lad as his arms fell off!!! He ran away never to be seen again! Two years later still on the case of the missing boy, They found him! All there was was a skeleton laying in a bed all burnt up. How did they know it was him? The skeleton had no arms!!! But the bed sheets were not burnt! They say it happened just like how it happens to the pictures! I dare ya to go and find him!

Captain Rob has also sent us a picture of another fearsome pirate friend of his.

Captain Rob knows more pirates than there are fish in the sea.

His name is Captain Drako. He 4 arms and legs! He is very ugly and no one likes him. How did he grow extra limbs you ask? He once was a normal man working a a toxic waste plant. Then he fell into the toxic waste and ran away to the ocean water to wash it off. He jumped in and never came out! Then 4 years later some people spotted him coming out of the water. They all ran because of his ugly figure. He will never stop growing! He grows spikes down his back! And Horns on his serpent head! His extra arms would turn into newts arms and beetle arms and even dragon arms! His head doesn't even looks human! Oh whoops I mean heads! He is usually in someone's house drinking out of their toilet! Or else eating them! Who is going to stop this?! Are you the one?

Them children from Dene Magna School have been busy again - Gloucestershire must have more pirates than any other place in the World!

Willy by Henry. My Pirate is a Scot called Willy. He has a gross but strong crew. He is very strong and has a stud earing on his tongue and also one through his nose. He has dirty and sweaty clothes. He is not a greedy man and likes to share his treasure. He likes to do team work. He has grey and black hair which is very greasy. He is the captain of the ship with a long mishety (KNIFE) in his long socks and a musket on his belt it is always loaded. He has a girlfriend called Pugsy, she is always very proud of Willy and wants to get married to him. Willy wants to find a treasure box but cannot find the map for it. His crew is scared of him because of the gun that he carries he does not like his crew that much but if they help him to get treasure he will share it with them he is that kind of guy. He has a special compass that he keeps around his neck he once had this stolen and now he is very cautious of people that have access to him when he is sleeping. The last person who stole it walked the plank. Willy has kind of a greased but dirty hairstyle but attracts all the ladies. He is 59 years old. This is my pirate WILLY. 

Ruffian Richard by Melissa.  My Pirate would be called Ruffian Richard. He has a tattoo of an anchor on his arm so everyone knows he is a pirate.  His Captain is called Captain one leg he is tall with one leg and a long black beard.   The ship Ruffian Richard travels on is called the skull and cross bones. The ship has been used for thousands of years it is one of the biggest ships built. Ruffian Richard has brown eyes and a short brown beard . He also has along deep scar on his cheek. He wears a ripped white shirt blue baggy shorts and a red bandanna with white spots on his head. His mates are Savaged Sascia , Windy Miller , and Manky Hanky, They became friends in secondary school.

Windy Miller by Jenny. My pirate would be called WINDY MILLER THE SAIL FILLER. He'd have rings all over his body (even in places you'd least expect !!!!) He has a big red eye (the other one is covered by a black patch) there are flies swarming it all year round, especially in the summer. Windy has one awful habit (it's in the name!!!!!) passing wind (there are many other names like fluffing & guffing etc,etc). He is really short for a bloke but  taller than some of his friends like Ruffian Richard . The one thing that is really gross is his nose, it's really small compared to the rest of his face and it has really long hairs that nearly touch his chin and they contain left overs of past meals (some bits have started to go moldy). The hair on his head hasn't been brushed for so long it's in really big knots, it has grey highlights as he hasn't dyed it for so long. His clothes are really foul & grim as they came from the off dead pirates who he went into battle against. He wears a deep reddish brown pair of trousers with a plain blue ripped & messy. Over his knotty & gross hair he wears a red & blue spotty bandanna. He carries a long, bent sabre that he was given by his grandfather, "long John silver", when he died.     He sails on a boat called the "Mayfair II." The sailing ship is a schooner & windy is the boatswain. He is on his hands & knees most of the time scrubbing the ruff & splintering decks.    He is really friendly if there isn't any treasure involved, but when there is he turns really nasty and you will most probably end up with some parts of your body missing.   His best friends are Ruffian Richard, Savaged Sascia & Manky Hanky. He normally tries to pick fights with Manky Hanky but they are still friends. They always drinks rum and is normally sick after too much & the swaying from side to side of the boat. He loves food & he can't get enough, his favourite is brussle~sprout stew with horseradish sauce.  

Pirate Pig by Dan. Hello my name is pirate pig. I've got no teeth and one eye have two tattoos on my arm and shoulder I have a gold earring in my left ear. Greasy and dark hair and he smell like a dust bin. His coat is green and dirty and grubby a and he needs a wash he looks ugly add he's got a smelly ship.

Captain Kill by Jon. he be smelly and rotten He has one oak peg leg. His left eye was cut out when he was in a fight with captain Long John Silver. He has a black leather patch over the hole with his name on it. He wears a black and white top with a scull and cross bone in the middle. He wears a pair of ripped shorts. His hair is long and smelly. He has five teeth missing they are black and yellow. His breath stinks. He has been on loads of adventures; he has sailed the seven seas, found around about ten treasure chests, also he has killed one hundred men and three Royal Navy captains last but not least he has captured four schooner's. The ship that he is work in on is called the Jolly Gunner the ship is made from oak as well as his peg leg. At the back of the ship there is a gigantic flag with a scull and cross bones on it. He has a bulldog called musket. He has black and white pates all over him. He stays in the dog kennel that is around the mast. There is a rumour that musket killed old long John silver when captain kill was fighting him.    

Black Widow by Katie. This pirate is not such a normal type of pirate, it is a woman!? She uses her voice like a siren to put all the male pirates in a trance; she then attacks like a black widow spider. Her face is an enchanting sight, but don't be fooled! Her eyes open wide at the sight of another ship. She doesn't care if the pirates on it fell off the edge of the world, hey'll wish they had by the time she has finished! She looks like a gullible victim but I can assure you she will go to any length to protect herself. Her brown, shiny hair is tied in a bandanna with skull and crossbones printed on it. The gallant ship she rides on is run by other pirates of any gender, usually males who she has got the better of and have become her slaves. The only thoughts she has are about the next pirates she will take advantage of while her crew attack.  Her clothes are dirty and ripped if they were clean other pirates would get suspicious, besides, she hates clean as most good people are called "squeaky clean." You can see her tanned Spanish face through the dirt and ocean spit that jumps up onto the boat as it is sailing. The boat itself is made of fine wood, only the best for The Black Widow! It has two great white sails and a bold pirate flag swaying meanly in the roar of the wind above the crow's nest. It has a top deck that is scrubbed thoroughly each day by five pirates. It has a lower deck where The Black Widow usually invents her fiendish plans. Down there is also where the studying of the precious maps take place. She has one fairy that she captured and is keeping it in a glass box in the lower deck. She tortures it until it tells her if her plans will work, the fairy knows that her little life is endangered if she lies. The Black Widow also has one colourful parrot that is called Charli she carries it around on her left shoulder. He is her favourite, more so than her ship and all of her hostages on it. But don't be tricked into thinking she loves him that much, she would eagerly trade him in for a chest full of treasure! The Black Widow is the most powerful pirate of the Seven Seas. In her time she has horribly killed about 17 million people, captured 178 and fought 5000 sea monsters she is only 27. Her next adventure is going to be in the very near future. She is out to get her arch enemy Napkin. Please guard this document with your life! If The Black Widow finds I have done this I am done for!

Napkin by Leanne. She has big blue eyes and round cheeks a small mouth and a long nose ,she has long blonde hair  that shines in the sunlight and her clothes are ragged  with sharp edges and growling teeth and they do glisten especially the gold tooth  and on the other side there is a silver tooth they make her look ugly , and horrible (evan though she is horrible), but SHE RULES THE SEA !!!!!!!!!!!!       Her personallity  is very different to the other pirates and her mind is  very scatty and she likes to be in charge ,so that's why she becomes a captain  on a ship (THE GOLDEN DRAGON) which she made her own schooner .     She has two pets called SCARLET and PEGLET  they are dogs ones female and ones male and they have another animal called jasper and that is a bird and they have two fish called pale and wale .     The ship is very Hugh with a lot pirates working they have only ever found TREASURE twice so they are not very pleased about that but Napkin is very pleased because the enemy has never found any treasure in there lives because we have always got there before they ever got there so are ship is just better then theres The ship/schooner has a big mermaid at the end of the ship, which they look up to.       The behaviour of pirates is strange and very different to other pirates with, bad breath and scale scratching nails and all that bad stuff . Pirates are not all that bad really are they, they just like to be scary and nasty to make the pirates  look tuff   and bigger than everybody else . But don't be fooled by them, they are mean and nasty and they will be nice to you then they strike on they either kidnap you or they would torture you and if the worst come to the worst come to the worst they would even kill you so don't be frighten of them.  Napkin is the most brilliant pirate in the world and her arch enemy is Black widow so don't mess with them or NAPKIN MY PIRATE in particular.

Savaged Sascia by Rachel. My Pirate would be called Savaged Sascia. She has five tattoo's on her body. She has one on her back, it is of a dead dragon it reminds her of when she killed a dragon when she was marooned on a nearby island. She has another tattoo next to her right eye it is a small star. She sails on the ship with the captain his name is Captain Schooner! The ship she sails on is called The Anchored Dragon. Savaged Sascia is not like a normal ugly pirate that is mean and wears a patch on one eye. She is a friendly pirate and she is pretty as well. She has long brown hair and blue eyes and she wears a bandanna on her head which is made out of blue denim. She has an oval face. She also wears a pair of torn off denim jeans and a old T-shirt. She is kind but very cunning and she can come up with the best tricks and plans. She is also very clever AND she can always get herself out of the most awkward positions like when she has been caught and is about to get killed she can produce the most amazing escapes. She is also a really good sword fighter. She has a very bold bright and clever personality. She likes doing things her own and she likes being an individual. The ship that she sails on (the anchored dragon) is a very old ship and it is very old fashioned. The sail have been bought cheap because they don't work very well and they have been used on several other ships.  

