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The impact of electronic publishing on library services and resources in the UK

1.2 Acknowledgements

The valuable contribution made to the Working Party's discussions by a number of invited speakers is gratefully acknowledged; their names are given in Appendix 1. Sincere thanks are also due to those who provided input to the research project on licence agreement desiderata carried out by Dr Nick Smith, namely:

Mrs Heather Kirby, Head of Reference and Library Services, Croydon Public Libraries

Mr Peter Bysouth, Published Information Resourcing Specialist, Glaxo Research & Development

Mr David Perrow, Information Centre Manager and Librarian, Templeton College, Oxford

Mr John Mahoney, Director of Computing & Telecommunications, British Library

Mrs Mary Davies, Head of Library & Information Services, Imperial Cancer Research Fund

Ms Anne Ramsden, Information Officer, De Montfort University

Mr Brian Gambles, Bibliographic Services Officer, Birmingham Library Services

Ms Diana Herman, University of Westminster

Ms Judith Yates, IT Librarian, Manchester Metropolitan University.

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