]> RDF Data Source for the RDN Terms Metadata Vocabulary This RDF Data Source contains descriptions of the RDN Terms properties and classes. Terms are declared using RDF Vocabulary Description Language (RDF Schema). application/rdf+xml JISC Information Environment Metadata Schema Registry Project (IEMSR) The JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry (IEMSR) project is funded by JISC through its Shared Services Programme. The IEMSR project is developing a metadata schema registry as a pilot shared service within the JISC Information Environment. JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry The IEMSR project homepage The RDN Terms Metadata Vocabulary 1.0 The RDN Terms Metadata Vocabulary provides terms referenced in several DCAPs used by the RDN to share records between partners using the OAI-PMH &rdntermsns; rdnterms Resource Discovery Network (RDN) The Resource Discovery Network [RDN] is a collaborative service provided for the UK Further and Higher Education communities. The RDN provides access to high quality Internet resources selected by subject specialists for their value in learning and teaching. Resource Discovery Network homepage Resource Discovery Network homepage RDN cataloguing guidelines Cataloguing guidelines ensure that there is a minimum level of consistency between descriptions that need to be cross-searched; records which are exported to other services; and in the interest of wider interoperability. These guidelines are not meant to replace the fuller guidelines in place at the Hubs, rather they represent a pragmatic step towards increasing the value of the records at those points where interoperability is important - cross searching/browsing, unified presentation, sharing records, etc. RDN cataloguing guidelines - FE addendum Additional guidelines for RDN records targetted at FE. RDN admin metadata This document specifies the set of metadata elements that should be used by RDN hubs to describe each metadata record stored in an RDN Internet Resource Catalogue (IRC). Annotation A description of using the object in a teaching and learning situation. Maintainer The administrator of the site or resource being described. Reviewer The person who last reviewed the record. Owner The owner of the record. Date reviewed The date that the record was last manually reviewed against the resource. Date link checked The date that the dc:identifier in the record was last automatically link-checked. Link check HTTP status The HTTP status code returned by the last automatic link-check for the record. NLM National Library of Medicine Classification. EI Engineering Index Classification. Maintained by Elsevier Engineering Information. MSC Mathematics Subject Classification. Maintained by the American Mathematical Society. HESA Higher Education Statistics Authority Subject Categories APA American Psychological Association PsycINFO Thesaurus CABI Thesaurus Thesaurus for the Applied Life Sciences. Maintained by CAB International. RCN Royal College of Nursing Thesaurus IBSS International Bibliography of the Social Sciences HASSET Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus. Maintained by The UK Data Archive, University of Essex. CareData CareData thesaurus for social work and social care LIR Library & Information Research subject scheme Biz/ed Biz/ed Subject Scheme for business and economics JACS Joint Academic Coding System subject classification Learndirect Learndirect Subject Headings RDN Type Vocabulary RDN Type Vocabulary RDN Resource Types RDN Resource Types: RDN type vocabulary Version 1.0 RDN-LTSN Type Vocabulary RDN-LTSN Type Vocabulary RDN/LTSN resource type vocabulary RDN/LTSN resource type vocabulary Version 1.0