Template-Type: Trainmat

The Trainmat template is outlined in RFC 2007 Catalogue of Network Training Materials by J. Foster, M. Isaacs and M. Prior (October 1996) <URL:http://ds.internic.net/rfc/rfc2007.txt> and more detailed notes on the format of information to be stored under each element can be found there. Some data elements require information to be input in particular formats (eg. ISO 3166, ISO 639, RFC 822, etc) or from a particular list of terms.

ROADS Template Field
Handle:Automatically assigned
Category:Type of resource -
Country:Country where item was issued
Title:Short title or title
Author-Name:Author name
Author-Email:Author email address
Organization-Name:Name of organisation to which author belongs.
Organization-Address:Full postal address.
Audience-Level:The audience-level
Language:Language of item
Keywords:List of subject keywords
Description:A description of the item
Contact-Name:Name of contact person
Contact-Address:Full postal address for contact
Contact-Phone:Contact telephone number
Contact-Email:Contact email address
Latest-Revision-Date:Date last revised.
Cost:Cost of item
Additional information for document accessible via E-Mail
Access-Email:Email address of mail server
File-Size:Size of item in Kb.
Content-Type:Type or format of the item
Email-Command:Command sent by email to retrieve item
Additional information for network accessible document
Access-Type:[ftp, gopher, WWW, etc.]
URL:Uniform Resource Locator
LoginID:Login for non anonymous ftp
Password:Password for non anonymous ftp
File-Size:File size in Kb.
Content-Type:Type or format of the item
Requirements:Additional requirements for using and viewing the item
Additional information for document available off-line
Access-Type:[book. Article, video, disk]
Publisher-Name:Name of publisher
Publisher-Address:Full address of publisher
Publisher-Phone:Telephone no. of publisher
Publisher-Email:Email address of publisher
Size:Size (no. of pages)
Reference:Bibliographic reference, e.g. ISBN
Entry verification information
Notes:Any additional information
Record-Last-Verified-Date:Automatically assigned
Record-Last-Modified-Date:Automatically assigned
Record-Last-Modified-Name:Automatically assigned
Record-Last-Modified-Email:Automatically assigned
In the additional information sections omit any data elements where no data exists

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Last updated: 10-Jun-1998