Captain Big Gun by Chris. Captain Big Gun has a gun as his replacement hand as was blown off during battle he's the hardest pirate there ever be on the seven seas. His ye olde ship is called is the Cannonball as it is ye famous for its ye olde cannons, and its cannonballs which make huge explosions and the enemy ships will never see ye olde light arrgain!! His ye description is very bad as he is the rudest pirate on the seas. He has no respect for his crew as he is always giving orders to em to do work like scrubin the decks and steering the ship for im while he sleeps. E is a lazy Captain as all e does is eat sleep and drink typical of a pirate. All he thinks about is women, as he as never had a girlfriend before. He has a parrot called Polly Cracker, as he loves eating crackers he is the rudest parrot on the seven seas as he repeats all the rude words his master says. He doesn't drink water like a normal parrot as he drinks beer and other alcoholic drinks like rum and whisky. His face is fat, with lots of flab creases and he has a lot of warts on his small egg shaped face. His voice is squeaky like a women's, when she is mad at something. He has a lot of flab all over his body so you can't see any of his muscles because he is so fat. His nose is short and fat and it has a lot of boils and warts on his pig shaped nose. His legs are short and stubby, you can actually see his muscles on his legs as there is hardly any flab on his legs as this is the strong part of his body. His eyes are green, and when he thinks up an evil idea his eyes gleam up like a lightbulb does. He has a lot of clothes, which he has bought with all the money he has got, or which he has stolen. He has more jewellery than what he has clothes. He has ten 24 carrot gold rings, most of these were found on his voyages around the world. He has two hundred rubies, and they have a lot of bright colours, they always gleam when they are taken out into the sun. He loves to show off all of this possessions and how rich he is. Overall he is a very bad pirate, and I would not like to meet him

Captain Long Sock by ? Captain Long Sock is very fat with a very board face . He has a metal plate over his eye and a silver chain holding it on , he has a scar down the middle of his eye . His eye is bright blue with a touch of green. He has a great big beard , his beard is dark brown, it has a bit of grey running down each side of his beard. He has a big pointy nose and it is very hairy with a big ugly wart on the end of it. He smells very very bad . He is very skinny . He wears very old dark blue rags for his shirt, and very old green shorts . He also has bright red socks. He is very ugly and dirty . He loves rum. He has a great big musket in one hand and a sword in the other. He has a albatross in a cage (he believes that they bring good look). He is best friends with his pet parrot . His parrot is called Fred, Fred is orange with green wings . It is one of the worlds prettiest birds in the world.

Captain Cutlass by ? My pirate's name is Captain Cutlass. He only has one arm because the left one was cut off in a sword fight with his archenemy, Captain Long Sock, one of the dirtiest men on the seven seas. He is armed to the teeth with swords, guns and daggers. He has two or three bodyguards atleast with him at all times, but he doesn't really need them because he is one of the most skilled sword fighters and an excellent shot with a musket. Cutlass has an ugly, disgusting face, covered in warts, and with huge nose protruding from the middle of his face. He had long lanky hair, covered in grease and full of knots . On his shoulder he had a huge parrot called Long John screecher, all he screeched all day was " pieces of eight, pieces of eight, pieces of eight!!! He has a stub of a right leg because the left was bitten of  when he was pulled over board in a storm (that killed half his crew), and landed in a circle of sharks. Captain Cutlass's schooner is called the 'Jedi of the seas' which he stole from Bristol docks in 1745. The Jedi was 20 metres long and made of oak wood.    

Captain long boot by? My Pirate would be called Captain long boot. He would have one black eye and the other one would have a patch over it. You could always here him coming by the tapping on the ground of  his old  rotten wooden leg, his ears were long and big with gold earrings. His nose was big and long with red blood spots, and his hair dirty and long with huge knots in it. Every night he would dream about gold and buying a new boat, and doing no more fishing. All he thought about was gold and who won the boat race. He had this parrot that was called Billy the Parrot that sat on Captain long boots fat ugly shoulders, gripping onto his dirty old ragged coat.  His yellow and red feathers were hanging over his shoulder. He liked fighting he was always prepared to fight, he loaded the cannons and he would polish the swords. The one thing he didn't have was a crew he really wanted but no matter how hard he tried nobody wanted to be in his crew. He had a ship and lush food and weapons, they didn't won't to be in his slaves. Captain Long Boots ship is nine years old and called Vana it was brown and 80  meters long it had a hole in the right side from a iceberg which he hit he fix but yet but he still sales it.

Captain Lizzy by ? Captain Lizzy has long curly black hair and dark red lips her nose is bent from her first fight she wears scruffy green and black cloths because she wears shorts all the men she's meats said she's got good legs but like any  other women says , there horrible and spotty she has a tattoo of a rose on her left arm Which she had done at the age of four Lizzy was born in the Lions Head Pub in the south west of Scotland at six o'clock in the morning   but her mum said it was a waist of her time. Her boat the Jolly Roger is old but in good condition but like any boat its creaky and at night its spooky and ghostly its at least 20  years old . Ever since she was ten years old she was working on a boat but this was her first her uncle, long John silver gave it to her in his will when he died in 1988 . She would describe him as a drunken old bum. She has had the boat for at lest four year her crew have a say in every thing because they are old mates witch is good because they wont be any arguments or no deaths no Walk the planks because Lizzy is an easy going person. But if anyone disobeys her she will always have say in it and if she is really annoyed she will chuck them off the boat. 

Mr Davis by Daniel. My pirate looks like a very strong man and he is very scary. He has a 24 carrot gold rings in each ear which have diamonds welded in both of them. His name is Mr Davis, the cruel ex butcher of Glasgow!!!. The man is very scary like I seed and he is very rich. He owns a very big ship witch can hold 2000 pounds in gold. And it can carry 50 people at once. He has a big gold necklace witch is worth 2456 pounds. 

Pirate Pen by Christopher. Pirat pen has a black hat with a Sol and cross bone. Pirart pen is as skinny as a valptipe pen he has one leg and a wooden crocked stick as a leg. His one eye sees the world his patch sees nothing but the black of the night his sward as shiny as a brand new car just washed. His MUSCIT. The colour of his coat is blue. He has a parrot his parrot is red  it is called loony toon Pens face is long and scary. He has one tooth in his head and he scears all of his crew mates.  

Captain Valentine by Beverly. Captain Valentine was a normal kid at once before she got washed away by a tidal wave and no one saw him again. Valentine was her surname.  Miss Virginia Valentine. She landed on an island and she looked very different as from before, She had matted rusty coloured hair with a few dread-locks. Her face was sunburned, her eyes were bloodshot and her arms, legs and neck was all dried blooded. Her clothes had red and white stripes on and her trousers she had blue spots with a denim patch on the left knee.

Captain Pog by Rebecca. My pirate is called Captain pog. He is very fat, with little short legs with stumpy boots. He has a multie-coloured parrot on his right shoulder and a patch over his left eye. He is usually a very jolly man. He has a black hat with a cross on it. He has very big lips. His eyes are big and bold and green. His nose is crooked and hairy. His clothes are massive with tears in them. His hair is black and greasy with blonde streaks in. He was always daydreaming. He had a black musket but he never uses it. He is allergic to fur. His hobbies are stealing and finding treasure. He has yellow teeth and one gold tooth .His breath is really smelly. In his spare time he drinks loads of rum. His ship is massive with big white sails it’s made out of the finest oak wood. No one sees him because he doesn’t come out of his ship. His favourite food is beans on toast with a glass of rum on his ship there are 10 crew scrubbing the decks all day under Captain pogs command. But There is one of the crew witch is Captain pogs favourite person out of his crew. He is really fat He has a blue and white striped top with short black trousers with rips in.

Manwell by Katherine. Manwell was a short round bellied ,one eyed buccaneer . His personality Was terrible, he thought he was brilliant, but he wasn't. His real Name was Manwell but most people called him , well new him as Evil kenevil .His hair was long greasy matted together with black curls. His clothes usually  had  all black oil all over them , he had a purple and white bandanna . If anybody asked his name he would say. ii , Iii , my name is Manwell , Manwell Kenevil , but my middle name EVIL!! His personal background , mental disorder  ,  5 murders ,  abuse to old and ill .  Graffiti , threatening , and more . He had a sparkling Schooner kept clean from slaves , because Manwell Said he would kill them if they didn't do a good job of the Schooner .   His only ambition in life was to be rich.

Captain One Ear by Becci. My pirate would be a fierce, bloodthirsty, villainous thief with only one small mean piggish eye, he would have a black patch over the other one. He would be the most terrifying pirate ever. He would be called Captain One Ear the Thief because he would only have one ear and where the other ear should be, blood would drip out whenever he shouted which would be all the time so wherever he went he would leave a trail of slimy red blood behind him! On his only ear he would have silver earrings right the way up. He would be as thin as a rake and very tall. He has a peg leg and an ugly, hairy, crooked nose that would have four rusty golden nose rings in and his face is covered in red warts that are all different sizes some are even as big as apples and his attitude is terrible, because his missing ear causes him pain. One Ear would have his own ship that would be covered in slime because the crew never bothered to wash it. He would also have a very scruffy pet parrot called Polly. The crew would be the worst sailors ever always getting seasick or terribly ill. There would be twelve of them in all, a silly ships doctor, a cuthroat cabin boy, a furious first mate, two dastardly deck scrubbers, a slimy ships steerer, two lovesick look-outs, a cowardly cook, two ruthless room tidiers and a seasick sea merchant. The crew would be absolutely useless. The Cap’n would yell his head off and they wouldn’t take the slightest notice at all. The Captain Would have black teeth and they would be terribly crooked as if he needed a brace. His clothes would be torn and ragged and he didn’t bother to buy any new ones because if he wanted to have anything new he would walk into a shop grab what he wanted and walk out again. He would be the worst man in the world

Pirate Slaughter by Steve. Pirate slaughter:  He wore an old rugged black waistcoat, a pair of ripped jeans, a long dangaly earring and a blue tattoo of an anchor on his arm. He is bald, has mean eyes and a crooked nose and has a blue and white parrot. He lives on the Great Bulldog ship, along with 12 other menacing pirates. He robs the people of sandy island.      The Great Bulldog was a long ship with a statue of a bulldog  on the front, 15 canons and 2 rocket launchers. Pirate slaughter is the meanest pirate of all he does no work on the ship just larks about putting stink bombs around the cabins and throwing water bombs at the captin.The Captin is a small bad tempered man. He has a mohecan har cut and a big scar down his face, he wears a blue and white striped collar t-shirt.

Captain Kenny by Luke. Once there was a pirate called Captain Kenny. He owned a gigantic ship called the ragged ruin it had a big mast with blindingly bright white sails. He was the captain and had 9 other black-headed mean pirates under him. There was always a big flag with a red skull and crossbones on a bold black background. He terrorised people around the isle of St. marren. You knew who he was by looking at him he had a short right leg with a carved wooden block at the bottom to make his right leg as long as his left leg. He had a lot of long black, knotted hair which draped down his back. He wore a short-sleeved black  shirt and a long pair of trousers and one sandal-like  shoe for his real foot . A huge green and red parrot called allot sat on Kenny's right shoulder. He also had a big dog with a full set of sharp long teeth. Captain Kenny's fellow pirates have all got a parrot most of them have bloodthirsty dogs as well.

Pirate Robert by Peter. My Pirate is called reached Robert. His looks are, he has a parrot is called Richard. Robert has a big fat nose, a fat face, short fat legs, his eyes were mean and blood shot and his hair was very knotty and stringy .His pet parrot was green and red. His ship was very big and brown. It had a very big sale, it had a very big plank on it. Robert had very bad breath. He also had yellow teeth. My Pirate always drank rum in the pub. He always eat fish sandwiches. His clothes are ripped and cut every were, his boots were black and brown. His ship was called the schooner. He had 36-carrot gold on each ear. He also had bright red rings he was very rich indeed. The big ship can carry at least 1000 pirates.

