Beyond the Beginning: The Global Digital Library

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ACN Australian Cultural Network

CAUL Council of Australian University Libraries

CNI Coalition for Networked Information (USA)

DfEE Department of Education and Employment (UK)

DLI Digital Libraries Initiative

DTD Document Type Definition

EC European Commission

ECMS Electronic Copyright Management Systems

eLib Electronic Libraries Programme (UK)

EU European Union

HE Higher Education (UK)

IP Internet Protocol

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

ISO International Organization for Standardization

IT Information Technology

JANET Joint Academic network (UK)

LIC Library and Information Commission (UK)

LIS Library and Information Science

MARC Machine Readable Catalogue

OPAC Online Public Access Catalogue

PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection

PPP Public Private Partnership

PFI Private Finance Initiative

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language

TLTP Teaching and Learning Technology Programme

URL Uniform Resource Locator

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