Manky Hanky by Lauren. My pirate is called 'manky hanky'. He would look like a big snotty hanky. For starters he would have dribble coming from his mouth and snot from his nose. He has very knotty hair, which is long and black with bits of slobber in it. He wears a big black hat with scull and cross bones on it he has a wooden arm because when his mother and him were play fighting with swords by mistake she chopped off his arm.  He also wears a black jacket and trousers with lots of holes in them from fighting. He is 42 years old but he can still fight like a young boy and run as well. He owns four treasure chests and he married the queen as a young gentleman and stole  all her crown jewels.  he won't touch a bar of soap or clean water only sea water. manky hanky is a greedy, ignorant and a stubborn pirate.. If he doesn't get his own way he will chop off your head and use it on the mantelpiece. And if you were lucky you would be thrown in the middle of the ocean and they would throw all the gone off meat and old bones to attract the sharks so they could gobble you all up. MANKY HANKY would have lots of other friends such as windy miller the sail filler and ruffian Richard. Together they stop at ports and go to the inns and get drunk like skunks and if he doesn't get drunk in the inns he would get drunk aboard the ship. His mum was a pirate as well and she is on another ship called the 'black lagoon' and his ship is called the' 'black pig'. His mother on the other hand killed his farther because he wouldn't do as she wanted and he didn't believe in drinking alcohol. His ship looks like a ghost ship because the sails are a little moth eaten round the sides the wood of the actual ship is mahogany and the other pirates take very good care of it believe or not. The cabins are a right tip, they have a cook called cook and if he doesn't make what they say he will be chucked over board. Manky hankies favourite food is wild boar and chickens legs his favourite drink is rum. The other pirates dare not disturb him when he is sleeping. 

Barnerby Cross by Laura and Cassie. Barnerby Cross was a evil pirate. He had a patch over his eye. His face is ugly and very spotty. His nose is  hairy and there is a big  wart at the end of his nose. Barnerby's clothes were dirty and he had last weeks dinner on it. He had a ship, Barnerby loved his ship  although there were rats and  mice on board he still adored his ship. His thoughts were to be rich and have his own palace. Barnerby Cross had 10 men and they  scubed the decks cooked   food  and sang evil songs. Barnerby Cross took treasure from other  ships. When a boat will come by they would ambush the boat and steel their treasure. They would take the men on board as prisoners and if Barnerby got bored of them he would make them walk the blank. But one day their was a terrible storm  and the men were trying to keep the ship up but lightning struck and the ship went down and everybody who was in it went down as well so we never saw Barnerby Cross or his treasure ever again.

Pirate Slaughter by Steve. Pirate slaughter:  He wore an old rugged black waistcoat, a pair of ripped jeans, a long dangaly earring and a blue tattoo of an anchor on his arm. He is bald, has mean eyes and a crooked nose and has a blue and white parrot. He lives on the Great Bulldog ship, along with 12 other menacing pirates. He robs the people of sandy island.      The Great Bulldog was a long ship with a statue of a bulldog  on the front, 15 canons and 2 rocket launchers. Pirate slaughter is the meanest pirate of all he does no work on the ship just larks about putting stink bombs around the cabins and throwing water bombs at the captain. The Captain is a small bad tempered man. He has a mohican hair cut and a big scar down his face, he wears a blue and white striped collar t-shirt.

Captain Evil by Leanne. My pirate would be a evil pirate, his name would be Captain Evil, from what I've heard he has really bad breath which you could smell from two miles away. His nose was big and hairy, his teeth were  black with hole's at the side, his gums were red, and his lips were covered in scabs. He  had long hair was just past his knees as it has  never  been cut, he had lots of grey hairs, it looks really greasy to. He dressed really scruffy he dressed like a tramp though he had loads of money to go and buy some new clothes he, never had any because there was no-one to go and get his clothes and he wouldn't go out and buy it, and he had fish for his dinner everyday that he caught from where ever he was. His personality was evil, he had no friends because  of the way he treated them, so if you ever come across  someone like this do stay away from him he is a nasty person, he may get you to feel sorry for him by saying he has no home, but don't fall for that one. All his after is your money. so if you see or hear of someone like this please stay away.

Dunno about this Ben Gunn Deodorant - I suspect that could be a copyright infringement of me good name.

Our pirate looks like an ape and is recommended to wear Ben Gunn deodorant.

One of your old fashioned straight forward pirates here. Generally they're the best kind.

He's black. There's an earring in his ear. He has a patch on his eye. He has a wooden sword and ragged clothes.

Ahh me laddie - flattery will get you everywhere!

His Name is Ben Gunn. He is the most powerful pirate out there. He is also known for his wits. Just the glare on his face puts rivals to shame. He is the greatest pirate you'll ever see!

Captain Red Beard is from Dillon. 

My pirate would be named Red Beard.  He looked mad!  He had sharp teeth, sharp as a shark's tooth.  He can chomp a stick in half, but now he's dead and his ghost is alive.  If you scaredy cats want to go find him, it's not my fault if you die.

Captain Shasta Dez is indeed a fearsome sounding pirate - I'm glad he's a friend of Rayna's and not mine.

So you want the worse pirate dude there is, eh?  Well check this out... My pirate dude would have purple hair and green side-burns.  He would also have a purple beard and  red eyes. He would wear normal clothing so he could confuss his enemys, or in his case, his victoms.  This pirate would be in shape, so he is really muscular, and is known as the strongest pirate their is.  This guy would fight with "the great white shark" and win with one hand tied behind his back.  My pirate dude would be called Captin Shasta Dez.  He was born in England and was raised by his father and mother.  He has the highest respect for everyone, unless you do something wrong.  He loves his mother, and father, and first mate.  His favorite toy is a pistol, and his golden dagger that was made out of a Golden Dragon's scull.  His ship is the best out in the ocean, and when someone passes his path, they best say bye bye.  Captin Shasta Dez is not a normal human person.  He has a huge scare on his heart from one of his loves.  Its still swollen, so its red and is a scare (obviously).  On his back, he has a tattoo of the Golden Dragon that he've killed for his golden dagger.  He can speak any language, even latin. Captin Shasta Dez is a very intelligent guy, and can read your mind like a book. This dude has special effects that freak his oponants out.  His only weakness is a beautiful godess, that he calls "Spider" and which  is like his twin only differnt blood type, differnt parents and differnt gender, meaning Spider is a woman.  Spider is a warrior, and could probully put some really bad scares on our Captin Shasta Dez. Our Captin also has a cross in the middle of his chest, where his heart is. Yet he will kill whom ever he doesn't like, doesn't look right, or just doesn't deserve to see another day. 

It's all lies or there's another Ben Gunn around - I'm aiming to avoid him.

My pirate and crew were the meanest and disgusting pirates ever known. All the pirates had black, dirty teeth. The smell was dreadful where they slept. Ben Gunn had only one leg, had a patch over his eye and long, hair as well he had a long beard. Ben Gunn had the most viscous, colourful parrot to travel over the seas with him. Ben Gunns crew were the only pirates not to feel sick over the seven seas. Each person of the crew had a razor, sharp, long knife. All the pirates had no choice what to eat so they all had to eat beef that had been stored in salt to keep it fresh. He wore jewels around his neck that he had taken from Spanish ships in battles.

Kerry wastes no words describing her pirate.

My Name is Kerry and my description of a pirate is:
1. A Beer Belly
2. Smokes
3.  Has lots of tattoos

This 'ere nasty bit of work is a mate of Kara's. 

The pirate had old sunkken eyes with bloody cuts on his face he looked so gory it looked as if he had just game back from the dead. His pale wrinkly face was covered with a long curly dark beard which was covered in dark red blood. His hair was pulled back with a ugly ripped hat. His rags were covered in dirt and splattered blood he had angry face and did't like many people.

Short Jack Gold knows of a pirate called Dirty Dean who even has a pirate-mother!

My friend the Pirate, who's name is Dirty Dean, is fat as a pig.  He eats too much every day.  He never washes on a Wednesday. He is unfair to his crew but loves his cat (who is called Matt).  Dirty Dean is mean to his mam (who is also a Pirate and has a ship called "The Washing Up Liquid"), but she loves him - just! My friend the Pirate, Dirty Dean, won't admit he's seasick and blames it on the Cook  (Cooky Keith).  And to make things worse, his favourtie football team is Newcastle - not only mean but stupid!

Captain Fred is a friend of Mr Manana.

His name was like a fleeting wind or ghost passing ,forever changing . But known as , only a close few as capt. Fred , others didn't dare ask of his name. When you found yourself on the seas under his flag or should I say flags , you knew that the great adventure of your life , maybe the last was just begining ! Why or how , this  was your destiny , a unknown but undoable and unstoppable journey of life that you had always known would someday place you where you had already knew somehow you had to pass. This Pirate , Capt , a man of mysterious almost spiritual ability was your passport to your destiny. 

His real name was Alexander Federico del Pillar !  You won't find this man in your history books , so I will give you a first hand account of my three and a half years almost constantly beside the man I was most feared of and had willing given my life to . I at least in my mind loving thought of him as Alexis , but of course only referred to him as Capt. The man's physical appearance changed little over the years we were together. Not tall but by no means short as far as the Spanish , let just say briefly for now that he stood near six feet with a hat , Oh what a hat or should I say hats , mostly adored with hair and even sometimes with body parts dried by the Caribbean sun. He wore a patch ,mostly never setting right over the horribly disfigured left eye area , including a partial loss of eye brow and cheek , I think he showed a part of his disfigurement to , will it was just one more part of this Capt of the time which was his . Besides the facial and adornments ,before I found myself along side the Capt he had lost a part of his shoulder . Without this affecting his ability to wheel a pistol or throw a knife. You might find this next fact a bit funny , but the Capt also had a cortorra , lorie  or better now known as a parrot, and you guessed it , I did spend a goodly amount of my time attending to his or should I say her needs.I could have spent a lifetime telling stories of the most incredible things I not only saw but actively enjoyed with the Capt. 

I'll tell you one short and very final time I had sighted a ship from the hills approaching the direction where the winds  were most favorable for us to pull anchor and easily run down a Dutch vessel , most likely a good prize as they say . I gave the sign and rushed to the launch to do what the Capt thought me how to do .  After we disabled the ship the boarding and hand to hand reckless mutually of the dutch began and the cargo was inspected and off loaded to our vessel , but during the initial on board sword and final killing of the officers was under way I saw a simple crew man starting to wheel his sword without realizing that his sword would take the head of the Capt. I found myself in the position to take his head seconds before he would kill the Capt. then as the Capt turned I saw from my eyes as my own head hit the deck next to his that the Capt had taken both our heads with one full incredibly , almost as time stopped still a fleeting glimpse of something I had never saw before in the eye of Alexis something I had never saw before . I'll try to relate some of the more great times I had during those three and a half years with one of the greatest men I ever knew . Those where the days !

That dastardly crew of ruffians from Dene Magna School have been roaming the high seas again.

Billy Bones by Natasha: This is a description of a male pirate. (Billy Bones) He has got a jagged scar down the left of his jagged face, gunge oozing out of it, like toothpaste falling out of a tube. A black eye patch covers his weak wimpy eye. He has three mucky fingers on each hand that make it hard to pick things up. He has one leg, and the other is just a piece of wood. He has got tatty long hair, so if he brushes it then he will not be able to get the brush back out. His clothes are torn where he has not changed for weeks. He also stinks because he has not washed for days. He smells like a rubbish bin with all the gross things that you can't imagine. Billy Bones does not wear any shoes so his feet must burn like hell. He carries around with him a parrot on his shoulder that copies everything that Billy Bones says. The parrot is so funny. The parrot must be cleverer than Billy Bones because Billy just does things before thinking about the consequences. As for the parrot, it is always sensible but funny at times.

Fiery Jack by Clare: 'Twas the year 1629 and the Floating Mary was floating in the harbour. Her Cap'n, Fiery Jack had just come back from a Treasure Hunting spree in New England. Fiery Jack was the most blood thirsty Pirate ever to sail the seven seas. He was fond of murder, rum and keel-hauling.  Jack (as his friends knew him),had a leopard (called Storm) which was attached by a chain to Jack's gleaming hook. His sword had blood encrusting it like barnacles on the hull of a ship. Jack had an anchor tattoo on his left arm and his beard was lank and straggly. He made a habit of wearing a blood spattered old shirt. Jack wore torn jeans and had a peg leg. He had a shiny ,sharp hook on the end of his right arm.

Evil Elvis by Kerry: My Pirate has a crew of one thousand, has a dull grey beard down to his bony knees. He wears a rugged old blue denim T- Shirt which shows off his oval shaped mole, with a very old pair of old jeans which are skin tight around his thighs. On each arm he has  a green dragon tatoo. He smokes a cigar every single hour and drinks vodka. He has a  parrot called Geoffrey who is multicoloured and he punishes his crew by making them walk the plank. His name is Evil Elvis, Basically he is evil.

Black Bot by Craig: This is description of a male pirate called Black Bot the pirate he  has a very deep voice and when he ask for the crew they come straight away or they  get murdered by him, by walking the plank. He has a weird personality because he eats. Like a  pig and  he eats it  down it one shot. He has one billion pounds of gold  and none in silver. 

His appearance is very strange because he wears 
Rags for a top
A earring in his ear
A scar on his face
A beard on his chin
 For his trousers he wears jeans 
And he does not wear any socks
And his height is 7ft  6ins

Redbeard by ?: Redbeard is an old buccaneer. His ship is The Universe which he shares with Blackbeard, his brother. He has a pet called Long John Rover who is a dog. He is the scurviest seadog of them all. He laughs at danger. He buries his treasures on the island named "BARSALONE". No one has ever found this Island. His clothes are made of the finest cotton from the West Indies. His cutlass is made of the finest silver, stolen from the HMS Amazon. He has twenty sites where he has buried treasure. These are kept a secret. Have I told you of his criminal records? 

He was jailed for:
Theft of cotton from the
HMS Amazon and the
Murder of Cap'n Hook.
Every time he has been jailed he has escaped.
So that's a tiny taster of what Redbeard is like.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES : A huge scar at the back of his head which looks like a bald patch when he leans head forward . His eyes are small and evil and he often gives a long stare to his next victims . He is also often in disguise and dresses as a burnt sailor to make boaters take him aboard to help for the night . There he secretly steals all the valuables and is gone by the morning and if a boater were to catch him stealing then they were murdered by his lucky hook that he keeps under a large cloak . He has also been known to wear wretched sweaty boots that squelch. But he only where's the  boots on his left leg because the other leg is made of rotting wood . This Pirate generally looks fairly tidy and jolly and is often in disguise .CLOTHES : Most of the time he wears well fitted clothes and often wears rich clothes . He has been known to wear rough clothes but not very often . He wears a gold necklace and carries a silver hook ( a.k.a the demon ) . PERSONALITY : A very jolly man ( or seems to be ) . He pretends to give generous donations to charities like THE BLIND SHARKS or CURSED CRUSADERS .He tells the funniest jokes and talks all the time .  But this is on top of his real personality . He is very evil and can change his mind very quickly. He takes no mercy (and I mean NO MERCY ) on his victims unless they own gold, silver , bronze or metal . He often pretends to be poor but does not fool many because of his gold necklace that he never takes off .But this can be hard to see because his favourite blue and white T-shirt . BACKGROUND : The cruellest pirate of them all . He keeps his friends close and his enemies closer . He has committed homicide for the 15th time and his crew has met there 200th murdering milestone . He has committed over 765 crimes in one country ! including homicide , theft , cons and he is a well known fugitive . Before he escaped from boatshire police parrot station he stole one of their best boats.

Here's a brief pirate by someone who seems to have no name

Me pirate be called  captain black jack joe.    He'd have three wooden legs , two wooden ears and two eye patches on each eye.

Captain Nicholas knows of the fearsome Captain Bloodshot. I slept uneasily after hearing about this unnatural creature.

My pirate's dreadful. His name is Captain Bloodshot. Some people call him the ghost demon because it's said his ship sank in a dreadful storm and all the men were killed many years ago. At night he roams the streets searching for a maid which he may never find. If he is to find her he will take her to his ship at the bottom of the sea. His face is all bloody and one of his eyes is filled with cottonballs. Seaweed hangs off his old fashioned suit and sword. He has a black and gray beard with a rat shimmering in it. He is mostly seen holding a frightened looking skull of someone long ago. If someone is to see him they never escape alive - never. He has committed over 1 billion murders and crimes in one year. His mournful cries at night bring fear to the townspeople. Beware of the ghost demon... he's almost like an evil sorcerer with his spells and sorcery. Beware and be careful!

Linda tells of nameless pirate with a pallid complection.

He has red eyes and he has oozing cut on his face he has a long black beard and snow white hair his face is whiter than a ghosts except the cut on his face and he has a claw for an arm he uses it for eating raw fish.

Meryl knows of this fearsome fellow

He would have a patch on one eye and a wooden leg and a hook a hand. All his clothes would have blood marks on them.

Here's a picture of that scoundrel No-Legged Joe - he still owes me money from our last card game.

Steelbeard is a friend of young Tavys - rather them than me.

Steelbeard the pirate is a robot.  He is a giant mechanical steam powered pirate and is over 100 feet tall, bigger than Big Tex at the Texas state fair!  He has a hook for one hand and a giant machine claw on the other.  When he is on the high seas he turns into a pirate ship with cannons.  He will take on any ship on all the seven seas and steal their booty.  Steelbeard hides all the treasure inside his giant head until he can take it to his secret lair under a mountain.  I can't tell you where it is.  It's a secret.  He is also a foul-mothed scurvy dog and will scare everyone away with his mechanical voice.  Steelbeard wins.

White Beard is a nasty piece of work - don't ever trust him, Nishita

White Beard was a mean, old gruff and was very lazy. That's because of his two pegs. He got them by telling everyone he was a shark. I think you know what happened. He was a pirate in Africa. He would trick the African people into becoming his slaves and giving him all he wants. White beard took the african people for unknowledgeable people. He thought the African people did not know where jewels were. But he was wrong they knew more than he did!! Even though he would usually trick some of them. His clothes were never washed. He could smell like rotten fish and flesh from miles away. White beard 

Big Scar Bruce talks about himself.

Howdy! I'm Big Scar Bruce and I'm an infamous cowboy but I also have an evil twin, Mr Fishey, who is an infamous pirate that makes takeaway pizzas. 

Big Scar Bruce talks about himself.

Howdy! I'm Big Scar Bruce and I'm an infamous cowboy but I also have an evil twin, Mr Fishey, who is an infamous pirate that makes takeaway pizzas. 

Marvin Moonscar is a mate of Caitlan's.

Name:  Marvin Moonscar.
clothes: faded red and white t-shirt ,blood stained black leather jacket and brown torn
Distinguishing marks: half moon shaped scar over his eye and a wooden leg.
Favorite sayings: "oh them cabin boys" and "bertie 'ave yer seen m' rum".
Ship: The old rustbucket

This scary message comes from that scourge of the sea Captain Laura Blood - the most fearsome female pirate there ever was.

YO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RUM! I'm the meanest pirate to ever sail the seven seas.  I'll make yo' walk the plank. I've beaten that there best of them pirates and such. Don't mess with old cap'em one eye. The tail of how I lost that there eye is a story to be told, another time I'll reckon. Shiver me timbers we're being attacked by....... LONG JOHN SLIVER!! Blow me down!!ARRRRRR!

Shiver me timbers - this is one of the scariest pirate descriptions I've ever had - it was sent in my young Pippa - so you can blame her for yere nightmares.

my pirate, is a pirate with a difference. you see, nobody actually can see him, but every one knows he's there. You can here him singing in his croaky evil voice as his ship comes into the shore, the ghostly green ship with the ghost crew. The villagers scatter and lock there windows trying to hush there screaming children. But it's always to late for this pirate has already seen them as he has spotted them already and with his invisible magic eyes, he steps off his ship and looks around for his next victims. He takes around fifty, innocent souls and changes them into folks like him and his crew to work on his ghost ship for ever.

This nasty bit of work is from a right young'un called Simon, he's only 5 you know.

This pirate is about the meanest, most fearsome pirate ever known. His name was Captain Swordman. And his ship was called King Dagger. His men were as fearsome as they looked, but none were a match for the Captain in combat. If you don't think so, look back at the first few words. If they were attacked, their enemies would be defeated in seconds. Not even the fiercest sailor ever was any match for them. But Captain Swordman was finally defeated by a British soldier named Jim Goodman.

Stephen tells a terrifying tale of a nameless pirate.

This pirate is the most vicious and meanest of all pirates!  He has razor-sharp teeth, red arms and red legs.  His arm is his sword that he can throw and it can grow back immediately.  He talks like a monster.  His flag is completely red with giant, sharp, white teeth on it. The sails on the ship are not white.  They are RED!  The name of the ship is The No Survivor.

Mike talks of the fearsome Captain Shiver-Blind.

 My pirate is the ugliest pirate you have ever seen! He has no hair on the top his head and wears a big, black, hat on the top of his head that curves up at the ends. His left eye looks like it is going to pop out of his socket and right eye crookedly wanders off to the right. He also has a deep black mustache that hangs low. Captain Shiver-Blind has a skinny body and his head is too big for his body.

Aidan knows the nasty Dirty Pirate Pete.

He has gray wiry hair, black rotten teeth and a cheeky smile. Elf like ears, a fat crooked nose and deep set scary eyes, with lots of wrinkles around them. He wears a white ripped shirt which has food spilt all down it. His trousers are also ripped because his legs are to fat for them. He has no shoes and smells of rotten fish. His name is Dirty Pirate Pete.

Paul socializes with a number of nameless pirate chums.

Pirate One - hat long, big beard, short and rolly polly, patch over right eye, wooden left arm, a bayonet attached to end of arm, saying "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum"

Pirate Two - He is large with huge muscles and thick short black hair . He has tanned skin and a pirate hat. 

Pirate Three - tall, chubby, beard, pointy chin, wooden leg, patch over left eye, crutch, big nose,

Pirate Four - Mean, big, beard, hat, saber, silenced sub machine gun, fat, tall only one leg, one arm and a hook, one earring on left ear.

A brief description of a nameless pirate from a nameless contributor. 

my pirate has really dark skin and is built like a brick wall.

Another brief description of a nameless pirate from another nameless contributor. 

he is mean and looks like a pig

A longer description from yet another nameless person.

he is the meanest pirates around and he is still really young he has sailed many ships and killed many people . he has thick dark hair and a low bone chilling voice . he has many pirate friends and everybody is scared of him . he has a large scar that goes the whole length of his arm and is missing an eye .

And finally another nameless person has sent in a picture of his pirate chum.

A-ha young Lucy tells of Nightmare Horror who has a fear of that hero of the high seas Horatio Nelson.

My pirate wears battered worn trousers with a long trod-on velvet cloak. He always has a red and blue parrot on his left shoulder that wants worms, not crackers. He has a bad condition of scurvy and his skin is chocolate-brown. They call him 'Nightmare Horror'. He likes his rations and especially the bread with maggots in! He has one leg and one eye and simply hates Horatio Nelson. His skin is peeling off and covered in scars from sword fights.  You can smell his foul breath 10 minutes before he arrives.  You can run from him, but you can't hide!

An unpleasant pirate from someone called Tristyn who I thinks might live in the Colonies.

Arrr my pirate would be as scurvy a sea dog as they come.  He'd have an eye patch over his left eye, and wear yellow pants!  There would a red bandana on his head it would have the insignia ?!?! on it. He'd walk around angry all the time, and he's always have a mug of GROG nearby.  He'd grab old ladies butts when they walked by and intentionally bump into guys at bars just to start trouble !  He'd be the meanest filthiest human being around, and everyone would fear him where ever he went. He wouldn't say much to landlubbers, just growl and let out the occasional battlecry: "Pirates?!?! steel yer balz!!!"

The Breens told me about this murderous nameless pirate - not someone you'll want to meet on a dark night.

my pirate has knotted black hair with a black greasy braded beard.  this pirate carried 3 pistals and a knife and one sword with him to every battle.  when he came on deck he had only one leg and stuck matches and twigs in his beard and lit them as he approached a guy.  this pirate measured up to 6 feet and 3 inches.  he had captured 400 ships in 4 years.  he killed over 600 people himself.  he was the most feared pirate of them all.

Long John Silver, described here by Mathew, is an imposter - the one I knew would never wear a hat!

My pirate has one leg because if he had two it would not be fair to other swashbucklers. His sword was kept in the ship because he didn't need to use a weapon when on land. He wore a hat that he stole from a dead man's head. He hummed a tune "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" when conquering his enemy.

This mean old pirate comes from an anonymous source - he sounds scarier than a daily bath.

He has a black hat with a picture of two bones crossing like a giant X with a skull in the middle. his hair is black, tangled, and curly. he has wrinkles by his cheeks with gigantic circles under his eyes from constant battle and no sleep. because he gets no sleep he is always very grouchy, mean and risky. he has a black, thick uni-brow. he has one eye with a patch over it because in battle his eye was gouged out. his nose is broken and deformed. beneath his deformed nose is a long, thick, black, curled-at-the-end mustache. his lips are dry and chapped. his two front teeth are missing and the remainders are yellow with rot. half of his tongue was chopped off in battle, the results were that his speech was impaired. he has a fat, double-chin covered by a black, thick, curly beard. half of his right ear was bitten off, the left has five earrings. his neck was giraffe-like and long. his torso: hairy. his hands are wrinkly, his fingernails are black, and his knuckles are cracked and torn. one of his legs is chopped off and replaced with a wooden peg leg. he needs a matching, wooden cane just to walk a few feet. he has a parrot that is constantly perched on his left shoulder. He has a huge, round belly as large as a keg of ale. The outfit, if you could call it an outfit, that he wears is a combination of a long, red, button-up jacket with black, patched pants, including tall, knee-high black, scratched up boots. All you can tell is that this is someone you definitely don't want to come across.

This brief pirate is called Little John Gold. That hole in the head sounds draughty.

He had a hole in his head and a Lion as a pet . He would be called Little John Gold.

Quartermaster Tyler has given us the perfect recipe for the scariest pirate - a sophisticated intelligent one - everything I'm not! 

I think the scariest pirate would be the intelligent and seemingly sophisticated kind.  He would be well groomed and usually sober.  This pirate would be charming enough to persuade the most stubborn of colonial governors and able to woo women off their feet.  Despite his outward appearance, this pirate would be an incredible swordsman and an expert marksman.  He could lead hundreds of men to their deaths, but still be revered for it.  He would have no reservations against murder.  This would be the perfect pirate.

Arrhh, here's a pirate who knows how to talk - arrhh - welcome to my humble site - arrhh - may your timbers never stop shivering - arrh! arrh! arrhh!

Why hello Ben Gunn. I was surfing the seven seas when my ship was grounded on your site. ARR! Being the inquisitive pirate i am, i got myself a look around. I stumbled apon your pirates page and they seem to be the finest men and women i've ever set my lubbering eyes on. ARR! I took a picture of myself (being a rich pirate with a camera) and shot it off to your fine establishment. ARRR! Here is the description of my pirate. Under my clothes, i have many gun wounds (they 'urt! ARR!) I have my lucky banana skin on meh 'ed. I have 70,000 taste cells. I am renowned for setting fire to peoples trousers, greasing their door mats and making a duck peck of their nose! I have an invisible pet monkey and a lot of invisible money. ARRRRRRRRR! Yours piratily, Pirate Silver John Long Flint Captian Hawkings Jim Gunn Ben Dude! (Or to meh friends: Fred. ARRRRRRRRR!)

Them ruffians at Dene Magna school are at it again - it's a veritable finishing school for scoundrels, ruffians and cuthroats.

Cap'n Jack by Natasha.  Cap'n Jack is a short stumpy little pirate. What he doesn't have in size he makes up for in mouth! He's the leader of the ship and beware if you get on the wrong side of him, you might be finding yourself swimming with the sharks. He has a wooden leg and a long beard. He also has great clumps of thick mangled hear stuffed into a plait (which doesn't look anything like a plait!) He wears knee length red trousers which are way too baggy for him. He has a screwed up face that looks like a monkey's behind. He has a hook for his hand and a patch over his eye. Apparently a cannon blasted it out! Cap'n Jack don't think much of his crew members he expects them to scrub the decks all day. The only person he does like on his ship is his parrot and that isn't a person! But what do the crewmembers think of Cap'n Jack? Jimmy thinks that Cap'n Jack is a filthy, rotten no good for nothin' cheat, and that's not all! Cap'n Jack has sailed all over the world every time he landed at a different jetty he had to get some more crew, cause he had made his crew walk the plank somewhere along the journey! Sometimes he made them walk the plank not because they had got on his nerves but because he didn't want to pay them.

Captain Ahoy by Janine. I am going to tell you what my captain looks like. He has a black bandanna, which has seen better days. He has a black padded eye patch which looks like its centuries old. A grey and white beard as long as his big fat tummy. A big chunky earring pull his ear. And a big slash across his neck, obviously from fighting. He also has a big tattoo of an anchor, on his right shoulder. His T-shirt is blue and white striped. He always takes his friend that goes every where he goes, his beloved parrot. His name is Jewels. Here he is now up a tree. He has a girl friend called Terri but she goes off and flirts with the crewmen. If you get caught flirting with Terri you will be chucked over board. So I wouldn't do that! He is the captain so every one likes him. He took us on if we weren't here today I would have been lost. If you were cheeky to him you would be chucked over board! He is a nice man really he is. He helps you with your problems and gets you through ruff patches. He feeds us good food and we repay him by looking after his wife and treat her with loyalty. But as you asked his best friend would have to be, (a long pause) II Chelsea (that's a boy which he took on at a early age). Well, the scariest trip was when we sail nice in the middle of the ocean. But then a burst of black and grey clouds came thrashing down. The ship was rocking and things were braking. I was petrified, then a tornado came, and I seriously didn't think we made it. The tornado was whirling up the sea. I was shaking out my pirate boots. But somehow we swerved the tornado and the wind pushed us a sail. We travelled safely home. It was an experience!

Arr Ahoy by Sabina. He wears a black ruffled eye patch, together with a big hat, with moth holes. He looks like she is from generations ago. She has a big round waistcoat with huge gold buttons it is like a long cap hiding her from the light of day. A gold chain swiped on her neck but always hidden in her coat. A scar is hidden round her neck. The smell of Fish on her skin it lingers on her for hours on end. Her skin is rough. Her hair is like wire and it is a kind of plait. Scott My name is Scott. My master is Arrr I don't like her she is nasty. She is very scary but she likes everything untidy that's how I like it. I am mistress of the ship. Arrr you might think women but we are strong as a group. So don't mess with us. This is one of our adventures. We landed on the shore of Nada. We sailed to the Isles of White. We went on shore but what we did not no there were pirates. We ran in to some pirates. Arrr got her Stanley knife out. It was only small, but she was very strong. She jumped out and cut a man's throat and then threw it in to a man's chest. There was only on man left. She had no weapons left so she fought him and then it the end he was begging for his life. She asked him for wine and food so he paid for a banquet.

One Eyed Sid by Amy. I have one eye and I have golden crisp hair full of curls and a scar right in the middle of my forehead. And I have no eyebrow since it got cut off in a fight. Other Pirates think of me as a fighter and they know that I don't give up a fight without winning. One of my adventures was when I went to the Bahamas to fight against Blood Shock and his gang. I was dreading it We managed to win and we killed half of his gang. Ever since that day we only fought against Blood Shock and every time we have a won him.

One Eyed John by Adam. One eyed John is a fat bloke not at all thin. He has a wooden leg and lots of tattoos. He has a huge scar on his arm , covered up with a tattoo. He has also got a gold tooth .He has had 35 wives all murdered. All the other crew fear him. They never speak to him they never look at him . He is the meanest most ghastly person in the world well that’s what they think. They were sailing across the dead sea and they spotted at the depths of the water ‘TREASURE’. They lowered the anchor and hooked on to the treasure chest and pulled it up. It was packed with gold. One of the crew members had seen land and they went full speed ahead to the island. On their way to the island some other people were approaching yelling and screaming at them. Suddenly a cannon ball came hurtling towards them. It hit the boat with a crash the boat sank all of the crew swam to the nearest island. They were all ship wrecked. The treasure they Kept and buried

Captain Ben by Kirsty. He has got a gruesome looking tattoo. He has a wooden leg with metal stuck through the bottom part of his wooden leg. A huge looking scar is on his forehead. With sweat and blood cracking from his scar in his arm.  All of the female crew think he is the cutest thing on earth because of the muscles in his arms. Last week they went on the biggest treasure hunt any one has ever seen. Some people were searching in the water and some were digging in the sand. On the way back they had a very bad sea storm. Two of the men died. They died because another boat was firing at us and two of the men called Cabin boy Christian and podgy Paul, got shot in the head.

Adds by Dan.  Adds has tanned skin, a beard, smells fishy, has brown eyes, black hair and short. Half a peg leg, check shirt, shorts, black patch, one glass eye with a cutlass on it, sandals and a triangular hat he wears. A shark scar around his waist, rich, strong crew, empty treasure chest ready for finds, single and Swedish. 64 in his crew, most important in the county, barrels full of weapons and grog, loaded up with salted meat and cannons ready to fire. He wants to be able to eat fire so he can look even scarier. He even tries setting his hair on fire or throwing a blazing glass of rum on to someone else's ship for fun in a battle. The other crew members think that Captain Adds is great, almighty and strong fighter. An excellent influence on them except when he is below decks having 40 winks! They think that he is capable of finding the most expensive treasure ever to be seen. He has found a few bits of gold in his life and that's why his ship is so decent. He keeps things stocked up so they don't have to go hungry. They think this is great. He is thought a lot of on the ship, he keeps things under control in storms or battle. Adds sailed to an island a little way from the Canaries because rumour had it that it was writhing in treasure. He looked for days and was about to give up when a crewmember found the top of a chest…..suddenly 'I've got something' was blurted out. Adds was there within seconds eager to get the find. It took five men to get the chest out. The lock had to be broken. Adds broke it. Inside was a map….. Adds and crew followed the map and found where they thought the treasure was buried. 'This is the moment of truth' he said. All of the crew was digging like mad to get to the treasure. It was buried really deep for sure. After a couple of hours they got there and were fastening ropes to the chest for hauling up. It took twelve of his crew to haul this one up. He was finally rich, there was about five hundred gold coins in his chest. They all shared it. (Adds got the most for being the captain.)

Harry Ahoy by Emma.  He has a pierced tongue with a ring in, and a wooden leg and a black eye. When he is mad veins pop out and he goes a deep purple. He has no hair and he has two gold teeth in the front he wears an old ragged tank top. He wears a tricorn hat and white mole skin trousers. His face looks like a cookie from the big brown worts and he has a black beard. He thinks he is the best on the Galleon The other crewmembers are really frightened of him because every time any of them see him he lights his beard alight on fire and burns it up and it smells like rubber burning. After all the burning it goes ginger and thin. One day early in the morning they all went on sail across the border to the North of Australia when all of a sudden horrible Harry Ahoy threw one of the crew overboard. They hit humongous wave and a big splash went over them and soaked them and the whole boat went over.

Austin Powers by Josh.  He has a robotic arm and a scar right the way across his face he also has a map tattooed on his scalp, which shows were the treasure is. He is a dirty bloke with a piglet tail he has a machine gun on his arm. He has black hair which is covered by a cap he is medium height and stinks like Adidas spray he is not a man you want to play with. He has flares and a tank top. They do not think much of him because they are scared of the one arm man who kills all traitors. They quit like him because he has lots of party's and he is stinking rich. I is sailing ou the Caribbean I was told there is a lot of treasure in that place and it is easy ou get. There are also lots of place ou hid I is nearly there and suspends makes me want to get there faster. We are there and I have seen land and it looks wealthy we attacked it was a bloodthirsty battle.

Captain Carl by Hannah.  He has a patch on he's eye he has a tattoo of a skull on his back and arm. He has a stud on his nose. They think he is very strong and brave. Carl was coming with on the ship when we got the ship moving it staring To rain, and then the waves started to get bigger and the wind got stronger You name it we had it. But that was not the end of it we had more coming The weather was Just was getting worse and we hit a big rock and We laded on a island and we were all there so we didn't loss Anyone.But the adventure had just started.

Captain Deadman by Michael.  A large tall chap, evil red eyes with tiny black beads for pupils. Tattooed skull and cross bones on each arm, proof of his pirate hood. His famous gold rings placed everywhere you could imagine over his pierced body. He has scarred face and hands from his last battle with a lion. Recognisable by his navy-blue coat stolen from the naval officer who killed his ship mate. The coat is now embroidered in gold with the skull and cross bones and his initials. His best weapon is the machine gun in his eye. He's a greatly feared by all his crew. This is because of his bad attitude to any one holds anything against him. Most people still are a true friend of his.

Killing Jack by Andy.  He has a wooden ear and a wooden toe. He has a scar all the way down his body after a battle with rival pirates. If other people don't do as he says he boils them and chops bits of their body of one piece by piece. He has one red eye and his other eye fell out in another battle. He has threads for his clothes instead of proper clothes and he has chests of gold and other precious possessions. The other crewmembers are scared of him and don't say much to him because they frightened of him. The Captain is one of the only men on the ship who talk to him. If one of crew does something he doesn't like he will kill them and then feed them to the sharks. He has some pet sharks and alligators and he will let them loose on the deck and cabins to scare the chef and cabin boy. He went on a lot of adventures on the high seas. One of his memorable adventures was when he went to the East Side of the world. When he got there he jumped off the boat and marched up the beach and left his crew alone. When he came back he had blood all over him and carrying a head. He roared I have killed the enemy so don't be scared". As they went up the beach they tried to use the map. As Killing Jack took them up to the settlement they heard loads of noises like screeching and roaring. When they got up settlement Killing Jack gave them the treasure map and they went of to find the treasure. After they found the treasure a whole bunch of people jumped out at them. The battle went on for weeks and weeks and weeks. It finally ended when Killing Jack went in with his sword, held it high and swung it hard and fast. After a couple of minutes Killing Jack was the only one standing up, so he took control of the ship as being the only one who survived.

Scoot by Scott. Scoot's strong crew has destroyed every crew on God's planet. They have massive cannons that could kill any body in sight. Scoot has a massive scar from his forehead down to his neck. It was cut with a machete. He also has many other scars. His right leg is wooden up to the kneecap. His leg was blown off by a cannon ball. He wears jeans cut off at the knee, with a ripped shirt. On the shirt it says DIE. He also has a bandanna that says R.I.P on it. Scoot has a short haircut but in battle he has had the top of his skull ripped off it bled for days. The other crew members think that he is God to them. He is amazingly strong and they all obey him. They will do any thing he says like cooking him the finest meals and they will bring him his pint of rum. If say, Scoot was in trouble and going to be killed they will die for him any day any week. One day Scoot was sailing across one of the 7 seas like usual when he come across another ship. It was a large ship with lots of men on. Scoot was not sure about the other ship so he got his men ready to fire. Scoot got the binoculars reedy he had a quick look, he saw that they were other pirates so. He fired direct hit they fired hit the back end of scoots boat. Scott said in a loud voice (THIS MEANS WAR) so it was. They fired at each other all day and all night until there was only one winner it was clearly Scott. But the other boat did well. This is where Scoot had the top of his scalp ripped off. 

Killer Sid by Adam.  He has got a wooden leg. He's got rings everywhere, in places you`d not suspect. Sid got ragged clothes, long hair, a knife in his boot and parrot on his shoulder and gold round his neck. He is looking for diamonds on an abandoned island but he lets his men do all the work. They are so scared of him because he threatens to kill them. The only people who are not scared are the sub captains.

Bob the Builder by Dean.  My pirate has his body pierced all over and he's covered in tattoos. His favourite tattoo is of a digger. It is funny it got eyes. He is 45 YEARS OLD he is a black man. He is fat. He is dumb he walks into people Every one is afraid of him

One Legged Max by Maxine.  I have got one wooden leg , a patch over one of my brown eyes, long scruffy, curly brown hair. I have a ring in both of my ears and my belly. I wear an old red jacket, a white shirt, black trousers and brown boots. I've got a scar on my left cheek. I've got no pirates hats like other pirates 'cause I 've lost them all: the last one fell into the sea. "I think Captain One Legged Max is scary, but on the whole she is a good Captain," replied Sid "The Captain of Hispaniola is evil, though I would not be good at being Captain because I'm just the cook," said the cook "She cool!" said Clare One of my adventures, was when I sailed to Canada to find some hidden treasure hid in a cave. We, the crew, travelled for ten weeks non-stop. When we found it ,it had gold and silver stuff. On the way back we nearly capsized because the weather was horrendous.

Captain Blood by Kirsty. Captain blood has a wooden Leg with bullets through it. He's got A silver rusty hook instead of a hand, his face and one hand is all wrinkly. He has hair that he hasn't washed for ages. He has long hair. He's only got two teeth like a vampire. The colour of his teeth is yellow. His boat looks like it has been pulled backwards through a hedge. They all think he is horrible because he has straggly hair. They all hate the colour of his teeth. He went on a ride on his ship before he could see he was near an island. His boat mates are always telling him that there is always treasure on an island so when he saw an island he parked his boat on the sand and he took his rusty shovel and went to a good space were he could dig. He found a good space to dig and dug a big hole and he found a treasure chest. He pulled it out on to the sand and he opened it and there was jewellery like rings, necklaces, bracelets, gold and silver watches.

Scats by Michael. He is a blood thirsty man eating monster. He is seven-foot tall and he has a hole in his stomach because he got shot. He is very slimy and he has a wooden leg and you can not see his wooden leg because it is covered with slime.

This rascal is a friend of young Lily - he's a fool not to be wearing any underwear, those sea breezes can be mighty chilly - I recommend a good pair of long johns - I've been wearing the same pair for 10 years non-stop now!

He has messy red hair and a face full of freckles. His mouth is brimming with gaps and inky black rotted teeth. His clothes are ragged- he has no shirt, his pants are four sizes too small and the blue denim was bloodstained. He had one eye missing, and a filthy rag bound around his left ankle. His right foot had a missing big toe and he wears no underwear..

Now these sound like an unpleasant lot of malcontents - luckily I'm poorer than a ship's rat and so they won't be kidnapping me.

My Pirate crew would be the most nastiest in the whole universe. They all have scars from fighting for treasure. They kidnap anyone who is rich as well they all have a patch for one of their eyes and they always have a mean sneaky grin.

Them ruffians at Dene Magna school are at it again (again!) - it's a veritable finishing school for scoundrels, ruffians and cuthroats.

Big Pip by Philip He has got his hand bitten of by a shark and he spits like a hideous Camel. He has got a tattoo in the shape of a Great White shark also his two front teeth are pure gold. Also he always walks where any person hasn't been because he does not like people that are not pure pirates. The crew think of Big Pip as a nasty but daring pirate. He is always nasty to the crew and they hardly ever talk to him. Once he sailed to Death River. If any person sail over it sucks them in to the depths and kills them. That's when he got his hand bitten of by the Great White shark. Him and his crew were the only pirates to manage to escape from Death River with only Big Pip harmed.

Captain Pugwash by Captain Pugwash As you can see me name is Captain Pugwash.I have a wooden leg which is broken and a false arm. I am in a very poor condition but have a good job indeed. I wear a old and ripped hat and a pair of scabby old shoes . I must agree with my crews that I have a funny personallity . Most of my friends say that they don't like or agree with my eye being pirced. I don't have a problem if my friends disagree with anything because I am very careless and lazy. I've been on this boat for more than 20 years and I am very pleased with my efforts anyway I best be going on

Eddy Ahoy by Amanda He has got a pierced eyebrow with a gold bar in it .He has got a wooden leg and a hook for one of his one arm. Eddy has no hair but he wears a deep red and black bandanna. He has one black and one gold tooth. He has got a big juicy black mole on his face. Eddy has got a glass eye, which he takes out at night. He has got a patch black to cover his blood shot eye. Eddy has got a big fat pink lip. He has got all wrinkles on his face. He looks like he has been dragged out of a dustbin. On his black holed jeans he wares a thick gold loopy chain what hangs on his jeans. The crewmembers are really terrified of Eddy Ahoy because when he gets angry his veins pop out and if they don't do there jobs he will chuck them over board and they go flying miles and they land in the ice block water. Along time ago Eddy Ahoy and his crewmembers was on their way to the Northern Sea. On their way there they travelled over gigantic waves and were about a meter away from a current, but then all of a sudden they crashed into Ben Gun Black Scorpion battle ship and Ben Gun went ballistic. He said, "what on earth do you think you are doing crashing into my ship and Eddy Ahoy just sailed away with his crew members.

Jamere's pirate has a whole zoo of pets - I like the sound of that bird but I hate reptiles -they give me the creeps. 

My pirate's name is one eye Jack. He is dirty and he stinks. He has one eye and one leg. He steals gold from other pirates. He kills other pirates. He has a lizard and a snake and a bird. The lizard is mean and the snake is mean too. The bird is nice.

Big Billy No Teeth sounds like a rogue - you can't go around eating your captain - it just isn't good pirate policy!

Big Billy No Teeth has no teeth and sits around eating kids. If you walk near him he will slither you up being he has NO teeth. Some people believe he is part snake. He only moves to go catch a kid that comes close. Once he ate his captain for being mean and not catching him someone to eat!

Kevin's pirate mate is called Johnny - he sounds like a classic pirate to me - you wouldn't trust him further than you could throw him - arghh!

He is mean. He steals treasure off the ship. He wears clothes with holes in them. He has one wooden leg. He has a pet parrot. The parrot is mean. The pirate's name is Johnny. He is going to look for treasure.

Kyle knows of a pirate called Jim  - I hope this isn't Jim Hawkins - surely he wouldn't grow up to be a bad'en.

My pirate's name is Jim. He wears dirty clothes and he smells bad. He has a scar on his face and he has one eye. He has one wooden leg and one arm. He steals treasure. He killed some of the people. On his boat he has a hole in his leg. He has holes in his clothes. He stole a treasure map. He steals gold and papers. He has dirty hands. He has a parrot. The parrot's name is Cooder. The pirate is mean and angry. He stabbed people in the back with the knife. The place that the pirate wants to go is to Treasure Island. He is looking for treasure and he is looking for gold and paper.

X-Pac is a mate of Mike - who is this 'Backstreet Boy' - is that the name of a pirate crew?

He is big. His name is X-Pac . He is strong . He is mean.  He is good and bad . He eats pizza. He eats candy. He kills people. He has a mean dog. The dog is named Backstreet Boy. He also has a man wolf to keep the people away. The people are afraid of the dog.

Trevor knows of this here nameless but skinny pirate - double crossing runs deep in the bones of most pirates.

He is boney . He has rags on his bones. He is mean . He has one red eye . He has a sword for an arm and a hook for the other one . He has killed millions of people . He killed a captain and his crew and stole the ship. He has a cobra for a pet . It will bite any one who touches his Treasure map . The treasure map leads to the treasure . He burned a village. He is a doublecrosser!

I don't like the sound of this Long Daniel Griffin - he sounds bad for my health!

My pirate's name is Long Daniel Griffin He has one leg,he hates and wants to kill Ben Gunn, he lives in Bellingham, Massachusetts, United States of America, and wants to give Ben Gunn the "Black Spot"

A nameless pirate from a nameless contributor!

He'd be very fierce with bloody cut on his face. his face will be too full of frown that there will be no room left for smiles. his nails will be as sharp as a chain saw and they will be as long as the earth. his body will be full of tattoos of dragons and fierce animals and his every breath would stink of rum.

Them kids from St Michael's school know a lot of pirates - it's a school for ruffians and cutthroats!

Captain Black Patch by Nicola My Pirate is called Captain Black Patch. He is not very nice like if you took something of his he would kill you. His eyes are brown he, likes to fight with people.His arm has been chopped off because he was fighting with a crew member when the crew member threw him overboard and a shark bit his arm. He likes to get loads of gold. His face is a horrible mess because he has got loads of cuts and bruises from fights. He has no friends and he is not very tall for a 36 year old. He is very smelly because you can smell him from a mile away.

Moo Moo by a nameless person My Pirate is a black hearted hound. He sleeps on an abandoned island called Taranca on his own. You can smell him from miles around. He has no friends. He's got a dogs breath and if he breathed on you you would regret it. He is about 5 feet tall . He is called Moo Moo. he is 22 years old. He has black hair and brown eyes. He got onto the island when he was on a challenge and the ship crashed.All the crew died but Moo Moo was badly bruised and injured. Moo Moo was lonely. he lived on coconut milk and coconut. He also lived on tangerines.

Pirate Smelly by Chloe  My pirate has long black hair. One of the pirates pushed him of the ship and a shark bit half of his ear off. Pirate Smelly can kill you with one breath. He is very bony and has black and green teeth. Pirate Smelly eats out of a bin with rotten fish in and he is very tall and has got one eye. He has a raspy voice!!!

Pirate Eye Brow by a mystery person  Pirate Eye Brow has got one tooth . He smells like a pig, his breath smells of cow pat. He's scared of monsters and ghosts, he's got a wife, he's got one green eye. His favorite hobby is fishing, he's got long hair like a dog. He wears glasses. Hes got brown skin .Hes got big ears, he wears a watch. He wears shorts and t-shirt. He's got a red tooth, he's got his own ship. He's goes to sleep in the day. He talks french, his favourite drink is beer.

Captain David by David  My pirate is called Captain David .He smells like a dust-bin that hasn't been empted for 20 years. His clothes looked like a lorry which was crushed by a aeroplane. He had a low voice like a grumpy dragon the morning. He liked watching the only machine of entertaiment on the whole ship which was the television. His favourite television programme as Robot Wars BBC2 at 6:45 .He all so had black hair with ugly eyes.He had wrinkly skin as well. He treated the ship badly, very badly. That's my pirate.

Captain Long by Joel  My pirate has long black curly hair and he has the most awlful STENCH !You could smell 16,000,000 miles away. His clothes have so many holes in them that they could fit a big metal bar through. He has eyes in the back of his head so he can see his enemies from behind. he has one leg because he lost it when he swam with sharks.

Long Hair Mat by a mystery person  His name is Long Hair Mat. He has only two teeth because he never cleans his teeth and he could kill with one breath from England to Australia. He has alligator skin everywhere. He has one and a half of a ear from a giant octopus. He eats ears. He is green and smelly.

Captain Joe by Martin  He's a doublecrosser, he's got a peg leg, he's got a parrot called Sebastian and he's called Captain Joe! (named after his ship) His ship is called "The Ugly Joe". He has never changed his clothes since 1867. He used to be a Hunter but a tiger bit his beard off! He smells like a giant skunk's tail! He said he could hang off an anchor at 1378456 feet but at 324 feet he got stuck in a vulture's nest. The vulture pecked his nose. It's crooked now.

Captain Black Eye by Chelsie  The pirate's name is Captain Black Eye. He is named Captain Black Eye because an alligator ate it and he had a black eye in so that's how he got his name Captain Black Eye. He has stringy hair. He has strinyg black hair because he does not wash and he does not have any hygiene. Captain Black Eye can kill people with one breath. He has green and black smelly teeth. He has foul language and he has psychic powers. You do not want to know what kind of skin he has got .... alligator skin.

Captain Joe by a mystery person  My pirate has black and green teeth and he has alligator skin. The pirate's name is Captain Joe. Captain Joe can kill people with one breath. know one will go near him he has no friends all that they eat is rottor fish all of the pirates sick of deadly gas

Captain Shark Jaw by a mystery person  My pirate is the most unhygienic evil pirate because he's Captain Shark Jaw. You could smell his breath all the way down the coast-line ,and if you are on the coast-line you are in for a surprise a big surprise, the only way you can fight him is if you are wearing a gas mask. He has the biggest scar you have ever seen in you're life, he cut it when he was fighting Long John Siver. The last time he had a wash was 30 years ago and that still was a short wash. He has a big metel pole for one leg because his best ship mate was drunk and he cut off his leg but he still wanted to look evil so he had a metel pole instead of a peg leg. His clothes are tottaly ripped and ragged he hasn't changed his clothes since he got on the ship. He wears a eye patch but if he's in danger he would take it off because it looks dreadful. Thats my pirate

Captain Hook by a mystery person  Captain Hook was born on the sea. He had a sword through his arm because his enermy chopped his arm off and a sword is all he could find to connect his arm back on. He stinks like mad, if he was a giant the world would faint .His best drink is beer, his best food the oniy food is fish. He likes to play darts with people as the bord.

Captain Scott by Naomi  His name is captain Scott his real name is Scott he is adventures and smelly like dogs and eats mud and sand. He has a breath that smells like dead fish and his breath smells like dogs breath. Hes tall and thin he has a parrot she is red, green and blue. he is 27 soon he will be 28 he only changes his underwere and clothes once a year. He has one wash every five years. He has long black and brown hair which he wears a bow in. even know he washes his face he never brushes his teeth.

Captain Jones by a mystery person  Captain Jones is the most ugliest unkindest and scraggiest Captain of all Captains, not to mention he has an unhygienic breath which is so smelly it smells like toilets. Captain Jones is a doublecrosser as well.

Captain A-Hoy by Kelly  His name is Captain A-Hoy it is printad on his pirate hat. He looks about in his 40's.He has got a long grey beard with a mistach which he has been growing for all his life. He is wearing a black coated eye patch. He has one leg he lost it in a battle against the Dutch. His clothes are filthy, it looks like they have never been washed. He has got a masive scar on his forehead from when he tripped on Deck, over the mop tub, he had to be treated by DR.Lifeonhand. He looks rather small for his age around 5 foot 2. He anchored his ship last week and dropped the anchor on his toe not in the sea."Hah Ha Ha." He looks quite bossy, mind you pirates must be. He looks quite clever. Not really that rich in words. I wouldn't like to be a part of his crew. He wears little diddy pumps. In a few years he would be a proper clever, inteligent pirate, but will he have found that treasure that he has been looking for all his life.

Captain Flint by Laura  His name is Captain Flint, he had one leg because he fell off the ship and was bitten by a shark. He had one eye and the other eye has a patch with scratch under it. He is mean and not a very nice man.

Captain Goldbirg by Sam  His name is captin Goldbirg he's fat he's only got one leg he's got one eye, he's got one ear and one arm with a sling on. He carries a gun around incase he gets shot.

One Eyed Billy by a mystery person  My pirate is called ONE EYED BILLY. He has black and green teeth and his breath is like deadly gas. He has half an ear because he fell in to the sea and a alligator bit half his off. ONE EYED BILLY is very lonely because his ship crashed into a rock and all his crew died so he was alone. He has very foul lunguage. His voice rasby.

Tom Slicer by Jessica  My pirate is a considerate pirate, his name is Tom slicer . He isn't called Tom Slicer for nothing he's been known to kill off or slice up anyone who's nasty to others. He thinks so much about others he's so fussy so he's a pure fresh person. This is so that he does not smell, it seems like he changes clothes every second of the day. Tom loves football but he's only got one leg so he can't run to stop the ball. His peg leg is shorter than his normal leg so someties he misses the ball anyway. He loved being on the ship but he always thought he hadn't eough clothes. He could never find a higeneic way to wash them. This pirate is clever and mature too. For instance he sailed round the world only twice and found five million pounds of treasure AND he managed to buy seven pairs of trousers and six T-shirts.

Bev's pirate is especially nasty and smelly!

He is very ugly.  He has a scar over his left eye. His head is completely shaved. He is very fat.  Plus he is really dirty.   He is missing most of his teeth.  One eye is brown and the other is green.   His clothes are torn and dirty.  His left leg is cut off above the knee.

What horrible thoughts from Shilo!

I looked up into the eyes of pure terror.   Above me stood the filthy pirate, Red Head Reno. Her eyes shone blood red, but no more brighter  then the  fiery mass of matted locks that tumbled down around her disgusting face.  The site of her face alone would have struck any respectable women dead.  At first I thought her African, until she ran an uncut nail through the dried mud upon her cheek,  revealing once smooth, pale skin.   She walked swiftly on the rocking ship, able to stand upright, even when the ship was so inverted, many thought it would capsize!  Born at sea , I was told she'd never set a foot on land in her 20 years.  With no water but drinking and salt, she had never had a proper bath.  Her cloths said the same, as well as her smell.

I think this Captain should be thrown overboard!

Captain Disgusting was a boring evil monster who liked chewing tabacco and spitting it on the little children. When his shipmates made him angry he would throw them overboard.

Sarah's pirate is giving me the creeps just thinking about it!

He would be a tall man, with mucles that would stretch his skin taught over his intimmidatting body.  Women would faint at the sight of him, men would cringe in thought of the pain his hands alone could give.  His face would be tanned from the many voyages, and his expression would always be of an evil sneer, as if he were thinking of a way to kill, and would cause the most pain.  His body would be covered in scars to remind everyone of the horrendus battles he's survived, including a long, jagged scar that would run from the corner of his left eye to his belly-button.  You can only pray that he doesn't fix his dark eyes on you, and give you his evil smile that promises death.

Dumb but certainly scary.

He has bloodshot eyes, lice everywhere, tatoos everywhere, every body part pierced, and a loaded 5500 semi-automatic bazooka.  He drinks human blood, very fat, very hairy, and 1,000 years old.  His I.Q. is less than 0.  He doesn't even know a thing, not even his name, sex, or kind of animal. (duh, he's a human!) His name is Dumb Dumber, Dumbest!

Another dumb pirate.

My pirate is evil. He has 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 hostages. He doesn't like an anybody. He drinks Human Blood. His I.Q Is 0 zip,notta.

And just for a change, a nice one!

Mine is nice he has a ship with an eye ring and a peg leg.

Here come the nasty one's again.

This is about a pirate that is so mean and green when people see him they fall to the ground. His eyes are yellow like his teeth. He has the biggest ears like dumbo and on those big ears of his he had all earings on it. You just don't want to be next to him.

A deep breath for his hideous monstrosity from Lewis.

There was this pirate that had spikes stuck in his neck and his throat was covered with blood and his teeth were as black as charcoal and his hair was stained with his own blood in the shape of the skull and cross bones and his arms were scarrd everywhere and there were holes in the middle of his hands and his chest was as hairy as a gorillas and his tummy had a tatoo of 20 cobras that were spitting at each other and his legs were yellow with spots and his favorite meal was dead birds that he would suck the feathers off and crunch the bones of.

Sian's Captain Swahbuckler is certainly ugly.

He is very ugly and doesn't brush his teeth. He is strong and can carry a canonball with one finger. He eats rotten vegetables. He fights everyone and steals their money and keeps it for himself. His name is Captain Swashbuckler. He has green hair, his eyes are yellow, his eyebrows are bushy purple and his beard is pink. He is wearing a black coat, and his boots are brown. His hat is grey with a huge, red feather on it.

A nameless pirate from a nameless writer.

My pirate would be mean and green and lean. He would be sad and bad and mad but glad that he was bad and mad. He would be scary and hairy and he would slice you into pieces with his big sword.

Captain Faye writes of a horrible Captain Scar.

Captain Scar was known to be a horrible man.   He had a wooden leg which was all scratched and chipped. Over his left eye was a black leather patch because he had been shot in a battle. His other eye teurned red when he got angry. Also, on the left side of his face he had a scar which went from his eye and reached all the way down to his chin. The scar was a dirty yellow colour and about a centimetre wide.  His head was bald, so he always wore a hat with a skull and crossbone on the front. His left ear had a huge gold ring dangling down. His teeth were rotten and black but he had one gold tooth at the back.  His breath smelt like sour milk and his tongue was green.  He wore a long black leather jacket which was ripped in the sleeves and had holes in the pockets. Some of the buttons were broken and some were missing. His shirt underneath was a yellow and grey colour. I think it used to be white. Over the top he wore a thick gold chain which he had stolen. His
pants were black and ripped at the bottom. At the knees, there were patches of red material, which were hanging off.

Captain Jack Thwaites says ...

... my pirate would look dead mean, with one eye, one leg, one arm wear scruffy clothes and black sticky up hair, with a big long beard.

Marie and Alice think their pirate would look like this,

My pirate is called Billy Bones. He would always carry daggers, guns and rum. Once he fought off a shark and made soup out of it! He lost his ear in battle. He carries a parrot with him which has metel spikes in its beak! He wears a shirt which has lots of holes in it and his trousers are all torn. He also wears a cloak and he has a dead man embroidered on it. He has one leg and so he has a peg leg. He lost his leg in battle. His breath always smells of rum and when he is drunk he always sings his sea song that goes like this, 'yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.'

Another rum-loving old seadog!

My pirate is a careless old man. His parrot is even more wiser than him. He hasn't shaved for months & has tattoos. His boat is called the white whale and his enemy the moby Dick. He has one eye, his nose is very long (like a carrot) & he likes his rum. He likes weapons (like swords & guns).

Rebecca calls her one-eyed, nasty looking pirate 'Black Bubble'.

My pirate has lost one eye due to a nasty disease. In a battle his leg was chopped off. He is known as the Black bubble. He has a rather long beard and he keeps with him a sharp, long, pointy sword. His eyes are mean and stern looking, Black bubble always wears the same old sack rags and a dark belt.

Lloyd's introduces us to Captain Dunkley.

My pirate is called Captain Dunkley.  He has a blood dripping beard and blood blistered eyes, rotten teeth and a bent nose damaged by a sword.  He had a fight with a shark and lost his leg and now has a wooden peg instead.  He lost his hand, it was chopped off because he stole other pirates goods.  Him and his sword had a long history of murdering people.  He has only one best friend and that is his parrot.

Someone has sent a very detailed descriptions of a Long John Silver.

My pirate is Long John Silver.

He's a very mean, nasty person and stinks like mad I tell you. He's jolly when molly (his parrot) is some where else ,but bad tempered when there is no rum. for some times he sings this old folk song  "YO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RUM." Some people say he's mad, some people say he's bad even some say he's sad but he's just old Long John Silver. He's an evil crock but he was a very good cook. The crew and him were on a voyage and took over the ship pretty quick. they found the treasure despite the weather because he was clever. But he didn't know the Captin and Jim where near. The Captin big and bold came from the dush in the cold. Shot Long John Silver in the heart, it was a direct hit! He's pretty smart. the crew were scard with out a leader ran in all directions. Long John silver was stuck in a hole (if invented) hammed to a metal pole. So Captin and Jim got more crew and sailed back to England with out old pirate's and Long John Silver but with what thay came for treasure and gold.

Alana's Captain Evil certainly sounds like it!

This pirates name is Captain Evil, you might say he is a ghostly man, he is really ugly, he might shock you if you see him, he once had two legs but both were chopped off, one is now wooded and for the other one he has a crutch. He has lots of tatters in his clothes, you might say he is a rag doll. Some people still have fear of him when they speak of him and you might call him a old sea dog. And when he left his ship called the "SNAKES" to go to shore he left his crew in the middle of the ocean. And now the crew is shouting S.O.S. and help, help, help. Some people think he is a ghost out there searching for new legs. If you see him beware and run away as quick as you can.

I'd want to keep as far away from Sarah Jane's pirate as possible.

My pirate has a peg leg because he lost it in a battle. It looks horrible, slightly rotten and you can smell it a mile away. He has a claw for a hand. It is very crudely made of wood. He puts a metal tip on it to make it sharpen. One of his eyes is rotted out. His sword is covered in blood. His face is so scared you cant tell where his mouth is.

At least you could smell Captain Cross Bones coming.

My pirate stinks of rubbish 1 sniff and it would poison you. My pirate picks his nose and his snot is BROWN! If you ever got him the slightest bit angry He would get his great gold sword slice you into pieces and feed you to his pet boa constrictor his only has 1 eye because a crocodile bit out the other one and most scariet he has a great silver sharp metal Leg!!! If you got him sooooooooo angry I wouldnt dare say what he did to you so watch out for Captain cross bones.

Simon and Russell have introduce the first party-going pirate I've come across!

My pirate is called Saucy Jack, but after a bottle of rum, he likes people to call him Fiery Jack. He has hair all over his face - he looks like a werewolf, and he jumps from ship to ship and takes seize of it - with no rope! When he lands on a ship, he goes up to all the crew, and goes raaargh in their faces.

Jack's first mate is called Young Dan, and one day Dan will become Saucy Jack himself, when Jack retires. Dan wears a big black coat when he goes  to a party. When he goes to a party he likes to have ice cream and lemonade.

Think you can do better? Go on and prove
it by sending in your pirate description
to me - you old load of landlubbers.

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